DVD For Sale

By JoCo May 11, 2009

At long last, here it is.


A live DVD/CD super combo package, now available to you, the general public. It’s currently in pre-sales but discs will ship May 15th, and if you buy now you can download the mp3s immediately.


Jonathan Strickland says

Yay! I've looked forward to this for ages. I'm sure all the hard work will prove to be worth it. Thanks, JoCo!

Janthkin says

And behold, as What Are Records' download servers are brought to their knees.

Funny how times change. I would have been *pleased* with 10 KB/s download rates twelve years ago or so.

hal tse says

Ty I was wondering what we'd do the rest of the month after May became too hot for outdoor activities here in Phoenix.

Blair says

Awesome. Consider it pre-sold.

Oh, and as an aside, playing or singing "I Feel Fantastic" is the only way to get my one-year old daughter to sleep. Take that as you will.

Baddox says

Preorded the DVD, downloading the advance MP3's at an embarrassing 15-20 KB/sec. Pretty fail host tbh.

HellZiggy says

Is this going to be a limited edition thing? Or can I just wait and get one next time you decide to grace Mpls/St. Paul with your presence?


Prisoner06 says

Was I the only one who had no way to put my "state" into the address section?

Janthkin says

Zip codes are more specific than state; no need.

OotGreet says

So on the website's "...more info" page there was a picture of the cover of the DVD. And underneath it said "larger image". So I clicked on "larger image" and a new window opened with the image. But it was the same size.

What I want to know is: is this some sort of Zen koan? "How can this image be both larger and not larger?"

My state: bemused and amused.

Colleenky says

I'll be buying mine in person this weekend. :-D

Scott Frazer says

Are the mp3's that we get along with the pre-order the usual CC license? To wit, can I share them with people in order to convince them to come see you live the next time you are in town?

I'm currently achieving a spectacular 40KB / sec which is about 400kbps, so maybe the volume has died down some.

MauricioC says

Could you please consider selling the DVD image in addition to the actual DVD? I am sure the packaging and physical disc are a great thing to have, but I really don't think it's worth the $16 international shipping cost What Are Records demands. I know saving $16 sounds a bit stingy, but I'd much rather buy 16 JoCo songs than to give money away for basically nothing in return.

JoCo says

@Sharon - nope, not limited edition at all. And I'm looking into why international shipping is so much.

JoCo says

@Scott - yes, the mp3s are cc licensed.

Brie says

Hooray! This new made my day. :-D

Max says

Also not a fan of paying $12 in Canadian shipping (which is why I was hoping it would be ready in time for the Toronto concert, which was a wonderful show) for a $20 item but I have ordered none the less.

Been enjoying the MP3s so far. Can't wait for the DVD to get here.

Maureen says

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been hoping this would be released in time for me to give it as a birthday gift on May 24. You came through just in time!

Brenda says

I ordered the cd/dvd set and got the free mp3 download. YAY! I'm such a happy camper! Thank you and can't wait to receive my purchase!

Phil says

Neat. I get paid Friday and shall order when I cash my check. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks. =-(

Noah Ramon says

Got it ordered (and I'm getting 175 kb/sec on the download...)

Thanks for releasing this - I'm REALLY looking forward to it!

Joran says

Will pick this up next week when JoCo will grace VA with his presence once again. I really look forward to it.

Carmen says


Surprisingly, "I Feel Fantastic" is the only way to get this 37 year old out of bed in the morning. Oh, how the pendulum swings!

And YAY for the DVD! *happy dance*

Scarface says

Speaking of PLACES TO BUY THE DVD, does anyone want to sell merch at the Dallas concert on Wednesday? Email me at scarface@jonathancoulton.com!

Dirk Krause says

Also not cheering on 12$ shipping to germany ... what the heck, I'll order it anyways!

Greg says

I wish What Are Records took Paypal, or better yet Google Checkout, because their payment page seemed sketchy to me. I'm sure everything is great, otherwise you wouldn't have gone with them, but maybe you could use your super-powered rock star influence to encourage them to make a cleaner looking interface.

Brian says

Hooray! I couldn't make your recent NYC show, so a chance to enjoy the live experience for less than price of a concert ticket is a pretty sweet deal. Rocking out to the mp3s now as I wait for the DVD to arrive. Thanks very much!

Orlando Esperanto says

In that cover photo, you aren't wearing pants, are you!?!

Neil says

Any chance this will show up on iTunes in the future? I'd really rather just buy it digitally...somehow, after having downloaded all your music, an actual shiny disc is far too retro.

JoCo says

@Neil: not sure about the digital options for the video part of it, I sure hope to have it available that way though. In the meantime, the shiny disk doesn't have any DRM so it should be easy to rip and put on your iPod or wherever (not that it's that hard to rip a DVD that does have DRM, but you see what I'm saying).

