JoCo in the Fall

By JoCo September 16, 2009

Summer’s over, and I am back to work (if you can call this working). Just look at this series of incredible shows, each of them potentially the Second Best Concert Ever.

Thursday September 17 at 8PM
The Soiled Dove Underground (Denver, CO) with Paul and Storm

Friday September 18 at 9PM
The Soiled Dove Underground (Denver, CO) with Paul and Storm

Saturday September 19 at 8 PM
Off Broadway (St. Louis, MO) with Paul and Storm

Thursday September 24 at 7PM
Iron Horse Music Hall (Northampton, MA) with Paul and S torm

Friday September 25 at 7 PM
Toad’s Place (New Haven, CT) with Paul and Storm

Saturday September 26 at 9PM
The Paradise (Boston, MA) with Paul and Storm

Thursday October 8 at 8 PM
The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI) with Paul and Storm

Saturday October 10 at 8PM
Park West (Chicago, IL) with Paul and Storm

Friday October 23 at 7PM
Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland, OH) with Paul and Storm

Sunday October 25 at 8PM
Majestic Theater (Madison, WI) with Paul and Storm
Tickets on sale soon

Monday October 26 at 7:30PM
Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis, MN) with Paul and Storm

Thursday December 3 at 7PM
World Café Live (Philadelphia, PA) with Paul and Storm

Friday December 4 at 8PM
Rams Head Tavern (Annapolis, MD) with Paul and Storm

And now I guess technically we’re into Winter, so I’ll stop. But there’s more coming, there’s always more…


Alec R says

Can't wait to see you (and Paul and Storm) in Philly! :D

Dan says

CANNOT WAIT for 9/24 in NoHo

Kory A says

Please, JoCo, please let Pittsburgh be on that extended list. Last time you came, you performed in a 21+ place, so I ended up missing you. Maybe Mr. Smalls next time ( It's an awesome venue, and I'm sure a lot of us from the greater Pittsburgh area would LOVE to see you live!

rozwarren says

I've got tickets to New Haven, Boston, Philly & Annapolis. By early December I'll be a tenth of the way to my Life Goal of seeing 100 JoCo shows!

Thomas says

The STL show will surely be the second BEST. CONCERT. EVER. and my offer of being a merch monkey still stands, mighty JoCo.

CluckyB says

I second Kory A. Pittsburgh can get the leaders of the 20 most powerful nations to come a visiting but not the geekiest musician?

Carnegie Mellon is full of geeky nerds that would love to hear you play. You could probably get in touch with the right people and do a gig on campus (which would be extra awesome) -- although a surrounding venue like Mr Smalls would still be awesome and the general public would probably appreciate it more. But honestly, just come to Pittsburgh during the school year at an all ages venue and let us show you our support =).

Good luck and have fun with the rest of the tour =).

DeadRat says

How about the Dublin and Manchester dates? I've seen them on Eventful but nothing has been officially mentionned by JoCo. So whatup?

kerrin says

I'm gonna guess that Jonathans' agent hasn't told Jonathan they are confirmed yet, but the Manchester one has tickets on sale already (maybe the Dublin one too).

They are a week apart though, so expect more dates in the UK (or maybe Europe?)

becky says

Wait a minute, what about Minneapolis? I bought tickets already! October 26 at the Guthrie theater. Paul & Storm have it on their calendar...

Jutze says

Although I do hope to see Jonathan Coulton in Germany one day, I doubt that the European leg 2009 will extend beyond those islands out there. But that will not keep me from attending a show! My plans to fly out to Dublin (via Switzerland as it happens) are taking shape as I write. Also hooray for bringing Paul and Storm along (assuming they'll sing and not just eat Jaffa Cakes).

Erin says

Please come to Charlotte, NC! There are 70 some demands on eventful. As much as I would love to travel somewhere up north to see you I just can't! please!

Charlie says


Alex M. says

Totally pumped for Ann Arbor! I hope the Ark will allow my Nikon d40. Can't wait to surrender my money for that flash drive either...

