UK/Ireland Plans

By JoCo September 22, 2009

But first, thanks to Denver and St. Louis. I took no photos, I left no footprints, but I had a great bunch of shows last weekend. Many thanks to everyone who came out. It was my first non-PAX road trip since June, so I was expecting to be pretty rusty, but I actually felt pretty competent much of the time. Go figure.

A lot of people have been asking and I can now confirm that I’ll be back in the UK for a while in November (and Paul and Storm will be with me). We’re still working on the final details, but it’s coming together nicely. We’ll be there about a week and a half and we expect to hit Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, London, and Bristol. In fact, Manchester and London are already on sale if you’d like to get a head start. I’ll post more details as soon as I know them myself.

Yes, this does mean no Birmingham and no Nottingham this time around, just can’t get everywhere we’d like to get in this one trip. I know this is going to make it hard or impossible for some people to see a show, and I’m sorry about that, but WE’RE ONLY ONE MAN! If anyone knows how to build a robot that looks and acts and sings just like me, please get in touch. Or if anyone has the technology to smush the cities closer together, that would help as well.

Northampton, New Haven and Boston are coming up this weekend. I hope you are ready.


Marjorie says

I am so happy at this news! Bristol is practically on my doorstep. (Waits with barely concealed impatience for dates and ticket sales to be confirmed)

Alex says

Edinburgh AND Glasgow? Oh how you spoil us :)

Chris Radcliff says

How about a robot that looks like you and smushes cities? If nothing else, it would probably stop them from asking you back.

David Lyness says

Already bought a couple of tickets for your London show :)

Looking forward to it already!

Charlie says


Charlie says

Bristol is about an hours drive, so yeh xD

Alan Mulhall says

Any chance these shows won't be +18? (Dublin in particular). Otherwise, looking forward to it!

Bram Tant says

Not sure if I can go to London yet, due to class + time required to actually go to the UK. Depends on my schedule, which I'll know soon. Hope I can. :(

JamesG says

Edinburgh? Yay! Just don't time it for the weekend I'm moving or I'll be sad.

Melissa says

That's rad. We are from Portland, OR but will be backpacking Europe finishing in Ireland in Nov. Might just align perfectly to come cheer for you!

Charlie says

Alan, if he plays First of May, which oddly... im listening to right now... Who will care of the language? It's a song with words everybody will/says everyday xD

Wouldn't mind if he sang Kenesaw Mountain Lantis or Mandlebrot Set xD

Charlie says

(which both also got swearing)

Pseudoname says

Could be he's a minor, and that the pub/hall/venue won't admit him.

'Sen Urbiz says

In... 6 Years. Get a concert in Toronto.

Young JoCo fan here. I love it XP

Charlie says

if 16+ are allowed thats good. If a nightclub for 18+ only.. i can understand.

'Sen Urbiz says

Sorry if I made my comment sound like I'm a total douche (for the people who think I was acting like a total douche).

I always wish that some day I can attend into one of JoCo's concerts. Well, more than one concert.

6 more years... A long time, but it will be worth the wait.

Josh says

Awwww, what a shame, no Birmingham. Well, we can get a robot that's just like you, only it's taller, smarter and better. ;)

Scott Hayes says


Missed you last November when you were in Birmingham as I was in America and this time no Birmingham :(

Foosnark says

Great show in St. Louis by the way. It was a triumph, etc.

Stephen G says

Bristol? Now I'm torn between a day out in London like last year, or a journey that consists of a single stop on the train.

I think my wallet might push me in the direction of the latter.

Scapey says

Fingers crossed the Glasgow date ain't Saturday the 14th!

Can't wait - Might try to do Glas and Ed :)

Angelastic says

If you believe the tabloids, I might just have the technology to smush the cities together, but it won't help if I'm following your tour around when it starts up. Hmm...

Thomas says

Good job in STL. I was the one who mentioned the esoteric Simpson's reference during "A Talk with George". It occurs to me that the story I just told may be even less remembered than the esoteric Simpson's reference I made during "A Talk with George"

Dave says

I almost asked you at PAX if you were hitting the UK again anytime soon. tickets booked, and trusty aperture laboratories jumpsuit has been sent to the dry cleaners.

Looking forward to getting soft rocked all over again.

Ms. J says

I would love it if you would make a side trip to Dresden, Germany. Or, at the minimum Leipzig or Berlin. You can really cheap Ryan Air flights to and from either of these places from the UK. Sometimes German Wings is inexpensive as well. I know you are one person... But, Dresden is a really lovely place...

Christophano says

The North East is missed again?
Bah! My wife says we can't make the trip over to Manchester, but I'll work on her...

I missed the last tour too, so I haven't seen JoCo since the first London gig.

kidskillconscience says

How can you not come to Nottingham?

Robin Hood says you must.

Stuart Gibson says

Really hoping the Dublin gig is all ages. I just told my five year old she could come with me to it (don't worry, I'll cover her ears for 1st of May).

Jodie says

Fantastic news! See you in London! You've just made my week.

crazyjaf says

Tickets for the Dublin gig are available too.

Lasse Havelund says

About to be booking my plane tickets to London. I don't see any of us Europeans complaining about having to fly over for this.

Cannot wait.