Luke M says


Luke M says

Is Paul & Storm's set on this by any chance?

Blair says


Personally, the song makes me drive to fast (and if singing along) makes me drive erratically. Guess I need to take a Driving Pill.

Dan says

Awsome- Just bought. Can. Not. Wait.

JoCo says

@Luke: No, just my set. Though Paul and Storm do a few songs with me.

Nicholas Storman says

I ordered it! I've been enjoying the mp3's! Can't wait to get the DVD!

Zach Totz says

I'm enjoying my MP3 download at the moment, and though it sounds a little incomplete with none of the banter, I can understand why you cut it out, since otherwise it would've had to be a 2-CD/1-DVD set which would have both been more expensive for you, more time-consuming to put together, AND more expensive for us fans.

I second the request for a free art download, though my request is because I'd like to make a proper DVD case for my copy when it comes so I can have it with other awesome nerdy DVDs of mine like Dr. Horrible, Army of Darkness, 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc. I already have a template for sizing the art to print it out, but I need the art itself to edit for that purpose. Thanks in advance either way.

Zach Totz says

Oh, a weird thing that I just noticed while listening to the mp3s... whomever typed in the info for them misnamed "Skullcrusher Mountain" as "Skull Crusher Mountain" they also missed the 'A' in "A Talk with George" as well as strangely capitalizing the 'with' as well as the 'of' in "First of May". I'm a former English major (changed to teaching with the plan of being a drama teacher) so grammar errors like that really irk me.

Mike says

I want my money back! C'mon, JoCo, I thought you were a professional!

Zach Totz says

What's your complaint, Mike?

He didn't have to offer free downloadable tracks with the purchase, and yet he did. Quit bitching. I only posted about it as I thought it was odd, not as a real complaint. Besides, it's not definite that he was the one that tagged the tracks, he could've asked someone at What Are Records to do it for him. That's probably what happened, actually. Besides, it's not like you can't fix the damn tags yourself...

Please disregard the above if that's not what your complaint is about.

Patrick says

Tres Awesome. I listened to the mp3 downloads while eating cake.

Luke M says

@JoCo: I know, I was there :)

Lito says

Are they going to be sold at the L.A. concert this weekend?

Lito says

Whoops, just read the tweet that you will have them there.


Mike says


Not a real complaint, I was just making a joke, riffing off of your "complaint"" I know JoCo didn't make the errors himself; or if he did I certainly don't care.

In short: Just joking, no complaints, the mp3's are awesome, I definitely do NOT want my money back, and JoCo rocks.

In other words: "MESSAGE REDACTED"

Brandon says

Concert mp3's sound awesome. Can't wait to watch it.

Steve says

Wow, will order right away! Had been waiting for email that never came?? and just happened on the site today out of luck. What a deal. I expected the DVD to cost at least $100. :)

Zach Totz says

Mike: Ohh, okay. It's hard to read intent on the internet, if someone doesn't add a "(joking)" or "jk" or something like that, it's easy to mistake something like that for a serious comment, which I did.

Phillip Duggan says

Yeah, it's fun to hear all the cheering on the MP3's. Also, this DVD is the first thing being mailed to my new home which is cool. Though it would have been cooler if I got it at Ikea.

Uchronic says

Does someone knows how much would cost the shipping to Europe?

Uchronic says

Oups, I've just read 12$ for Germany in Dirk Krause's comment.
I believe it will be the same for France.
Seems a little bit too much.
Is there a way to lower this?

Paul says

Why on earth would you have to manually select to get the free mp3s with no way to correct the mistake post haste? This is balls. I'm such a moron.

Mike says

Paul: Go to their contact page and send them a message explaining the problem. I did and got a very quick response, helping me get the mp3's. Give it a try.

Paul says

You're a sweetheart, Mike

Matthew, W.A.R.? says

I just wanted to drop by here and say that we're happy to help anyone with questions about purchasing the record from us..

So far, I fixed the spelling everywhere but on the FLAC section of our store, I think.

We reduced the shipping costs to Canada, and refunded everyone who bought before the change. With the new postal rates, we're left with just enough to buy the envelopes for shipments to Europe.

Like Mike says, if anyone forgets to grab the mp3s when they buy the CD/DVD, just send me your purchase confirmation e-mail and I'll send you a direct link to the file.

We're working on improving the store, too.

You can write me at mw@whatarerecords.com if there's anything else.


Max says

I just got the e-mail about the refund of the difference in the Canadian shipping prices. Was pleasantly surprised to see that.

Jesse says

The advance mp3s are great, but I have to say that Andy Bates steals the show. I can't wait for the DVD to arrive so I can see if my mental image matches what really happened.

