Rock Band Network

By JoCo August 5, 2009

The fine folks over at Harmonix are launching something called the Rock Band Network, which will allow independent musicians to create and sell songs in the game. The answer is yes, I am very interested in putting more of my stuff in there, and I’m working on making it happen right now. It’s all brand new, so nobody knows how long it takes, how much it costs, how many will sell, etc. For my part, I’d like to get a sense of what you all are interested in getting in the game.

Will you take this poll? You can and should vote for more than one, and you can write in a song if it’s not already on this list that I have very scientifically derived just now.


Brian says

So many great songs! Would love to see "I feel fantastic" and "My Monkey" on this list too.

Tiffany says

Also, I would actually buy rock band for this.

Jarek91 says

Awww man...I've got love for us?...cause I'd totally buy every song you put on there

LS says

I wrote in "literally anything, but I want to add that the best (of what's left) to _play_, in my "expert" opinion, would probably be "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance," "Curl," and "Octopus."

Also, why is Shop Vac doing so poorly? Shop Vac, people!

T says

I've been begging for a 3-pack of "Code Monkey", "RE: Your Brains" and "Baby Got Back" since "Skullcrusher Mountain" came out last year.

Keep us posted!

Stacey says

"Betty and Me"? "The Big Boom"?

Like everyone else, I'll happily buy any song of yours that becomes available as DLC!

Arlo says

I really hope you'll give some consideration to what would actually be the best "4-player mixes." I know that your popular songs will float to the top, but I honestly think some of your less popular hits would be far more fun to play...

Alexis says

I am horrified by the idea of trying to play I Feel Fantastic, but I voted for it anyway.

I am SO INCREDIBLY GLAD that you're doing this because seriously not a 48 hour period of time goes by where one of us doesn't say "damn, why is this song not on rock band?"

JoCo says

Oh my, who wrote in When You Go? HOW COULD YOU PLAY WHEN YOU GO ON ROCK BAND???

I don't think Baby Got Back can happen, or at least the rights issues are too complicated for me to even think about dealing with at the moment.

It's true that song popularity must be balanced with good gameplay. Results seem to pretty much match song popularity at this point, which is maybe not a surprise. Someone on twitter suggested I'm Your Moon would be pretty fun to play and I think they're right about that. What else would be fun to play, popular or not?

FerrioClef says

Sorry, JoCo, I was actually the one who voted for When You Go. I was thinking it would be AWESOME, especially if Harmonix incorporates vocal harmonies from Rock Band: The Beatles.

It could happen, right?

On the other hand, I just listened to your vacation podcast with Paul, and I was sorely tempted to vote for Drive...

Sean says

I would think that I Feel Fantastic would be a good challenge because of the fast chords. But I'll buy any songs you put on there.

Dan says

If Mandlebrot Set was added would it have to get censored? Either way I'd love to play that song in Rock Band!

Max says

The only one I wouldn't want to see is First of May...

Don't get me wrong, love the song but it would be butchered by censorship in Rock Band.

Anything else & you've got my Microsoft Points.

Max says

I had to write anything else as my other answer because I started listing some of my favourites & ran out of room...

Harold says

I think the sweet and sweet/sad songs suffer a severe attention deficit. They're every bit as awesome as the outright geeky songs and I'd love to see all of them available in Rock Band.

Mike says

"What else would be fun to play, popular or not?"

Bozo's Lament and Just as Long as Me!

Baddox says

I honestly don't know if enough people still play music/rhythm games for it to be worth your time transcribing the songs.

Colleenky says

I voted for all of them. Plus Better. :-) (Wanted to write in Make You Cry, but I realize that I'm in the minority on that one.)

Greg says

Out of curiousity, how would the creative commons licence work in this case? If someone other than you were to take your audio and created the "game" part (presumably somebody has to come up with the fake guitar and drum button sequences for the various difficulty levels) would that be considered remixing or a mashup? Could there be dozens of versions of "Code Monkey", all with the same audio, sold by different people?

Jack F says

I agree with Sean. My first thought was I Feel Fantastic because game play would be fun.

Dr. Handsome says

Honestly I don't see why Fancy Pants isn't higher on the list... and Monkey Shines.

