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By JoCo May 1, 2009

Which is what this will be for many of you today – traffic on the First of May is always a little heavy for some reason, but my poor server is doing its best to keep up. I wish you all a happy Spring, even if you don’t know it.

This song is free even when it is not this day of the year, but it is especially free today (if you know what I mean):

First of May (<--Not At All Safe For Work)


Jeff says

Nice. Ive been plugging a live version of first of may on FB and Twitter.

Gina says

I went to a friend and fellow fan's house the other day and sang First of May into a mic. She put it together with her and another friend's voice and sent it to this guy. He had others sing and send it to him and put them all together.

Jack F says

It's raining here today. Hope there's still plenty of people around when I go to the park.

MP says

It's still a little chilly here for any "first of may-ing", but some cats were taking advantage of it in the wee hours of the morning.

RHak says

The First of May is a big day: Nothing like starting your First of May visiting the JoCo website followed by some screwing round, if you know what I mean.

FYI, for whatever reason all song info pages have the title "Page not found" even though they otherwise properly display content.

Will says

Kinda makes sense, even your website got borked on first of may

Brandon F says

First of May kind of loses its meaning when you live in San Diego the land of year round spring, but any excuse for extreme outdoor cardio activities is fine by me!!! In my opinion we need far more extreme JoCo holidays with other deviant behaviors. Preferably involving heart attack foods, promiscuous women/men/transgenders and copious amounts of alcohol! (and if we could have one holiday that included all of them Christmas and other lesser holidays would soon be forgotten!)

Bob says

There's something I've always wondered.

From what I understand, amongst many different flavors of pagan religions, May 1st is Beltane, which is a holiday that among other things focuses on fertility. Dancing around the Maypole on 5/1, for instance, is a big honkin' fertility ritual.

Is this just a huge coincidence, or was it an influence behind JoCo writing the song?

Michael Adams says

I live in Florida: if I followed the advice of this song, I'd be arrested and put on a sex offender list. (sigh)

Perkyshai says

I vote this unofficial Jonathan Coulton day.

Matt says

I woke up singing this song today. God bless you, J.C.

ZoniDuck says

It just came up on my iTunes, which made me laugh. Thank you!

Natalie says

A couple of JoCo fans at work...

Couple Arrested After Drunken Tryst on Queen's Lawn

jonas3333 says

It's a little late now(had to work) but I hope JoCo and everyone had a rockin' First of May. I know it made me feel better today several times. Thanks again Mr. Coulton.

braiiIIiinz says

Romper says

Someone took your advice:

Adam says

Joco.. Not joking. Had that song up a bit too loud in the car (with the windows open) and was getting dirty looks at a red light. Aw hell, I was enjoying it at least :)


Jack says

I suppose you folks have seen this? First of May -- in American Sign Language, with "backup" signers/singers.

I think it's outstanding!!

Evan says

Well, it's actually the start of Autumn (what you call "Fall") on this side of the planet - getting a bit too cool for the outdoors...

Mixmastermind says

@ Bob: It's a common dirty rhyme from England.

Basically, it's getting warmer, so why not?

DemonMeeko says

i love this song alot but i can't listen to it right now... *is in computer lab at school* XD

Paul R. Potts says

I'd be up for it (hehehe) under the right circumstances, but I'm the parent of four children, three of them under five. Sex life is unfortunately one of the things that tends to get "ruined!" (And not in the nicest way.)

Stephen says

Wow, thank you so much for tweeting my First of May video! A bunch of fans are calling for a collaboration. I'll be attending the May 13th show in Dallas. What do you think?

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