Madison Show Added

By JoCo September 25, 2009

As many of you noticed, there was a gap in that last show schedule that simply begged for a show in Madison. It’s happening – Sunday the 25th we’ll be at the Majestic! Tickets and more details soon…


Karl says

Sweet! I was wondering about that, looking forward to the show, make sure you bring lots of the flash drives loaded with your music for sale I think they'll be a pretty popular item (I know I want one.)

HellZiggy says

I'm tempted to come to the Madison show too, and stay with my Madison peeps. If I took the bus down could I hitch a ride back to Minneapolis with you? :) I'd even help with merch at the Madison show too if you wanted to put me to work.


David V. says

I have to agree with Karl. I definately want one, but unfortunately I have to wait until you come to Toronto

AndreaC says

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I can COME TO THAT ONE!!!!

PonderousMan says

Woo Hoo!!! Another JoCo show...!!!

And here I was *gonna* email and ask about this - but you took care of it already!

Dan says

Phews! I was worried when I didn't see us on the rotation. Thanks for coming back!

Mike says

And still, no show for Kentucky fans. The others are pretty far for me to drive. Any chance EVER of a show in Louisville? Hell, even Lexington would be fine. Bowling Green. ANYWHERE!!

I will bring you a pumpkin pie for your troubles, sir. And one for Paul and Storm to split, if they come along.

Seriously. I'm offering you pie!

Demetrius says

Is QC's Marigold wearing a JoCo shirt?

Ned says

Hooray! Our podling will get to attend her first JoCO show? Got any onesies for the merch table?

Catrina says

You are the best JoCo ever.

Johnny says

Rock on! Time for a Trip back home!!

You can hitch a ride with us after the show and do an encore in Omaha!! :D

Erin says


Jeanette says

Awesome!!!! I am so excited as I really wanted to attend the Chicago show, but that is a loooong drive from Madison and would not have been able to make it. I will bring a ton of friends! :)

Andy L says

I bought tickets to this show after seeing your Flood show on YouTube. Ideally I would like to see this again :) If that's not gonna happen, at least...most of it?