I really enjoy Blue Sunny Day but I'm not sure how much of that is guitar.

Jordan says

I don't see why more people don't like Big Bad World One... of these songs, it's probably my favorite!

DR says

I voted Mandelbrot Set and Creepy Doll.

Mandelbrot Set maintains an upbeat tempo that would utilize all instruments without being "weak" in one area. In my opinion it well represents what JoCo's music is about, which is very important - imagine how much it could suck if you enjoyed a Rock Band song played by band X, but when you go out to get their album you find that the band's other songs just aren't quite the same... Lastly, it's a song about mathematics, and there simply aren't enough popular songs out there about that subject.

Creepy Doll's tempo changes frequently, making for a more dynamic song that will challenge the players. It is also, among JoCo's songs a little heavier and is a good contrast to the (musically) lighter Skullcrusher Mountain.

Ultimately the factors here are (in no particular order):

a) Brand recognition: is it a representative JoCo song?
b) Song complexity: does it challenge the player?
c) Song depth: does it engage all four instruments?
d) Uniqueness: does it give players the chance to do something unique - syncopation or triple notes, a particularly high, low or high/low vocal range?
e) Fun factor: is it a romping good song that gets bystanders to sing along to it?

For the artist it is an attempt to reach out to their potential audiences with a song that can sell their music and to reach audiences that might otherwise have never been exposed to their stuff.

Good luck JoCo, I hope this Rock Band Network works out well for you (and others) - my Visa awaits its opportunity to make more micro-purchases on your behalf.

Molly says

Jonathan, I don't know how to break this to you, but your music is what they call "folky," and as a result a lot of it is mostly strummy and not very riffy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just doesn't lend itself comfortably to Rock Band. There's not much satisfaction in trying to half-diminish chords on 5 little buttons, or strumming all sensitive-like on the funny paddle thing. Most of your songs don't have the easily simplified Rock Band type guitar solo, which is one of the big draws of the whole Rock Band thing as I understand.

With this in mind, I voted Mandelbrot Set, I'm a Mason Now, Shop Vac (wow a guitar solo!), the obligatory push for Code Monkey, and I'd like to put in a special request for You Ruined Everything.
(I think You Ruined Everything would translate decently to the 4 Rock Band instruments and I find that Rock Band is lacking on postpartum ballads.)

Now, I have not played either of your songs on Rock Band because I have Wii and also dial-up, so I don't profess any sort of expertise on this. Harmonix may be capable of some gamer-music-voodoo I don't understand.

(Do you have any songs with tambourine? I just love slapping that stupid microphone.)

JoCo says

Greg: that would be a derivative work which would be acceptable under the creative commons license, but not if you sold it. My CC license only allows non-commercial derivative works.

Thomas says

I'm confused why Make You Cry would be such an outrage. It's got some pretty neat little pickings in it. In fact, that's my favorite one of your songs, other than When You Go, which has no instruments and is therefore invalid.

Encubed says

I voted for all the songs I'd like to see, because regardless of other instruments I would have fun singing them in Rock Band.

But for a 4-player band, I think the most fun would be Mandelbrot Set, Soterios Johnson, Shop Vac, I Feel Fantastic, Ikea, and even Big Bad World One. But really, I would pay money for any song you put on.

Encubed says

Oh and I'm a Mason Now/Not About You would work well too I think!

Erich says

This is exactly what I hoped for when I heard the Rock Band Network news! Given how stale and bloated the music game genre has gotten, this is the perfect way to give it new life. The issue of what would and wouldn't be fun to play in Rock Band has come up in these comments (and rightly so) but I'm interested to see how opening up RB to indie musicians and labels will change what people think is "acceptable" music game music. I can't wait to see how Sub Pop (who has said they want to open up their catalog to the Network) brings their music over. Whether or not bands figure out how to make "folk-rock" fun to play in Rock Band, fans will love playing it because they're fans. As far as I'm concerned, any JoCo song is perfect for Rock Band!