Jugglenaut says

Thank you becky for informing me about the Minneapolis dates. I'll have to go find a spot to buy tickets now.

Tsujiku says

I'll be there on the 10th. I cannot wait.

I even went through the hell that is Ticketmaster in order to do it too.

Jack F says

Got my tickets for Philly! The balcony will be the place to be.

Brent F says

Once again Jonathan lives up to his songs' name, in that he hates California.

JoCo says

Yep, forgot about Minneapolis. But it's on! And yes, a UK return is in the works for November, but it's still coming together so I haven't announced anything yet. Looks like Manchester is already on sale...

Bob says

No NYC I see.... :`-(

Evan says

That doesn't happen to be Minneapolis, Poland, does it? ;-)

Captain Raccoon says

Sigh... No more joco in Seattle... man i wish i coulda gone to pax...

Chris says

oh man, i would love to see you in Minneapolis. the Guthrie is one of our most famous theaters. are your shows 18+?

David V. says

Guys. Scarface told me to go to and vote for the city you want JoCo in, they take a look at the numbers and see what city is a good choice. Get people to vote, they just need time to figure out scheduling.

MitchO says

Yeah, why is it always so hard to get you booked in your hometown, Jonathan? Are NYC venues just that much of a pain in the ass? I would think after the success of Highline, they'd have no problem working with you again.

Angie says

JoCo: What's the pricing on the flash drive/dvd combo? Need to make sure I budget enough cash.

Jason says

So glad you're coming to CT! Bought my ticket for the show, pumped for my first time seeing JoCo!

Nerdaraderi says

Please come to New Orleans. D:

Mattdiox says

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! whre are the shows in the UK? -sob-

Aaron says

That's ballsy, playing in Chicago the same night as TMBG.

nesdude says

Got my tickets for the Ann Arbor concert, can't wait! The Ark is such a great little venue to see a show!

Paul says

Nashville, please?

Jonathan says

Hey what a Great show last night at Off Broadway. Thanks for coming to St. Louis. Please come back soon.

Patrick says

I would love to see you in Ottawa. One of these days. But hey. It'll be the future soon. Who knows?

JoCo says

@Angie: Flash drive is $50 alone, or $60 with the DVD.

Mark says

I'm also psyched to hear you'll be at the Iron Horse! What kind of beer can I plan on buying you (or do you prefer scotch)?

Corey says

I can not wait to go see you in north Hampton...i got a few friends whoa re huge fans and my family is goin with us after I showed them your music...can't wait!

Rachel says

You guys were awesome in Denver on Saturday! Thanks for all the fun! :o)

avimort says

... any chance of Australia? Specifically, Melbourne Australia? Although, we'll travel to any other city in Aus if you can make it across the Pacific! Or even New Zealand? The shows'd be packed out.

Lord Greg says

Coulton, Are you coming back to SF (or surrounding area [within at least 60 miles?]) anytime soon? perhaps late '09 or early '10? We miss you! and I have friends who nearly strangled me for seeing you at the Great American Music hall!

Taylor Patterson says

See you 10/23 in Cleveland
Can't wait. It will be my first JoCo show.

DunDunDuunn says

What the hell JoCo... come to Rome! We all wait you here!

Jon says

Y'all come on back to Atlanta now, y'hear?*

*not an actual redneck

Gio says

Just stopped by your blog and saw these dates - pretty pissed that I missed tonight's show in MA, since I'm in Worcester right now! I didn't even know you were touring! But I hope to make it to tomorrow's show in CT!

Mike says

Louisville, please. There will be a fresh homemade pumpkin pie in it for you!

Russ says

Hey, how about a show in, I dunno, Manhattan or Bergen County NJ. There's probably more than enough people for you to sell out a comedy club a few nights.

ZSandmann says

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Houston... any will work, please please please!!

JoCo says

@Chris: The Guthrie show is all ages. :)