By JoCo March 16, 2009

Dear Texas,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I did any shows here – both Houston and Austin were really fun, despite the breaking of strings and the throwing of monkeys. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially here in Austin where doing so meant that you were unable to enjoy unlimited free Sierra Mist cocktails at some kick-ass web company party. Not that you don’t have better things to do in Houston. I mean, you know, Houston is nice too. I love all cities equally!

There are a lot of nerds here in Austin, there must be some kind of nerd convention going on or something.



Binarysunset says

Dude, Austin is full of high-tech geeks year round, regardless of SXSW. ;)

Trae says

Now for a Dallas visit!

Fox says

there must be some kind of nerd convention going on or something.

I believe it's called the University of Texas. :-) But you knew that.

Jeni says

No man, that's just Austin.

The show was amazing, I can't thank you guys enough for coming out!

Athene says

Austin has nerds all the time.

Nim says

Yeah, Austin is a hotbed of nerd activity. Thanks for coming to town for us!

We might normally parade you down the street on the huge mechanized longhorn we reserve for nerd royalty, but it was chilly out, and also our head nerd-wrangler was raiding that night. The rest of our limp, pale little nerd-fingered hands can't handle the mecho-beast. So, next year. Totally. Remind us. ;)

Samantha says

Austin is *good* at nerd.

I am still in an absolutely ridiculously ecstatically good mood that has extended since I sat down to wait for the concert to start. Blew my expectations into sparkly dust. I'm going to start a triple girly Elvis crush on JoCo and Paul and Storm if that's okay.

Nim says

@Samantha bedazzler-and-puffpaint-style crush?

Harmoni says

Austin-Wouldn't want to live anywhere else in Texas.

Thanks so much for coming out. We had a blast.

MarcyT says

Not only are there nerds in Austin, more nerds drove down to Austin...a very long drive down! It was worth every mile and the exhaustion I'm feeling today! :) You, Paul & Storm were fab and I can't wait to see you again!


JimmyMac says

Wow - what a great show. I blame all the computer companies in the area (Apple, IBM, Dell) for at least part of the general nerditude, but Austin's always been a place where everyone could beat their own drum.

Come back again. Thanks for a great evening and thanks for doing "A Talk with George" at the end!

Noah Ramon says

Thanks for a kick-ass Houston show - I happen to think that the strings and harmonica and such just gave the show more character!

Jacob says

I blame RoosterTeeth for the excess nerdiness in Texas. You met Burnie Burns, you'd know.

Omorka says

The Houston show was awesome, even if you did jinx it by starting with the set list on the wrong side (although how the harmonica knew was beyond me). We'd love for you to make it down here more often (and Paul & Storm can come too)!

Sean says

Thanks for coming to Austin.

I hope you come again soon.

Thanks also for playing "A Talk With George". I was getting worried there, and certainly wasn't expecting it as the encore. Many thanks.

Pomato says

Thank you for coming to Austin! I ran out to buy tickets as soon as I saw the Austin show posted here on the website, and made arrangements for a road trip down afterwards :)

Clint says

Too bad I couldn't make it to Austin this weekend, sounded like a great show! Now if only you could make it to Dallas again.

AJS says

"Now if only you could make it to Dallas again."

May 13, Granada Theater. Watch for details.

Chris and Sarah says

Austin show was great. Jonathan's guitar pick has not left Sarah's hands since he handed it to her at the end of the show Sunday night.

Ben says

Thank you so much for coming to Houston. I missed you at PAX and I was stoked when I heard you were coming. You gave us a great show, Paul and Storm were awesome and the House of Blues was a perfect venue.

The broken G string and the upside down harmonica were priceless.

Brian says

Great show in Austin – I loved it.

Next time, please make it longer. I want to hear more: Chiron Beta Prime, Ikea, etc. Will pay double!

You are right about the audience. Throw in some cosplay and you have an anime convention. It’s also the only concert I have attended where there is a technical discussion on what causes the “U” in the Blues neon sign to wiggle.

Troy says

The Austin show was great and I was glad to finally see you in concert. It would be great if you came here to San Antonio though (the drive would be a lot shorter).

Cambiata says

"Now for a Dallas visit!"


Jon says

With work and what not I don't get out as much as I'd like but I did enjoy the show. I really enjoyed getting pictures with you, Paul & Storm, Falicia Day, and the nice one of your guitar under the spotlight on stage after the show.

It was such a good show I didn't have to drink... much...

ZSandmann says

Now for a trip to Baton Rouge. Right? Riiiiiight? Please.

Susan says

The show at Antone's was a delight. Paul & Storm were amazing, and that wavering neon U was really fun to watch. Thanks for coaching us into being better zombie singers. :)

Please come back to Austin. We have so many Code Monkeys here that it could be an anthem.

Kelly says

"It’s also the only concert I have attended where there is a technical discussion on what causes the “U” in the Blues neon sign to wiggle."

Yeah, my husband and I started talking about it as soon as we sat down. He had to get up and get a closer look at the sign.

He said it's a voltage issue :)

The show was excellent! We hadn't seen Paul and Storm before, so that was like bonus show for us. And then Felicia Day was in the house, too? Holy crap, that much Internet coolness all in one place? It was just about the best night EVER!

whall says

Loved the {Austin or Houston} show!

You might not remember {me or us}, but I was {the guy, girl or group} who {talked, joked, laughed or lamented} about that {humorous story, current event, tragic loss, or political suicide} that we both {shared, connected with, yearned to have as our own, or were revolted by}.

I hope you {enjoyed, learned from, avoided, or undulated} as much as {I or we} did!

{Thanks, Sincerely, or piss off},

{Favorite Name}

Stephanie says

Fabulous show in Austin! Well worth the drive from Edinburg, TX! Most fun I've ever had at a concert. I must admit since we've been home I've been a bit of a fangirl, gushing about what a great time we had... Maybe next time, closer to home? ;) San Antonio would be nice. Only a four hour drive! :D

selene says

thank u for coming to houston!!!!!!
please come back soon, we love u!!!!!!!!!!
it was magical to see u live, like a dream come true,
thank u!!!
i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayson says

“Now if only you could make it to Dallas again.”

"May 13, Granada Theater. Watch for details."

Seriously?!? This would be great, but I don't see him listed?

Get to Dallas!!!

Kyle says

Dude, thanks for playing at the Totally Rad Show taping at Malverde! You were awesome!

Nutcracker Buck says

I discovered your stuff on Wednesday and found that you were playing here (Houston) on Friday and talked my wife into letting me go. (I was that fortyish, badly dressed guy who came alone. No, the one with the green hat.) Funny how stuff works out. Rare how that stuff works out. Lovely show, lovely site, lovely music, lovely way to do all that stuff you do. It's the way everything ought to work.

nyeus says

Awesome show in Austin JoCo. I've never had that much fun at a concert. Please consider planning more shows in Texas :). I didn't mind the drive up to Austin from Laredo Tx. It was well worth the trip. Thanks for the good times.

Oh and I'm glad to see that it wasn't just my friends and I that noticed the crazy Blues' "U." Quite the sight and subsequent discussion.