Brian Arnold says

I don't know if you'd be doing the work yourself in charting the songs, but I'm a huge fan of both your works and Rock Band, as well as a software developer with an Xbox Creators Club membership and basically all the software necessary to get something rolling. I'd love to help out in any way I can if at all possible. :)

Lon says

I've been a GH player up 'til now. Not that I have been playing it very long (4 months?). I got it specifically because GH:Metallica was coming out. I've always intended to pick up RB at some point (when I had beaten GH & GH:M). You get a batch of JoCo songs in RB and I'm buying RB the very next weekend!

Alexis says

i wish there was a way to see the "other"s.

LSK says

I think it'd be best if JoCo wrote a set of songs specifically for the 4-player format.

Chris O'Sullivan says

I would buy every sing song you put on there, I've been absolutely DYING for some more JoCo on there ever since we got Skullcrusher Mountain. I hope some more artists jump on the bandwagon and get some tracks on there.

Either way, I'm sure this will broaden your audience even more and that, in itself, is worth it. :)

Oh, and the money of course.

Bryan says

"Curl". It's a straight up rock song, it's got a fun beat and a solid riff in the chorus, and it's got a solo, which is a little unusual for you.

Ninchilla says

I voted The Future Soon, because it's awesome, and I Feel Fantastic, because the vocal line is nice and hard. I'm also in absolute agreement that Curl would be excellent.

Greg says

JoCo: Awesome. That is a very cool structure. CC wins again! (I also have to confess that I've bragged that you answered my question)
It would be kinda cool if you sell the button sequencing in rock band separate from the music, like rifftrax for rockband, except probably less funny.

Sophia says

I added "A Talk With George" to the "Other" category -- sure, to say it's light on drums would be a great entry for the Understatement Of The Year awards, but it's an incredible song and one that I would gladly buy. Other tracks are out there that are as lacking in vocal work as this one is with drums -- some of them I get so bored with the 4-minute instrumental solos that it would be fun (for me) to be the one doing something the whole time for a change!

The V Man says

Other songs that would be great?

Todd the T1000 and You Could Be Her.

All around awesomeness.

AndreaC says

*sigh* We have the PS2 version, so we can't get the extra songs. So pick something I won't be too sad about not getting to drum along to. DEFINITELY not I Feel Fantastic. I would be crushed if that were out there and I couldn't play it.

jjacquemain says

I feel fantastic! It has to be~

Gav says

Space Doggity!

Seconding Todd the T1000 too.

Austin says

That's my new favorite song :)

Chris says

Well first off let me say that I'm a fan of a lot of your songs, mainly your more known ones because I havn't had time to sift through all your thing a week songs yet, and I'm also a big fan of rock band, I own both of your current songs on there.

I would probably buy any songs you put out to rock band but a few songs that would score bonus points for me:

Re: Your Brains
Code Monkey
I feel Fantastic
the future Soon
Big bad world one
Shop Vac

Chris says

Sorry for double posting but I didn't think to put this in my original post:

I think that Mr. Fancy Pants would also be really fun if you added a random/hilarious zendrum solo into the song like you do when you perform live, if for nothing else than to laugh hysterically at the vocalist when he's like WTF at having to say something like "chances are your pants... pants... chances are your...chances are your... chances are your pants...pants" over and over

Chris O'Sullivan says

I just realized what one of the best suited songs for this game would be, and it would also be a blast to play as a band just to listen to the vocalist try and make their way through it:

Rock and Roll Boy!

George says

I voted I Feel Fantastic, Future Soon, Shop Vac, and Betty and Me. The banjo in Betty and Me would be a particularly attractive opportunity for a challenge, and I'm pretty sure their lyrical aspects will make the singer happy that they're the singer. I usually end up singing, since everyone else is too embarrassed to show off their own terrible voices.

I don't have Rock Band myself, but if this happens, I'll be certain to nag my friends who do to buy all of your songs. :D

Paul says

My votes for other: Curl; Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance, and Kennesaw Mountain Landis.

As for the other songs, I'm open to anything. Code Monkey, Ikea, and Mandelbrot Set would be my three top choices, but I'm not opposed to you dumping your entire discography up there, either. :)

Seth Park says

No way, I emailed you, and asked for you to play in Chiago, and get into rock band! You're are playing in Chicago, and getting in rock band! I can't believe how awesome this is! I wanna play all of these songs in the game! I'll make a videos of the charts that Jonathan Coulton makes!