Baddox says

The MP3's are sounding good. The sung keyboard solo on Chiron was epic. Am I the only one that thinks the guitar could be a bit stronger in the mix?

AverageJon says


That's what you get for living "Over There"

Tim says

Ordered the DVD/CD combo! Downloading the MP3s now! Can't wait to see you in Atlanta! I love exclamation points!

Brand Eks says

Just ordered two sets! One for me, one for my ex (who was at the show with me). Can't wait to see the DVD!

Warren says

I agree with Neil above. Jonathan you are like the king of digital media releases, would be great to see a downloadable ISO for sale, or even just a discounted Div-X version. Also, you should look into auditioning for the Barenaked Ladies now that Stephen Page is gone. It would be an awesome partnership...

S.Gal says

Was really looking forward to pre-ordering and being in Canada i would not have minded the high shpping costs (I'm used to them lol) Sadly the deal breaker for me was no PayPal option. Although I will say the replies i got from Matthew were both prompt and very polite, still no go tho

Bummer i really really wanted these

Dan says

Just wondering...did the DVDs ship today?

Chris says

Damn my card isn't supported and no paypal option :(

Hate it when it makes you go through the entire checkout before it tells you

Paul says

Finally got around to watching the DVD I bought at the Dallas show. Great stuff!

Is it just me or is the pink-haired zombie girl really cute?

Luke M says

Got mine in today's mail (I'm in the CA central coast).

JadeSnake says

@Paul It's not just you. She's really cute and super sweet.

Christopher Giroir says

Awesome DVD. A great addition to my collection! Can't wait for another Boston show!

Paul says

Thanks, JadeSnake. It sounds like you know her so please pass along some awkward flirting on my behalf. It's all I bring to the table.

Luke M says

Very nice job, well edited, looks and sounds great. Worth the wait.

Brand Eks says

Just wanted to say that the guys in charge of mailing the DVD are awesome... two questions via email to them, two quick and helpful responses. Should be getting mine soon judging by Luke M's comment!

Tim says

Video from JoCo's new DVD/CD can be found here on Boing Boing Gadgets: http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2009/05/20/music-video-jonathan.html

Zach Totz says

So, if my DVD shipped on the 15th and I live in Michigan, I'm definitely going to have it before friday, right?

Paul says


Pics from the Dallas show.

Steph in GA says

I'm amazed at how well your audience can sing!
Can't wait for the DVD to show up...

Brenda says

Yay! Got my DVD set today! Can't wait to watch it.

S.Gal says

ok hate to bring it up again....any chance you can show us some love ?
some people only have PayPal as a choice, you are missing out on customers by ignoring us :)

Brand Eks says

Got mine today! Thanks JoCo!

Zach Totz says

Ok, yep, I've got my copy now. I'm enjoying it a great deal.

Steve says


Scott says

Just finished watching the DVD (now onto the extra content)

Great job guys. Really good document of what a JoCo concert feels like. The only way it could have been more authentic is if Paul and Storm tossed snacks with vaguely sexual names at me while I watched.

Just Christine says

Just received my DVD, so excited to watch it, popped it into my macbook... and it won't recognize the disc! ONOES!
*scrambles to figure out what to do*

Baddox says

@Just Christine
The DVD also wouldn't be recognized in my brother's new HP laptop, but it worked fine in my desktop's DVD drive.

Just Christine says

I hooked up the old DVD player to my TV and that worked fine... so as long as it works I'm happy (also, just finished watching it, LOVED it!)
Wish it would work in my laptop though :(

Phil says

Let's just say that today was absolutely terrible and leave it at that. With that said, this came yesterday and I was watching it at work. JoCo, sir, you have managed to turn an utterly craptastic day into mediocre with this great DvD! Commentray was quite enjoyable, though hard to hear at some points. Bravo, good sir and thank you for bringing a little happiness into an otherwise unhappy day.

NickH says

Will this DVD be on sale in Atlanta next Saturday?

EliZ says

I also had a problem with the DVD not being recognized in my DVD player or laptop when I first tried it. I'm pretty sure this was due to small pieces of cardboard from the case/sleeve, because the DVD works fine after I cleaned it off. Great Concert!

Brenda says

Watched it last night and LOVED IT! So worth the wait! I especially was impressed with the Code Monkey Dance by Emily. Did she originate it?

Tony K says

My shiny new DVD case had no DVD inside it! Please help - I've been attempting to get this resolved via email since Thursday of last week, but nobody is replying to my emails....I really want to see the DVD I bought. :-(

Matthew, W.A.R.? says

Anthony - sorry about that, got your e-mail this morning cause I was traveling over the break. We're sending your DVD out today. 2 people (out of hundreds) have reported this missing DVD so far but we've got our plant looking into it.

As always, anybody can write me at mw@whatarerecords.com with questions about the CD/DVD or our store. Thanks!

