I Totally Forgot

By JoCo April 1, 2009

To post anything about the NYC show. Isn’t that terrible? It was a great deal of fun, and if you missed it, you also missed this:

Yes, that is the Hungry March Band, and they are the nicest group of anarchist marching band hipster types you will ever meet.

And if you missed me at University of Arkansas last night, you missed a sound check (which the audience was lucky enough to see), and a set done WITHOUT A SET LIST. Very dangerous, but I think it worked out OK. Thank you Arkansonians.

In other news, some attorney friends of mine say it’s probably a good idea for me not to say anything about this.


Jack F says

I can't decide if the "Ernie Wade" allegations are funny or pathetically sad.

Jack F says

I'm also quite concerned that there's not much left on the tapes for JoCo to steal. What happens now?? Is this the end for our favorite Internet Superstar?

motown says

It's only 8:03 EDT and I have already fallen victim to an April fool's joke. Well played JoCo - er - I mean Wade.

Michael says

Fractal *Magic*

I laughed 'til I peed.

MP says

That was awesome, especially "Warrior Robot Revenge." That's not Hodgman singing, is it?

Michael says

I'll learn dolphin speech.

SgtBake says

@motown: Well that would probably be because the "april fools joke" was up already yesterday... *sigh*

Klaus says

Nice laugh!
There's even Blue Sunny Day (Bonus!)

Techno says

I do believe the legal and proper term for a citizen of the state of Arkansas is an Arkansawyer, Mr. Coulton. Being a native of the Northwestern corner, I thought it best to inform you now before the dozens of fans which didn't travel 3 hours from Springfield set upon you with tooth and nail.

I mean, I'm just sayin'...

Luke M says

People are actually discussing whether that is real or not. "We Are the Chimpions" ... 'nuff said

Wayne says

Argh, bandwidth limit exceeded. Dumb sites. Are the MP3s mirrored elsewhere?

Nick says

Oh man that was my "Wooo!" I was sitting right behind the guy with the camera.
I gotta say, JoCo, I know I'd buy versions of your sounds done the way you did them in concert. Or is that the concept behind the elusive DvD?
Without any spoilers for those yet to see your strange ways live (its better as a suprise) I'm referring especially to songs like Mr. Fancy Pants, Presidents day with the Band, Code Monkey with the ukalaili, some of the songs where Paul and Storm put harmony where it might not have previously been...

Plaid Phantom says

Set list or no, let me just say that the concert last night was *awesome*. It was fun hearing songs in a slightly different style, and I got to turn my girlfriend into a JoCo fan. :D I join those in eager anticipation of a concert DVD!

Personally, I like "Arkansonians" just as much as "Arkansawyers". I still prefer "Arkansans" over both.

Aaron G says

JoCo, you scared the living piss out of me for a second lol

unless Erine Wade is telling the truth

Luke M says


For the meantime, look around here. Many shows have links to audio or video files.

Wendy says

Awesome, as usual. I would love to buy a copy of "The Presidents" with the updated lyrics!

Steve says

Mr. Coulton, you sir would have won some serious internets if you didn't already own them all. Quite a good April Fool's Day prank. :p

whall says

Allwewannadois ernie wades.
We're not unreasonable
I mean, no'one's gonna link your sites.

tshaddox says

Don't be embarrassed about the sound check....it worked, cuz the Arkansas show sounded great. The Fancy Pants machine could've been louder though ;o . That B string sure liked to go flat though, but don't worry, we're probably the only two that noticed!

tshaddox says

Oh, and I must say, that was the best 3 hours spent driving down from Springfield, Missouri. All 4 of us loved it, including the guy who drove, who had never heard of JoCo before Sunday when I insisted he drive us.

Cambiata says

Mr. Coulton, you are a CAD sir. I was good friends with Ernie Wade, God rest his soul, and your obvious plagiarism shall not be overlooked!

HellZiggy says

I can't believe I've been a fan for over 3 years and now I find out you're just a god-damn thief! From now on when I download "your" music I'm not going to send you any money, I'm going to send it to Ernie Wade's family instead!

~Sharon, your FORMER Minneapolis Merch Minion

Chris Radcliff says


kate says


Luke M says

Now there's an equally crappy knockoff of "The Future Soon" on that site.

I don't actually get the point of this. It isn't funny, and it's weirdly mean spirited for such obvious bullshit (as has been noted, "Moons Go Round" is apparently supposed to be the 1997 "original" of "I'm Your Moon," which was written in response to Pluto's reclassification in 2006, so the hoax doesn't even make sense on its own terms). Whoever this person is, he has too much free time.

Domain Name.......... hubersgarage.com
Creation Date........ 2009-03-01
Registration Date.... 2009-03-01
Expiry Date.......... 2010-03-01
Organisation Name.... Bruce Huber
Organisation Address. P O Box 99800
Organisation Address. EmeryVille
Organisation Address. 94662
Organisation Address. CA
Organisation Address. US

MitchO says

Actually, that's my own "Whoa!" at the beginning of the video, since I know the history of the Hungry March Band (who played with Jonathan on the very FIRST "The Presidents", back in Little Gray Book Lecture days), and was shocked.

For the record, I'm also the guy who threw the Jaffa Panties. Recognize! :)

SR says

That was a mighty fine show, JoCo.

