Holy Cow I Think He’s Gonna Make It

By JoCo October 9, 2009

At our show in Ann Arbor last night we tried out a few Flood songs – mostly unrehearsed except for a quick run through at sound check. I think they went pretty well, and I’m feeling optimistic about our chances of not only getting all the way through it, but actually doing some interesting things with a few of the songs. Paul and Storm and I have been spending the week practicing individually and working out who’s going to do what, but last night was our first time playing stuff all together in the same place. There is electric bass guitar, there is trumpet, there is triangle, there is melodica, there is harmonica, THERE IS STILL NO ACCORDION.

We’re on our way to Chicago right now, and we’ve got a rehearsal space reserved for a few hours tonight, so by the time we hit Park West tomorrow night we will be totally sick of Flood, which means we’ll be ready to play it for you. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

In the meantime, here’s John Flansburgh being interviewed about interviews by the AV Club. He’s right.


Paul R. Potts says

I always love watching musicians working without a net!

You guys did a great job, with your usual material as always but especially with the Flood material. I was impressed by how smoothly the songs came off! And yes, side two of Flood gets pretty weird. That's a lot of chords to learn and memorize and arrange very quickly!

Jealous of the Chicago folks who will get the whole thing!

Jeff Yates says

It was fantastic last night. Loved it. You'll do yourselves proud in Chicago.

Fancy pants all round!

Yolanda says

You guys were TERRIFIC at Toad's, with just the guitar, tamborine and great harmonies!

Luke M says

I hope somebofy is going to record this!

Dave Chmura says

Thank you! An honor for both TMBG fans, but especially JC and P&S fans. (Not that JC...the other one...from Brooklyn!

Great show last night!!!


Angie says

The show last night was completely awesome, my favorite of the three times I've seen you in Michigan. Thank you so much for coming around so often!

And I still want a Zen Drum - much better than a cheap motorcycle!

Chris says

I can honestly say that's the most fun I've *ever* had at a concert.

Between your great set, the unexpected additions from Flood, and the unbelievable set-up from Paul and Storm, my face *hurt* from smiling by the time we finally got out of there.

I can't say thank you enough - we all had a blast!

Derek says

Last night was STUPENDOUS! A triumph!

It's worth noting that I say that as someone who spent many days of his youth lying on the floor of his bedroom listening to "Flood" over and over and over while building with Legos (who knows by heart every synthesized snare beat and accordion melody of the whole album).

I've seen TMBG three or four times and with the exception of "Birdhouse in Your Soul" - I've never seen them do any of the songs from Flood that you performed.

I can't believe that you tackled "Hearing Aid" as one of your demo songs - and it went absolutely brilliantly. Given how rambling, electronic and sample-laden that song is is - it was refreshing to hear a warmer, live acoustic performance. The encore of "Women & Men" was also very welcome.

I'm so jealous of the Chi-town bastards that get to hear this quirky opus live.

David M says

Ok, so I am going to see TMBG tomorrow night. I know I can stand by that decision, but I have to admit there is a tinge of sadness in the back of my mind that I will not see what I know will be beautiful and touching tribute to a band that has influenced so many.

I just want to reiterate the hope that someone will record this show, either you or someone in the audience. I know it will be brilliant!

Mike says

As for recording this, plans are in motion. (Check the forums for details).

Dave Lifton says

Can't wait for tomorrow night!

Alex M. says

The show was fantastic! None of the TMBG songs crashed and burned, they were actually quite far from that.

Thanks for an amazing show last night, and I hope you find your way to the mitten soon!

Oh, and don't forget, my brother could be your doppelgänger if you ever need one!

Shannon says

Awesome job last night at the AA show, and yes, I think we were all equally geeked over the TMBG songs you guys tackled. Very jealous of the Chi-town folks as that's my former home town, but it should be an awesome show!

AndreaC says

Hope hope hope somebody with an awesome camera video tapes your Chicago show! Please, awesome camera owners! I beg of you!

Julie says

I'm sad I missed you guys in Ann Arbor this time around, but I have never seen TMBG live, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. They were brilliant, but I would have loved to go to both shows. We'll catch you again next time! :)

Julie says

P.S. Did you get as many gifts as you got last time?

M_pony says

STOP RIGHT THERE!!!..... I gotta KNOW right now!!........
before we go any further.. do ya love me, do ya love me forever..
will ya need me... will ya never leave me
will ya make me so happy for the rest o' my life..
will you take me away.. will you make me yer wife???