Seth Park says

I voted by the way,
Code Monkey
RE: your brains
I feel fantastic
Big Bad world One
Future soon

becky says

Someone above mentioned You Ruined Everything, which is the song I came in here to talk about. It's probably my favorite JoCo song (once I learned what it was actually about), and I think it would be a nice ballad for Rock Band.

Not being a Rock Bander myself (I'm a Guitar Hero girl), I wonder - is it only Skullcrusher Mountain that's currently available?

Katie C. says

Honestly though, if Mandelbrot Set doesn't make the cut it would make me want to cry. :)
Vocals = Fun
Guitar = Fun
Drums = Fun

The only way it could be better was that if Rock Band supported singing the vocal harmonies. Because, let's be honest now, they fucking rock. :)

Katie C. says

Oh... I Crush Everything just came on shuffle. Just listen to that song and tell me it wouldn't be fun to play in Rock Band. I dare you.

Zach T. says

I voted for everything except "Mr. Fancy Pants" because that one is AND FEELS too short to really have fun with.

I also voted multiple times to add my many write-ins.

Max says

@becky - Skullcrusher Mountain & Still Alive are the only ones currently available.

@Greg - Problem is, based on the information they've released so far about the Rock Band Network, there's no way to give songs away for free so you wouldn't be able to release remixes under CC because you'd have to charge for them.

Foxlord says

Betty and me and Shop Vac! my two favorite songs! Pretty please ^.^
who am I kidding? I'll buy every song you release on Rock Band!

motherfan says

Who cares about DLC?...When you have Rock Band: JoCo!

erik says

i feel fantastic! is a great song, and i've been saying to all my friends that this would be fantastic to have on rock band! woot!

Richard Rosenthal says

I would definitely buy the songs my problem is the cost of rock band, I have a hard time putting out close to 200 dollars for the game and all the instruments.

Secundus says

AWESOME, more of your stuff in Rock Band!

The only song not on that list that I think would be essential for RB is De-Evolving. I can't believe you left that out, actually - the guitar part would lend itself so well to the game.

Secundus says

Actually, now that I think about it, Betty and Me should be playable, if only for that drum intro.

Mr. Jacobson, Esquire says

I don't think Code Monkey would be a very exciting Rock Band song.

I do however think that First of May should be if not solely for the entertainment value of watching people sing it who have never heard the song before.

Ben says

Theres so many songs I would buy, but preferably Mandelbrot Set, The Future Soon and Big Bad World. Skullcrusher Mountain is definately one of my favorite songs to sing on the game at the moment =P

Brian says

Um... I just picked them all. That's ok right? ;-D

Alec says

Well, I don't play RB, and I'm certainly not gonna buy it, but I voted anyways.

Alec says

Well, I don't play RB, and I'm certainly not gonna buy it (I can play *real* instruments), but I voted anyways. ;)

Chris O'Sullivan says

@Alec - Just because you can play *real* instruments that doesn't mean that Rock Band isn't a fun game and a great way to get together with your friends and enjoy MUSIC. I've gotten a much deeper appreciation for music once I started playing RB, I used to only care about vocals, but now that I've been playing RB for so long I've come to appreciate great guitarists, drummers, bass players and so much more and be able to identify the difference and get a new experience out of songs I've heard many times before. I've even bought a real guitar and I hope to learn to play one day!

Playing Rock Band with your friends (or by yourself) and playing a real instrument are two COMPLETELY different things, and I really wish people would understand that. Honestly, with that kind of logic...

I don't play Call of Duty, I have real guns.
I don't Madden, I own a football.
I don't play Tony Hawk, I have a real skateboard.
I don't play Gran Turismo, I have a car.

...and so on and so forth. Remember, some people just want to have fun with their friends, not everyone wants to start a real band.

Zach says

re : Your Brains would be huge here in Pittsburgh. Code Monkey and Future Soon are must haves. Also Shop Vac as that's the first song of yours I heard one night driving home from work on Le Show. But really, you've got to toss in Furry Old Lobster for all the Hodgman fans out there

JonathanL says

Voted for Mandelbrot set. It's not winning. The Future Soon would be also be decent, though.

