Rifftrax Presents: Tron (featuring me and Paul and Storm)

By JoCo May 27, 2009

I am a long time fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a television show in which a human and his robot friends watch movies and make fun of them (it maybe is not a surprise to you that I like this sort of thing). Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, formerly of said show, now do this thing called Rifftrax – sort of an alternate audio track for movies that you can sync up as you watch, MST3K roll-your-own style. Imagine my delight when they invited me and Paul and Storm to record one of these for the movie TRON. I’ll wait while you imagine. Did you imagine me jumping up and down and peeing my pants? Because that’s what happened.

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Ben Forbes says

"That's what happens when you install CometCursor."

I lol'd.

Damien Bamford says

omg awesome!

Damien Bamford says

That made my day

Cambiata says

And now I must buy Tron on DVD just so I can watch this. Awesome!

Austin says


Luke M says

That's some tasty geek convergence right there. I love it!

So did you guys write your riffs or what?

JoCo says

At first we thought we wanted to write all our riffs, but turns out it's a lot of work and very hard and you need to have "skill." So they wrote most of it, and we added/subtracted a few things here and there, tweaked a few lines to make them our own, etc. I have great respect for the amount of work that goes into this kind of writing, now that I have avoided doing it.

Blair says

Rargh! Stop being awesome. I can't keep up! I must beat you with the less-awesome stick which looks a whole lot like a soft Nerf™ ball... on a fishing rod.

Gawd, I shouldn't be up this late.

Derek says

"I think I may have a few new Obadiah Stanes in my jumpsuit"


Brandon says

Really, truly a great riff. I hope to see more riffs from the likes of you. "The Wizard" perhaps.


Thomas says

Holy God...must...purchase...and then get Tron...on...Blu-Ray

Hedgeek says

Most Excellent. I can't wait to see/hear the whole thing. I actually still have the original hand held Tron game from Tomy (circa 1981). How geeky is that?

Script Doctor Eric says

"I can't hear him Can you guys hear him?"

Great stuff. Will have to get this.

And Tron, too. Dammit.

Beatrice says

Very funny, I enjoyed it immensely. :D

sprockety says

That's not funny. That's not funny at all.

cj says

There is a Spongebob Squarepants DVD out there called "The Big One", and it has "Plankton's Special Sinister Commentary", which is in the style of Mystery Science Theater.

rolls20s says

I'm a huge mst3k fan, and over the past two years, my girlfriend and I have watched over 75% of the official riffs and several guest riffs. I can honestly say that this is easily one of the top 5 best riffs on the site. I think you guys had a very good delivery, much like Mike, Kevin, and Bill. We look forward to seeing future riffs from you guys.

Xynrei says

Ahhh, Mystery Science theater.


'Nuff said.

Might have to fish out some cash.