*pauses and looks around*
Whoa, wait... this isn't karaoke night. Who -are- you people??

So, honestly.. when are you guys gonna do a "Bat Out Of Hell" show? I bet Paul can play that intro riff on piano, right? Right?
Reminds me: I had someone ask me one time "Can you play piano?" I say "Yes" They say "Can you play 'Bat Out Of Hell?'" I scoff. It ws so very sad for everyone involved. This sadness must be undone.

Adam says

You play a week or two before TMBG plays here in Minneapolis. You can preempt with their own material here. In your face, Flans.

Danielle says

Thanks for a great show, Jonandpaulandstorm! And the Flood thing was fantastic!

Tsujiku says

The show was freakin' awesome. Seriously, best concert I've ever been to.

And thanks again for signing my copy of The Onion. I'll have to get it framed and hang it up somewhere.


It might've been cool to have you sign the article about your show, but I didn't think about it until later, and I kinda like framing the cover anyway.

Kristen says

Sweet Zombie Jeebus, that was the BEST SHOW EVER. Not only did you guys do a fantastic cover of the entire Flood album - causing me to remark that I was actually having even more fun than I did when I saw the original Flood concert in 1990 - you blew me away by then doing a whole show that was made of win. Congrats.

I'd never seen a JoCo show before (nor Paul & Storm), and while I knew it would be good, I was FLOORED by the overall abundance of awesome. Come back to Chicago... soon.

My only question now: how do I get my mitts on a recording of that show, pretty please? Because life without documentation of the amazing Flood cover (or indeed Sweet Caroline) would be sorrier for sure.

Rebecca says

I learned about you this past Friday, when one of my school's a cappella groups sang Skullcrusher Mountain. I wanted to say that it was awesome, and I immediately looked it up and was eventually directed here. Your songs are awesome, and I love the lyrics! Keep doing what you're doing!


Paul R. Potts says

Next time we want to hear Storm sing all of Styx's _Kilroy Was Here_. KTHXBYE!

Marlon Farrugia says

You have GOT to do some Flood songs in London. For srs.

Richard Rosenthal says

Flood Show was a success. Thanks much.

Chris Glasow says

Saw the show in Ann Arbor. And while the Best. Concert. Ever. CD was Fantastic (picked it up at the show), I am a firm believer that the Ark Performance was better.

Besides the inclusion of 'Better' and 'Betty and Me' which are not included on the Concert CD, the quality of the performances were just simply brilliant.

Thanks for the Great Show. I hung around for the meet and greet with my Tall nephew (who you horsed around with), and I would like to thank you again for being a nice guy to all the fans, as I am sure you'd rather be doing other things.

The make shift flood covers in Ann Arbor Were fantastic, My Girlfriend is a big they might be Giants fan and was delighted to hear the songs.


Brendan says

Fantastic show. I loved every minute. My favorite part was your masterful Zendrumming on Mr. Fancypants. I'm already counting down to my next JoCo show.

Matt says

Come back to Ann Arbor soon on a night when I don't have two exams!

Heather says

You guys did a great job on Flood (and everything else, but you had more time to practice that other stuff). I was especially fond of the songs that you presented with slightly different arrangements than TMBG's originals. I hope that you'll take advantage of this experience to work some of them into future sets.

Carriep says

Jonathan (and Paul, and Storm):

Thanks for a rollicking good show in Ann Arbor. The Flood material was a treat. It may be anathema to say it, but I'm not a huge TMBG fan and had never heard "Hearing Aid" before. Listened to "Flood" over the weekend, anad I really thought the version on Thursday was better-more soulful, if that makes sense.

Paul says

P'haps this question has been aksed before, but what would it take for a full-band accompanyment, rock-your-socks-off rock combo to be backing the JoCoPaSto tours?

Because the world needs to hear "Shop Vac" with a 2-minute improvised electric guitar solo jam.

Mike says

Don't miss the awesome soundboard recording of the whole Flood show, now available in the forum:


Benny says

I found the recordings on youtube, and seriously shed tears of joy/mirth. You sir, are a mad genius

Ryan S. says

Speaking of accordions and coultons, one of the first songs I learned how to play on accordion was Still Alive, though Skullcrusher Mountain has taken the lead as my favourite song by you. Re: Your Brains is awesome too.