Joe says

On the topic of songs like "When You Go" and others that are light on instruments not working, Harmonix has said that you can put in any instrumentation that you want. So, for example, you could do just guitar, or just guitar and vocals, or bass, drums, and vocals if you felt like it. While vocals only songs might be boring for some, those are the songs of yours I like the best. The slow, romantic-y ones.

Aaron/YYZ says

Well, I voted but then remembered a couple more for the other list so I will add them here:

The Presidents
SkyMall !!
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Dance Soterious Johnson Dance
A Talk With George
I Hate California
I'm Your Moon
That Spells DNA

Mars Jenkar says

Voted for multiples. There really are quite a few songs I'd like to play, but my write-in was for "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance". Some others I'd like to see (though I'm kinda biased toward vocals, I'll admit):

A Talk With George
Betty and Me
Blue Sunny Day*
I Crush Everything
I'm Your Moon
My Monkey*
Space Doggity
That Spells DNA

*Would be significantly improved by multiple vocal lines (like in The Beatles: Rock Band), though I'd like to see the songs even if multiple vocals are not possible.

I left off the following due to a (possible) lack of instrumentation. I may be wrong about them though, and if there is enough of all four parts I say go for them.

Always the Moon (no drums that I can hear)
Furry Old Lobster (no bass that I can hear)
Tom Cruise Crazy (no bass that I can hear)
When You Go (obviously no bass, guitar, or drums)

And one more with a different issue:

The Presidents (needs updating for factual mistake--and while you're at it, Obama)

Phquefftt says

DR got everything on the dot and so i agree with everything he said and Mars, some songs have been released where there are no Vocals or like Polly by Nirvana where the drummer only has to hit 4 notes. It might be possible for there to be no bass or drums but that is up to JoCo to decide and Harmonix to approve of it i suppose. I think these songs would be great on Rockband.

Dance Soterios Johnson, Dance - I love the drums for this song. Pretty catchy lyrics will challenging vocals.

I'm Your Moon - Another song with great vocals and the guitar sounds pretty challenging.

Mandelbrot Set - As DR said, Upbeat tempo and the songs feel balanced around all instruments.

Betty and Me - Another song with "Interesting" lyrics. I just wonder if you'll being playing the guitar or banjo in the game. Banjo sound pretty fun though.

Of course I'll buy whatever song you put out of course. I remember when Skullcrusher Mountain came out i had to go to Target and buy 2000 points so i can play it and I'm kinda glad i did. Its one of the songs I like to sing with my friends when we have a little to much to drink. :P

TheRidGE says

When you do start the process, if you find you actually need to "write" your own notecharts, I'd LOOOOOOOVE to help. I worked a little on this sort of thing during the Guitar Hero custom rush on GH2, making (what I feel now as) a sub-par chart of RE: Your Brains, from only listening to the final version of the song.

Now having access to the source files (CC donation for flash drive with JoCo looks back), I'd love to try again, now having the chance to hear only the guitar. Isolating the track means I can write a better chart, and be happier with my final product.

And I'll do it for free, short recognition from you. And maybe a chance to play it with you sometime... on XBL... or at some home... or at a concert... maybe???

Alex says

Why not Bozo's Lament? Not one of your more popular songs but it should work and it's a good song.

Overhead would also work well, there's even a segment at around 1:41 for a guitar solo.

De-Evolving is good, too.

And I'd kill a man for Skymall.

Alec says

@ Chris O'Sullivan

Sorry, I didn't mean that Rock Band would be a bad or boring game. I just personally find such games as RB and Guitar Hero pretty boring, and like to play real guitar more than videogameguitar.

m_pony says

I wonder how much effort it would take to not only mix-down the various sets of tracks, but to `transcribe`button patterns and note patterns for the vocal track. I know there's a whole underground community of Frets On Fire transcribers out there (I've been following the DIY rhythm game scene for a very very long time.. I used to be a voice in one of them) ;)

Also, I hope they would have a similar mechanism as the upcoming Beatles Rock Band, to allow multiple vocal lines. If that was possible then When You Go would be one of -=THE=- best Rock Band songs for `impossible` vocals.

And honestly, if people will be able to learn to sing the vocals for Paperback Writer, then When You Go might not be so impossible after all.

whatzedeuce says

So this whole poll idea..