Tony K says

Matthew - Thanks for the fast response! No worries - this kind of thing happens, and isn't a big deal when people are awesome in resolving it quickly. Thanks again!

David M says

Matthew - I received a damaged DVD and contacted you this morning. I just wanted to say thanks for getting the replacement shipped out today and complement you on your prompt and friendly customer service.

whatsyourken says

Just watched the concert and it's fantastic. I'll be flying from my home in Florida to the show in Atlanta on Sat. I can't wait. So excited!

jdbarney says

DVD rocks! My friends and I enjoyed the show in Dallas a couple weeks back. My friend was the one who shouted out "two dollars" when you talked about the launch of the DVD. It's worth every penny of what I paid! Thanks JoCo.

Zach Totz says

I agree with the audio commentary that "Mr. Fancy Pants" is a masterpiece of editing. It's a bit surprising, however, that with such care shown to the continuity, that a shot of the setlist which clearly mentions the cut performance of "Still Alive" for anyone watching the DVD to see was left in!

Just kidding, the real surprise, though, is the flubbed line in "Creepy Doll" that I didn't notice until it was pointed out on the audio commentary. Especially surprising since I'd listened to the CD numerous times before turning on the DVD's commentary track.

Colin says

sitting her watching the DVD in preparation for the show tomorrow night in Atlanta. I'm quite simply amazed at the excellent audio and video on this disc. The editing is great and the sound is pristine. It actually is the Best Concert Ever.

Marvin says

I'm watching the DVD for the second time in two days. It's insanely awesome. :-)

Kymberlie R. McGuire says

I finally got a chance to watch this and it was great! Brought back a lot of fond memories from when I saw you in Houston in March at House of Blues.

Just as an aside, I play Rock Band with a group of NASA engineers and Skullcrusher Mountain and Still Alive make it into our sets quite often. We would love to see more of your stuff in there!

Darrell Maclaine says

UK fan here who really wants it but is unable to use his card (debit cards are the norm here generally rather than credit cards) or Paypal, and shipping is ridiculous. Basically I can't buy it.

It's a shame as I bought Thing A Week, Smoking Monkey and JoCo Looks Back at the Manchester gig at the significantly higher UK prices of £60 for the lot (that converts to a dollar or two short of $100 at current rates), so I've already spent a LOT of money, significantly more than the US fans, on JoCo stuff as it is.

I hope What Are Records sort a more sensible shipping rate out and allow Paypal payment, as otherwise I have no way of buying and enjoying this.

I know there's no personal vendetta against me nor any greediness going on, but I'm not a happy bunny. I feel region-locked out!

doggans says

I got the DVD a few weeks ago and loved it; my full review only just got published recently:


Matthew, W.A.R.? says

good news - we sorted out a much more reasonable shipping rate for overseas customers. It's now $7 for the 1st item, $8.50 for two, $10 for 3, and a buck for every extra item after that..

To share the exciting inside story, we didn't realize the default weight on our overseas postage computer thing was set to one pound.

Also, we've got a new store in development and we're probably gonna test out paypal soon too.

Matthew, W.A.R.? says

OK we're taking Paypal on our store now, too.. http://www.secure.whatarerecords.com

Darrell Maclaine says

Thanks for sorting it out! I'm happy now. :)

DAK says

Matthew, W.A.R.?

the above secure link is not working...nor can i check out on your site

DAK says

Matthew, W.A.R.?
Worked second time around!
thx for allowing Paypal

one happy customer :)

MauricioC says

"Matthew, W.A.R.?",

I hate to complain again, especially since What Are Records and JoCo are being so responsive, but can you please take a look at what happened regarding shipping to Brazil? When I sent the first message some time ago, I could buy the JoCo DVD, provided I paid $16 in shipping. Now, I get a message saying "No shipping available to the selected country". If it was deliberate, I understand it, of course, but can you please take a look in case it wasn't?

Thanks a lot!

Matthew, W.A.R.? says

we ship to all countries, should have added that.

Zach Totz says

I'm still hoping that a digital version of the artwork will get posted online so that I can put my DVD in a case on the shelf with my other stuff!

Zach Totz says

...to clarify a bit, I'm going to edit the art in a program and use a template to print it off so that I can transfer the DVD from the regular case to the customized one on my shelf.

MauricioC says

“Matthew, W.A.R.?”,

I'm still getting the "No shipping available to the selected country" message when entering a Brazilian address. Are you sure this is fixed?

DAK says

Just had to post back and say FANDAMNTASTIC DVD
okay off to watch it for the 8th time......

Doug says

Awesome DVD! I've just got it in the mail today, so kinda skipped around to my favorites. Can't wait to sit down and watch the whole thing. Come back to Columbus! Loved the show a year ago.