You ought to play New York more often. After all, you do kind of, how you say, live here.

Trisha Lynn says

MitchO: You rocked. Hard.

Cambiata says

@Luke M: You didn't think JoCo's April Fool's joke was funny? I thought it was pretty good! You have to at least credit him for the effort at recording those alternate versions. I wonder who it is singing? I'd love it if it was Hodgman.

Luke M says


I'm not convinced it was JoCo who did it.

Phil says

That lifted my spirits up. One of my favorite teachers from High School died yesterday and I have been feeling kind of crappy. I did not know why I decided to jump onto the JoCo site, but I am glad I did. I liked the alternate verisons. It doesn't really sound like Hodgeman to me but I may be wrong.

jjohn says

JC ripping off a dead loser? Best. April. First. Joke. Ever.

Phil says

"JC ripping off a dead loser? Best. April. First. Joke. Ever."

That's messed up. They prefer to be called posthumous peper-medalists.

Brookes says

The last line of each verse of The Presidents has the same tune as that of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer". It was driving me crazy what it sounded like and finally I remembered. Anyone who grew up in NY in the 80's and listened to the radio at all had it drummed into our heads every Xmas season. Good times.

TomR says

Jonathan, I was so thrilled to see you were coming to our little corner of the world in Northwest Ark! I talked a buddy of mine into coming with and he's now a fan. I think you had him at 'BRAINS'! Truly fine show and excellent soundcheck, hope those of us in the audience didn't freak you out too much during that. I totally didn't expect Mr. Fancypants & was quite pleased to hear it.

BTW, if you ever come back this way, I'll be happy to do a 'royale with cheese' introduction for you, sir! Your humble minion, TomR.

rozwarren says

The NYC show was outstanding. As usual. My Life Goal is to see 100 JoCoShows and NYC was my 5th. (Next up: Alexandria.) The marching band was awesome. I've now seen JoCo perform with a marching band AND with a ukulele orchestra. How cool is that?

Tsujiku says

WARNING: This is completely off-topic.

I just heard someone on TV singing the beginning of Soft Rocked by Me. It's some matchmaking show on Bravo called "The Millionaire Matchmaker." In the video one of the millionaires sent in, he was singing "Have you ever been in love with a man who's sensitive."

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure he's going to sing it later in a karaoke setting.

This is the episode if anyone cares.

(NOTE: I was going to post this on the forum, but I've neglected signing up for an account, and now I need to wait for an administrator to verify it).

bb4lake says

Haha, I came on here for the very same reason Tsujiku. My wife watches the show and last week on one of the previews I saw him start into "Soft Rocked" and I thought there was no way he was actually singing JoCO so I waited all week to watch tonights show to see if it would be true. To my great pleasure it was true, he sang it. Twice! Very cool, despite the fact that JoCo was never given credit! Isn't that part of the Creative Common License agreement?

Forget this Bernie Wade guy, and contact your lawyers to sue Bravo! =P

(Also, I hope I don't have to turn in my "Man" card for anxiously awaiting a matchmaking show on Bravo)

Jmonkee says

Regarding that show on Bravo, all has been made clear in the forum, on this thread (appropriately titled "Soft Rocked By Me sung on Bravo!!!"):


Drew says

I can't believe you stole all that poor dead guys music!

Kidding of course... very funny.

Fiyah says

Please. Release an awesome song within the next couple days. My ears are ready to bleed from these horrid Ernie songs, and I needs me a new JoCo to fix it...

Paul says

I think I'm the only dork who realized this article was fake because of the following thought process:

one of the songs on the cassette tape "Moons Go Round", the alternate name for "I'm Your Moon" could not have been originally written by Ernie Wade, who, according to the article, died 3 years before Pluto's planetary status was revoked.

Making connections like these is most likely unhealthy, but it was good for a laugh.

Klaus says

Ernie was a visionary. He knew about Pluto beforehand :D

Chris Co says

so is it only me who wants now to hear an ode to Ernie Wade? I think that would be a good way to wrap this joke up :)

Colleenky says

@HellZiggy: JC is an *exceptional* thief! ;-)

Phil says

Joke? This is super cereal.

Janice says

Well, that certainly explains why he is still figuring out how to play some of "his" songs....

HellZiggy says

So JoCo, I'm assuming the reason you haven't posted to own up to your great April Fool's joke here is the apartment sale and subsequent move? Unless Ernie Wade's family really did silence you...

~Sharon, still your Mpls merch minion, but minioning for Ernie Wade now too

ContegoLibertas says

Skymall & Fractal "Magic"?
So, a man who could not keep a job had numerous experiences traveling by airplane and had a working knowledge of a boundary of points on the complex plane, which were determined by the father of fractal geometry?

Ernie Wade says


Mixmastermind says

The term for those from the state of Arkansas is Arkansan. Why the last syllable completely changes sound, I don't know. I don't make the crazy redneck rules.

Luke M says

OK, I feel better knowing Jonathan was accusing *himself* of being a total douche. If someone else did a hoax where he had ripped off some sad dead dude it would be a pretty mean prank.

Chaisaw says

Consider it a joke against his younger self.

Joey P. says

that was a really fun show, the band was awesome, and the uke playing was also very special even though i thought you were gonna play somewhere over the rainbow i gotta admit i got kind of excited but baby got back was a very pleasant surprise