Is the chosen song going to be the track charted live for the "Harmonix Rock Band Network Panel" at the Penny Arcade Expo?

Scot Colford says

Eh, add me in for My Monkey as well, which I neglected to vote for. Just got TAW 1&2. My Monkey is very happy you are playing Boston next month.

Adam says

Hi Jonathan,

You say you're 'working on making it happen right now'. Out of curiosity, coming from someone else who's interested in getting songs on RBN, what is it you're doing at this point to prepare?

Damion says

Code Monkey, RE your brains, Creepy doll, ect. Finally ^_^

J Dollak says

Only found this entry now that it's closed.
I play the game heavily, and would gladly purchase any and all content you would create for the game.
And my wife would like it too.

John Paul says

"I honestly don’t know if enough people still play music/rhythm games for it to be worth your time transcribing the songs."

I will personally buy 300 copies of every JoCo song available if they are not doing well, sales-wise. There are probably more fans that play Rock Band than you think, especially because of the epicness of Skullcrusher Mountain. Also, people are playing these games now more than ever, IMO.

Jace says

I'm gonna get this game just so I can play Beatles and JoCo songs over and over.

Juliefoo says

I actually never knew about Jonathan Coulton until i played Skullcrusher Mountain on Rock band! I fell in love instantly, and look forward to more songs on the game! You're awesome!!

Chris says

@Jace, the Beatles are exclusively going to be in "The Beatles: Rock Band" which will not import to rock band 2, and the DLC from rock band 2 and rock band network will not play on the beatles rock band, so you'll have to buy both if you wish to play both JoCo and Beatles :(

motherfan says

So is RB network only for RB2? I only have RB1 on 360.

Zane says

Well, seeing as the fact that Rock Gamer Studios announced that Scary Doll is the song thats gonna be in Rock Band, I must say.... THIS POLL WAS WORTHLESS. It's obvious that it didn't matter what we thought weeing as Code Monkey was the winner with 15%, and hell, Scary Doll only has 7%. I think personally it was all a sham.

JoCo says

Zane: a bunch of different people are working on a bunch of different songs, that's the only one that's been announced yet. Thanks for the vote of confidence though, sheesh.

Mr. Jacobson, Esquire says

Which song is Scary Doll again?

Ghede says

You know, Scary Doll. It's the one on the same "Stuff-A-Week" album as "The Big Bang" and "Mrs. Fancy Skirt"

Max says

Awesome news. Creepy Doll is up there as one of my favourites. Can't wait to hear what else has been/gets chosen.

Jonathan Chaffer says

motherfan: I don't think it's been officially announced whether the Rock Band Network option will come out for RB1 or just RB2. I think it's likely it will be available for both in some form. DLC files work for both games, and these songs will just be DLC. I'd wager that even if a patch for RB1 doesn't come along (and the Rock Band Network isn't actually available as an in-game option), it will probably be possible to by the songs directly from the Live Marketplace.

Here's the press release:

But in any case, buying RB2 is way worth it! You can export (almost) all your RB1 songs to still play them, all your DLC will still work, and there are a lot of tiny improvements throughout the game you'll appreciate.

Mike says

Wow JoCo, I didn't know you had trolls, but I don't think Zane has actually heard any of your music.

I am kind of pissed at no Warrior Robot Revenge in your poll, though.

David V. says

JoCo man, you are amazing, and I would buy ANY song you put on Rock Band, I'm also going to buy your live cd, and dvd combo. My brother was the one who showed me your music and ever since then I've been addicted to it. It's amazing, and quite ingenious. Keep up the good work!

Mythgarr says

Okay - after carefully listening through the JoCo library, "Blue Sunny Day" Would have been my choice for songs. There are 4 easily discernible parts (vocal, percussion, piano, strings), there's enough complexity to make it a fun song to play, and the lyrics are still very JoCo.

David V. says

I personally would like to see Skullcrusher Mountain on there, I love that song, and the guitar is awesome.

Chris says

@David V.

Skllcrusher Mountain and Still Alive (sung by GlaDoS) are already in Rock Band as DLC. Skullcrusher mtn. Costs $1 and still alive is free

David V. says

Oh, thanks! Lol, I'm going to have to purchase them

Max says

Re: Your Brains comes next week!

