Len – Blue Sunny Day

ByJoCo March 19, 2009

Oh man, no wonder this vampire’s so sad, he’s only got four fingers on each hand! As usual, Len finished this in record time and I took a million years to post it. (Check out his initial sketch too, probably done in two minutes with ketchup and a toothpick on the back of a napkin.)

Blue Sunny Day


Mr.Nobody says

Woah. Cool!

fredwich says

I can smell the talent from here. Outstanding!

whall says

Ketchup.... or...



Jason C. Brand says

Great job Len!

Nice to see it's already part of the JoCopedia entry for the song.

Ali says

Would look real nice on the men's "Royal Blue" tee shirt @ CafePress....

Mike says

He even looks like Andy Partridge, which is fitting.