Eimear says

But I'll be in Switzerland! Manchester is quite close to Leeds, but quite far from Switzerland!

...any chance you'll be playing Geneva in November?

Matt says

JoCo/Scarface, can I just confirm please? The WeGotTickets page you link to for London says both "Over 16's only" and also "Under 16s can attend if accompanied by an adult". I've been frozen in a state of paradox since reading that. Can I bring my 11 year old son or will neither of us get in?!


JoCo says

@Matt: yep, that's correct. A clearer way to say it would be "16+ unless accompanied by an adult."

2ndself says

Manchester is incredibly tempting. If only my friends were even less cool, somewhat more in line with how cool I am. >_<

Susanne says

EPIC! I just got my tix. See you in Londinium on the 13th! Wheeee!

Joe says

Master, I hear and obey! Tickets have been booked. All of Britain will soon be under your control.

Luna says

please come to Florida someday!

Glenn says

Soooo. Australia?

KBKarma says

Back in Dublin? Awesome!

AJS says

@Luna: Watch the January calendar......

JamesHulme says

Edinburgh Woo!
Just started uni there will deffo be at the show

Zaf says

AAAAAH I won't be able to make it to the London show. I live in Paris and would have made the trip but it's not possible that week.
When are you coming to France ? I can find a venue :P

David says

Got tickets for Manchester! Bring on the awesomeness!

JoCoRo(bot) says

I am ready to do your bidding, master.

David says

Oh, will you be selling those nifty flash drive + DVD things too? And if so, any details on (hopefully GBP) prices? :D

Shoe says loves you =)

Angie says

PS: Does anyone know if the London venue seats are allocated positions or is it a first-come-first-served type of arrangement? I did email the venue but they haven't responded......

Angie says

Have booked tickets for London - very excited!! We were at Shepherds Bush last October and it was an amazing show...

Can you please play Furry Old Lobster & Devolving...............

John Kerr says

Great news about Glasgow. But could you also come back here on 1st May? Thank you. Oh and I'd also like a pony.

Alex says

Booked my tickets for London. The last 2 concerts in London were amazing. If you want a hand with merch, I'd be more than happy. (Hopefully, I should be able to get in to London a bit early.)

David V. says

Hey JoCo, what else do you sell at your concerts? How much are they?

alicemay says

Booked my tickets for Manchester. I nearly fell through the floor when I was emailed by eventful to say JoCo was coming my way. I'm so excited!

What's the general etiquette regards cameras / camcorders at JoCo's gigs? I'm aware that Manchester Academy 'strictly says no', but what does Mr. Coulton say? I'd love to capture him in HD.

Ben Forbes says

@Angie: By the looks of things, Union Chapel's a standing venue

AJS says

@Ben Forbes: Jonathan doesn't play in standing assured it will be seated.

G says

Bah. I only return from honeymoon the day after the Manchester Gig...
Am annoyed now.

Kazzi says

Union Chapel's seated, but recommend you bring a cushion if comfort's a priority - hard wooden benches as it's an actual, bona fide church!

Fantastic venue though, I saw Amanda Palmer there weekend before last and it was amazing - really looking forward to the gig!

Levin says

Union Chapel, we're coming! :) From Italy with love, JoCo! <3

Raz says

So, does anyone know how long these gigs usually last? The last train back from Bristol is 10:05PM on sunday 15th november, and the gig doesn't start 8 - anyone know if its likely to go on for 2 hours?

Dorian says

Concerned about Dublin. I'm 17 and I intend to go with an adult. The side-note says ID required, so does that mean no under-18s? Please clarify, very interested in seeing you Live!

James Horn says

Woop I managed to buy the first ticket for the Manchester date! Cannot wait to see the great JoCo live! :)

David says


The first? You're about two days out! :P

AJS says

@Raz: The shows normally run a minimum 2 1/2 hours. Then, the signing and schmoozing.....

JoCo says

@Raz: yep, unless the venue makes us stop earlier, we tend to do about 2.5 or 3 hours including Paul and Storm's set, my set, and a break in between.

JoCo says

@Dorian: your best bet is to check with the venue about this kind of thing - they're not my rules, so I can't say for sure.

Chris says

Just bought my tickets for London - Union Chapel looks interesting, but it's going to be hard to beat Shepherds Bush!

Dan says

Absolutely can. not. wait. for the Manchester show. Please save a few T-shirts for us :)

Stephen Tordoff says

Is photography allowed (or a photo pass :p)? I've started photography as a hobby and would LOVE to photograph the London gig. Obvisously I'm not going to shooting through the whole thing, but the first few songs would be good.

Stephen Tordoff says

In addition to my previous comment, any chance of fitting a Cambridge gig in?

Martyn says

Is the London gig is going to be strict on the age thing?

Because i'm 15 and i've only just realised it says 16+, and i've already ordered the tickets so...yeah...

Wing says

I have to say, the last one (in Dublin, the singiest crowd ever) was one of the best gigs I have ever been to.

Raz says

Thanks for your replies (I know i'm delayed).

I booked a ticket for London! (and couldn't find anyone to go with, so if you see a loner geek, that'd be me :P). At least london my train back is like 11:30pm :)

Crazy excited now!