PAX 3-Pack featuring JoCo, MC Frontalot & Paul and Storm! Plus a three pack from another group playing here at PAX, Freezepop.

Jugglenaut says

Totally excited for Re: Your Brains and Paul and Storm!

Chris says

"The Future Soon" will probably appear on Rock Band Network. They used it during a press conference at PAX to show how you chart a song into the game.

Gamespot Article:;title;1

youtube vid (not mine):

Rack says

I can see the point of balancing with gameplay, but if they're at or close to 80 points I'd anything just for the vocals part. Re: Your Brains is the first song for a while I'm buying without checking the notechart first. If the guitar is cool, then that's just a bonus.

Chris says

JoCo songs are typically fun to voxtar (vocals and guitar at same time) since the vocals are awesome and the guitar is easy enough to do so you can still do it while doing vox.

Can't wait for Re: Your Brains, the Future Soon, Creepy Doll, and hopefully many more on RB :D

A. Sage says

Hey, everyone! I'm the guy who did the original Code Monkey custom for Guitar Hero 2 (, later ported to Rock Band as a custom song before the Rock Band Network was announced ( (I'm also the guy who said via Twitter that I'm Your Moon would be amazing in RB. :) ) I'm now an author with Rhythm Authors, a group that artists contract to chart their songs for RBN. I'm ALSO - this is a lot of titles! - a huge JoCo fan.

We just announced that we're bringing Ikea to RBN, and I'm unbelievably excited. I'll be working on it personally, courtesy of my superiors' knowledge of my musical tastes, and I intend to do JoCo the justice he deserves. (And speaking of well-done Rock Band songs, make sure to buy Skullcrusher Mountain and Re: Your Brains through the legitimate Rock Band Music Store, and get Creepy Doll via RBN courtesy of RG Studios!)

Chris says

yay more JoCo!!!! This brings the current/confirmed JoCo song list to:

RB actual DLC:

Still Alive
Skullcrusher Mountain
Re: Your Brains

Rock Band Network:
Creepy doll (RG Studios)
the Future Soon ( I think HMX did it for a RBN demo... not sure, but its confirmed either way)
and now Ikea :D

I look forward to see how awesome Ikea turns out Sage :D

Jonathan says

I am an avid RockBand player. I have like 530+ songs and I would love it if more Jonathan Coulton songs were available. When Skullcrusher Mountain was first released I was extactic to say the least. The vocals are right in my range and I love singing them. Then Re: Your Brains came out a little while back and oh man I was excited all over again. I think what Harmonix is doing with the RockBand Network is a great idea. Not only can well known artists put their music up, but also it's a great way for lesser known artists to get noticed. I mean I've known about Jonathan Coulton for years, but all my friends are like "Who the heck is that?", but then when we play RockBand and play the two songs (I am not including Still Alive here, though it is great and I love it to death, I'm simply not including it because Coulton doesn't sing it in the game) that Coulton sings they always love them. The tune draws them in and then the lyrics keep them there. So yeah, it would be great if more Jonathan Coulton songs were included in the game. Some of which I would love to see in game (not in any particular order) are: Betty and Me, Code Monkey, Chiron Beta Prime, The Future Soon, I Hate California, I'm a Mason Now, possibly Flickr, and then maybe the remake of Baby Got Back (that would be hilarious). All Jonathan Coulton songs would be great though and I would probably buy most if not all of them. Also, I have RockBand on Xbox 360 and I spend a lot of Microsoft Points on songs, so when it comes time to price the songs, if or when released, it would be awesome if the songs cost on like 80 MP like Re: Your Brains did. I think that this lower price will encourage more RockBand owners to purchase these great songs.

David says

All of them, JoCo. ALL OF THEM. >:D

Joey Buzzsaw says

JoCo, how's about you release the entirety of your Thing-a-Week Project exactly the same way as it was originally produced - Each week, upload a new track to the network.

DN says

AWESOME, more of your stuff in Rock Band!
The only song not on that list that I think would be essential for RB is De-Evolving. I can’t believe you left that out, actually – the guitar part would lend itself so well to the game.