Scarface is dead, long live Scarface

By JoCo September 2, 2009

Well OK, not dead, that’s overstating it. As you know, I’ve had an assistant for a while, much to my surprise and amusement. Thus far I’ve referred to this assistant only as Scarface, both to protect this person’s identity, and because it is hilarious. But mostly because it is hilarious. In a move that I applaud with loud isolated claps (the stirring, earnest, emotional kind, not the sarcastic kind) Scarface has moved on from Coulton Industries and taken a real job with a real company. And so I can now reveal that Scarface’s name was actually Meaghan.

I was going to write a fantastic post about Meaghan and our time working together and my extreme delight at seeing her take on the challenge of a brand new thing, but I see that she has beaten me to it with a post of her own that has made me all misty. It’s true, Meaghan now works for Tumblr, but she is also on the Twitter and on the Tumblr as a very talented writer and observer of things funny and sad.

Much as I would have liked to, I never intended to keep her prisoner here at my secret mountainous island lair forever. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about living a life it’s that you need to keep moving, and if there’s another thing it’s that you really should quit your job every once in a while and take on something new, maybe even something that seems crazy and scares the hell out of you. So I wish her well, and I thank her for her time of servitude. She was a great assistant, but I’m sure that she will be an even better former assistant.

But for all of us here at Coulton Industries the work goes on. There is a new Scarface, as there always will be, because it is my way. I’m not going to tell you anything about this person either, at least not until they break my heart and leave me alone in this godforsaken place (kidding Meaghan! I kid!).

That’s all for now. I’m painfully aware that the Summer is ending, and I got lots of stuff cooking that I hope to share with all of you soon.


David V. says

She must have been a lucky person to work with you. I hope you come visit Toronto soon so my friends and brother and I can come see you! Long Live Scarface!

Captain Raccoon says

Who will call you master now?

I know i will...

Jack F says

Good luck Meahan!! Thanks for making this (whatever exactly "this" is) fun and operational for so long.

Jack F says

Oops. I see that Coulton misspelled Meaghan and I repeated his mistake. See what happens when you let an indentured servant go?

Captain Raccoon says

P.S. I like how the title of this post contradicts itself.

Commander Bacon says

Farethewell Scarface.

Perhaps you could write a song about your assistants, more JoCo is always necessary.

Shoe says

ur Queen covers rock.

i think a JoCo Bohemian Rhapsody could work with fans sending in snippets of certain parts. would be a cool community collab.

and goobye scarface

Jack F says

Hi Noel. We love spam. Please, be sure to add lots more comments like that one.

Matty D says

Farewell, Scarface.

Welcome, new Scarface.

I must say, the transition was seamless...

Luke M says

That's a great post she wrote. Also, welcome, new person!

Colleenky says

In another bizarre Coulton connection (I have several - it's odd), I ended up driving a buddy of Meaghan's to MaxFunCon this year. When he found out that I was a Coulton fan, he mentioned that he knew Coulton's assistant. To which I responded excitedly, "Dude! You know Scarface?!" He was confused and asked if that were some kind of Pacino reference. It's not a terribly interesting anecdote, but it's the only Meaghan story I got. ;-)

Captain Raccoon: It's not a contradiction. :-)

Captain Raccoon says

Oh alright sorry...

Jack says

Meaghan, I salute thee.

Jonathan Coulton, we must partake in a game which is on Live at some time in the inimmediate future.

JonathanL says

looking forward to hearing about what's coming up next.

'Sen Urbiz says

Once I saw "Scarface" in the title, I instantly thought of JoCo's song "Skullcrusher Mountain"...

Except in the song, "Scarface" is a man..

David V. says

I'm sure the new Scarface will be just as good as the last! Long Live Scarface, Long Live Jonathan Coulton!

selene says

come back to houston please!!!
last time you came i couldnt belive my that was in your concert, is was magical!!
so please come back.

'Sen Urbiz says

I thought more into Meaghan an "assistant" nicknamed "SCARFACE", and how "Scarface" is an "assistant" in the song Skullcrusher Mountain...

Just bothers me for some reason..

Nathanial says

Well, it's sad to see Scarface go. How long did it take you to get a new assistant already? Keep on rockin' JoCo

Johnny Octane says

Far too beautiful to be called "Scarface". ^__^

Seals says

That's so sweet. Farewell, Scarface.

Thomas says

Alas, Servitude for Coulton appears to be little more than a temp job. Now you know how poor old Mr. Cluen felt when you left to become a big star.

A strong wind always at your back, Scarface.

lowlights says

How could she leave - is there not science still to be done?