By JoCo September 8, 2009

Where to begin?

I suppose I’ll start with this TERRIBLE injury that I received while putting my bags into the trunk of a cab on my way to the airport. A lot of musicians would have stopped right here; I soldiered on (please note: I am not talking about the wedding ring, that injury was sustained years ago ZING!).


Arrived in Seattle Thursday night and immediately felt the “Seattle Smoothies,” which is a term I have just invented that describes the feeling of well-being that settles on me the moment I breathe the delicious air of that charming city. I don’t have a photo of this. Dined with the fine people of Harmonix, plus Wil Wheaton, plus Paul and Storm, plus MC Frontalot. Also enjoyed beers with various Guild and Legend of Neil folks. Yes, I am dropping names, it’s the only way I can demonstrate to you how I roll. When I returned to the hotel, this apple was on the floor (I am just reporting the facts):

Some Apple

Up early to set up the booth and sound check with Frontalot. See here the empty but enormous concert cave:

The Stage

And also Wil Wheaton “practicing” with Frontalot:

MC Wil Wheatalot

Spent the day a-boothin’ and got to meet many fans, costumed and otherwise. Saw a lot of dressed up babies this year, which is always hilarious. Received two half-pony-half-monkey-monster gifts, was pleased:


Also sold quite a few of this new flash drive I have: it’s 2 Gigs, contains 320K MP3s of all my music plus source tracks for everything on JoCo Looks Back, also album artwork, AND PLUS ALSO comes with a DVD. This incredible deal will also be available at future shows, I’m just saying. The image on the flash drive is by Len and also appears on my guitar picks, due to my narcissism. And yes, I probably should have rotated this image before I exported it:

Actual Product Is Horizontal

Did a panel with all the other PAX musicians, who all seemed smarter and funnier than me. Played “Diseases of Yore” with Frontalot at his Friday night show, talked Paul and Storm into singing harmonies with me (click the play button that’s currently in the top right corner of Frontalot’s site if you’d like to hear it and then go buy Front’s fantastic record). Went to sleep. No partying for poor, old, tired JoCo.

Similar things happened on Saturday, including a very fast lunch of sandwiches with actual rock stars John Roderick and Jason Finn (again, do you see how I roll?). Did a panel with Harmonix on the subject of the very exciting Rock Band Network, in which we pushed an authored version of The Future Soon into an Xbox and then played it right there in front of everyone with the help of some audience members. As you can see, I am not very good at playing Rock Band. It was also announced that another PAX Pack is coming to Rock Band next week, featuring me (“Re: Your Brains”), Frontalot and Paul and Storm. “The Future Soon” is going up on the Rock Band Network obviously, and I’m working on putting a lot more stuff in there right now. In case you missed that, “Re: Your Brains” will be in Rock Band next week. Brains!

And then of course, late at night, the big show. Wil Wheaton introduced Paul and Storm by talking about me for 10 minutes. Paul and Storm did their usual kick-ass job of warming up the crowd, then setting them on fire and burning them up until only ashes remain. I staggered on at 12:45 in the freaking morning to do my little show. I was joined by Paul and Storm and our pal Molly for a few songs, including a version of “My Monkey” where we replaced those words with “Wil Wheaton” to extremely comedic effect. Participated in group hug with all parties. Collapsed in a heap.

Sunday morning hopped a plane home, ate a lunch/dinner combo meal out of a tube, watched as the ratio of food to garbage in my Luxe Snack Box (TM) descended quickly to almost zero. This is ALSO how I roll.

The High Life
Food/Garbage = .33333
Food/Garbage Approaches 0

Thanks to everyone who came to the concert, visited the booth, bought me a beer, helped me sell merch, joined me on stage, or stuffed my dinner into a tube. Special thanks to all the people who work very hard to make PAX such an incredible event, extra-especially the very generous and often be-kilted Enforcers.

You rule Seattle, I’ll see you soon.


deadmongoose says

I'm thinking I need a half-pony-half-monkey-monster.

brandilion says

You made the weekend Fantastic JoCo and that Flash deal was totally worth it. I didn't realize it had the source tracks on it till I pulled out my laptop on the flight home.

