Tone Deaf Eagles

By JoCo March 25, 2009

In case you missed it during the internet telethon insanity that was RedNoseNet, here’s a video of me and Paul and Storm working on our new cover band project. (Please note: it is not too late to donate to Comic Relief.)


Luke M says

Is it hard for a capella vets to sing wrong on purpose?

Roman V. says

Please please please whatever you do, do not do a cover of "Africa" by Toto.

Jacob says

Please please please whatever you do, DO do a cover of Rock Me Amadeus by Falco.

David D says

DO make a cover of "Africa" by Toto! I'm getting nauseous just thinking about it.


Bryce says

Ken Plume: Heys guys, I'm doing 24 hour webcast for charity. Would you like to contirbute a video?

JoCo and others: Sure. Here's a clip that's under two minutes long to help you fill time!

Classic! ;)

Paul R. Potts says

I think it is hard to sing that badly... you can hear them (esp. Paul) tending to drift back into perfect intervals and then thinking "NO! MUST FIGHT IT!"

Whereas when I sing it, it's kinda the opposite problem...

JoAnn in VA says

If we pay you, will you stop? *grin* lol
It does look hard to be intentionally that bad, when I KNOW how good you can be!

Brad Czerniak says

It sounds like random mashing of an old keyboard with 'Casiochord' turned on. Loved it. Just thought I'd share

Jeff says

Just so you know... When you know how to sing, this kind of thing is very difficult to pull off. Hilarious.

Seneschal says

Watching that was like getting punched in the face by my grandmother. LOL

Adam says

When I first saw that video I could not stop laughing for around 5 minutes I almost fainted, it must hurt to sing so out of harmony.

Carriep says

As a choral singer from way back, I can attest that it is easy to go a little out of tune but very, very hard to go WAY out of tune like that.


This was so very funny. Thanks.

Paul and Storm says

I've got a good 5-6 minutes of outtakes on this one; we spent a long time unable to get past the first few notes without laughing. I'm still not doing a very good job of it in the finished version.

But thanks, everyone!


JoCo says

Tellingly perhaps, I did not find it difficult to sing badly out of tune. The hardest part was not laughing.

JonathanL says

that was terrible.

JDub says

My ears are bleeding but my mouth is laughing!

a lot.

Although, for a split second, maybe a split of a split second, I think there was some actual harmony, you should fix that. :)

ZSandmann says

You should definately do a cover of Africa :D

Ann says

"Seven Bridges Road" is one of my favorite Eagles songs and wow, that performance sure was something. What that 'something' is, I'm not exactly sure...I'm going to go with awesomely painful.

So: Exactly how much bribery would be need to be involved to see those outtakes posted?

Carriep says

Paul, you were doing pretty well not laughing, though your smile was kinda wide there in the first few seconds.

And yes, I'd be willing to "feed the cow" to see those outtakes.

Jeff says

That was TERRI.....BLY awesome. Hell yes.

Michael says

Well great. Now I'm hard.

AverageJon says

It could have been a bit more twangy.

whall says

I gave this video to my brother for his birthday; hope you don't mind. He did.

Bob says

I don't get what everyone is talking about. It sounded fine to me.

Brett Glass says

Good work. It's actually HARD for someone with ears to sing that badly off key.

Delynn says

Wow! Congrats... that sounded like it took EFFORT!!!

Jon Biddell says

AAARRRGGGHHHH !!!! I think I've gone deaf !!!!

Spewk says

It MIGHT have sounded better if you had farted it instead of "singing" it, lol...
This needs to go in a time capsule for when the aliens arrive....