You rock! Thanks for an epic PAX!

Joseph Andersen says

Lol - love your writing. and while I was reading this Soterious Johnson (the song, not the guy himself) came on my ipod, in amongst all the regular music (skull crusher mountain was at the beginning of my day, so no half-pony-half-monkey synergy for me)


Adam (GPIA) says

Thanks so much for a great time at PAX. You were awesome to talk to (the few times I had a chance), and gracious enough to bless me with not just one, but two pictures with you (because I screwed up the camera settings on the first one). I watched the Saturday Night Concerts from the very front at the stage, and enjoyed every second of it. You're the best, thanks again.


Haplo says

I'm currently chiding all of my PAX-going friends for not informing me of the imminent arrival of "The Future Soon" to Rock Band Network. It's my favorite song!

See you soon here in Boston. :)

Lauren says

oh man, I wish I had been there. I guess I know what I'm saving up for, for next year. :)

Thomas says

USB/DvD combo will be available in St. Louis maybe? Still utterly psyched for that show, even if I must attend alone. Which it looks like I must.

Aaron says

Wish I could've been there, looked like a fun time.

Chris says

Want USB.
Do not live in US.
Can not has!

W H Y ? ?

Garrett says

I made a picture for you and Wil:

Katy says

You were awesome. And way to rock those encores -- you spoiled us incredibly!

Nick says

YAY Enforcers! Also, I think that is my apple. I dropped one that rolled away and I couldn't find it.


Dan says

Awesome! More JoCo songs in Rock Band! You can never have enough of those.

Phil says

Aw, you made Wil Wheaton cry! Yay!

Question: Were those the normal My Monkey chorus lines or new ones just for Wil? I couldn't make it out one way or the other...

BobCat says

Did you see Jeri Ellsworth there? I didn't see a mention in your blag.

Thought says

Awesome show on Saturday. The Wil thing was brilliant, and *totally* made his entire month. Oh, and sorry our baby accosted you earlier on in the day. (:

David V. says

Haha, sound like you had an awesome time! I wish I lived in Seattle, you need to come back to Toronto man. You rule, and I agree, I want the half-pony-half-monkey-monster

Colleenky says

Singing "The Future Soon" with you on Rock Band = personal highlight of the weekend. :-)

Tony says

"Wil Wheaton" instead of "My Monkey". Awesome!

Hope you'll have those Flash drives available in Annapolis. Can't wait for the show.

Matthew Nordhaus says

Sorry about your knuckle.

Joey says

Great show this weekend! All of PAX was amazing, you were just the icing on the cake for me (I wasn't able to attend on Sunday, so your concert was my finale). Also, I'm that guy who came up to you in the airport on Sunday and you wished me a happy birthday, which was the only redeeming quality of that day because I wasn't able to make it onto a flight (I was on standby). I finally made it back to Denver eventually though.

Gregg says

This was my first trip to PAX - The Saturday night concert was AMAZING and the show itself will be an annual event for me going forward. You guys ALL rock.

thumbs says

JoCo, you conveniently forgot to mention how the audience RickRolled you. I'm happy to say, I joined in. And "Wil Wheaton" instead of "My Monkey" was pretty incredible.

Jamie says

Wow. My Monkey- Pony and I made it onto both your blog and your twitter! Thank you for the hug, I had the same reaction as Wil Wheaton. The concert was incredible, thanks for the numerous encores and First of May. Come back to Seattle soon the air is calling!

David V. says

I envy you Jamie :P

Aaron says

Looks like "Re: Your Brains" is actually going live today, according to Major Nelson, not next week as you wrote.


Paul R. Potts says

Let's hope he was scrupulous about hand-washing and didn't kiss any pigs:

Chris says

Awesome show! It was our first time seeing you live and we loved it! Totally worth staying up until 2:30am.

We actually were at the next table when you guys were having lunch at the Honeyhole, but I didn't want to bug you while you were eating. Hope the sandwich was good!

Chris says

Oh, and by "we" I mean my girlfriend and I. I'm not just talking in third-person. And yes, my girlfriend is an actual person :)

GenXer says

Terrific to see you again for the... several-th time, JoCo! Enforcing in Main Theater was made all the better, getting to hang out and listen to your (only a bit late ;)) sound check, and of course the concert.

I'm super-excited to pick up your tracks for Rock Band DLC! I've enjoyed playing the ever-loving daylights out of the tracks you released last year for PAX, and the ones since. There's a deeper level of connection to the music when you a) love the songs and b) have met the artist.

Thanks for helping make PAX what it is for all of us.

A little bird named Robert seems to have hinted I might just see you in Boston at some point next year. Would that we'll be so fortunate!


Colleenky says

GenXer: Not next year - in a couple of weeks. Boston show on Sept 26. Also, Northampton on Sept 24 and New Haven on Sept 25. See the "shows" link at the top of the page.

Courtney says

awesome show, JoCo! I was worried they would cut you short or something since the show started so late (oh man was I tired from standing so long) but it was all worth it. thanks for the happiness!

The_Captain says

Just saw this on slash dot.
Swine Flu outbreak at PAX.....

Darryl says

The Play button is on the top left corner of Frontalot's site. I eventually found it because I do actually have half a brain, but I'm just sayin. Nice track.

Q-gvyer says

OH NOES!!! That massive hand injury puts you at 10 times the risk for contracting Swine Flu!!!! (all statistics courtesy of the Brooklyn Bridge Institute)

Andy Glover says

Jonathan, your set was amazing. I'd never heard of your stuff before PAX but the show blew me away! Easily the highpoint of the convention for me. :) Wish i would've had the chance to pick up the cd/dvd while i was there. Oh well... i guess i'll just have to settle with my paul and storm cd with a side of swine flu.

Come back to seattle soon, we love you!

Mr. Nobody says

(Half-assed attempt at being funny incoming...)

It's just a flesh wound.

Sean Riley says

You OK, JoCo? All of us are worried about you.

MikeN says

Any chance of Wil Wheaton tribute making it onto the Rock Band network? :)

John says

Loved your show, it was the highlight of PAX09 for me! You took the audience rick-roll with your usual grace and humor. Will the new USB stick be purchasable on your store or elsewhere for those of us who already have the DVD?

Nathan says

Oh man that was an awesome show at PAX, it made the Paxflu totally worth it. I saw you in the back of the "pitch your game idea" panel but it was my first PAX and I wasn't sure what the harrass-the-talent rules were so I just smiled and walked by. Turns out harassing the talent is totally acceptable? I'll say hi and humbly request a picture with you next year :)

Will says

If anyone is wondering why PAX is awesome, this pic should answer your questions:

Erin says

I can't sing along to My Monkey anymore without saying Wil Wheaton.

BlackCatBonifide says

It was great randomly running into you 5+ times during PAX (including sharing the hotel elevator).

You definately were the highlight of Sporksmith's and my/our(?) honeymoon:) btw turns out we weren't the only couple who felt nerdcore concerts and video games = romance!!!

it was absolutely fabulous seeing you make Wil Wheaton cry:)

We hope you will do a show in Pittsburgh again very soon, sounds like it might happen, and as I mentioned before a new music video is underway, for "I Crush Everything" (and I'm definately thinking puppets for this one!)

Outrider says

That explains the outbreak of the Plutoxin 7 H1N1 Swine Flu virus at PAX, let me guess, you were scratched on the hand by a sort of butch TSA agent at the airport? My God, Escape from LA is still so prescient!

Sus says

Man, but I wish I lived on the other side of the pond...

My heart just stopped: Eventful has you in Manchester, UK on 12 November! Wheeee! Is this correct?

And if so, do you know if/when tix will go up for sale? Do you? Do you? Ohboyohboyohboy!

Keiichi says

This keydrive, Jonathan...

...instrumental of Still Alive? *hopefulhopefulhopeful*

David V. says

I'm going to buy several of them next time you come to Toronto! When do you plan on coming JoCo?

Steve/steven H/T im a DR. says

Man I wish you would come to ashiville and or charoltte NC

IT would give me something to do besides wach squirrels!

and they have creepy eys like dolls eyes.

(pleaz note creepy doll pun not included not a funny one anyway)

Isaiah Roberts says

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