Last of the Spring Shows

By JoCo March 11, 2009

It’s been a busy couple of months for sure, just a few more shows lined up for this Spring: Houston, Austin, New York City and Toronto. Luckily all this touring is happening before my live DVD/CD package is ready – it would have been a terrible shame to sell a bunch of them at all these shows. Wait, what?

Friday March 13 at 8PM
House of Blues (Houston, TX) with Paul and Storm

Sunday March 15 at 7PM
Antone’s (Austin, TX) with Paul and Storm
(This is not an official part of SXSW, you must buy tickets to attend. Technically that’s true for all these shows I guess.)

Friday March 27 at 8PM
Symphony Space (New York, NY) with Paul and Storm

Thursday April 23 at 8 PM
Lula Lounge (Toronto, ON) with Paul and Storm

Friday April 24 at 7:30 PM
Lula Lounge (Toronto, ON) with Paul and Storm


Paul R. Potts says

You're totally right -- at the Ark show a number of fans at the merchandise counter asked about the DVD. So I am guessing they will sell like, um, what is it again... waffles? Crepes? Tortillas?

Several people had also seen my poster and asked if they could buy a poster (hint: fans would pay money for posters! And you might find them easier to lug a lot of than t-shirts.)

LS says

aw, man, you're in New York just when I'm back in CT for school. This is like the second or third time since I've been a fan.

...ever consider Hartford/New Haven, or, if you wanna be really convenient, Middletown?

also, don't worry, I'll be buying the DVD via the interwebs.

Zach Totz says

...I must've pissed off a dude named "Murphy" in a past life for how much Murphy's Law has been hitting me...
First, I had to push the upload back to yesterday due to a busy schedule, then my internet connection went out at home and I couldn't upload until I tried this morning and...

Well, Paul and Storm's set is up and so is JoCo's... through "I Crush Everything". It started screwing up during "Someone is Crazy" and I literally had to turn off my modem to get the upload to stop trying to work and constantly failing. I'll try to get the rest of the show up when I'm home from school tonight (I won't be home until after 7, though).

Sorry for the delay.

Cynthia says

Ugh.. I saw House of Blues and nearly piddled with excitement... but then I saw it's one in Texas. *grumbles about Texas*

You should come to the House of Blues in Orlando at DownTown Disney! You know, they used to sing 'The Future Soon' at the Adventurer's Club before it closed. You've got plenty of fans here!!!

thephotoman says

I'll be there on Friday. Thanks for swinging by town.

Erin says

@Zach: No worries. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing when you get it all uploaded. :)

beez says

Got my NYC tickets already - it looks like it's getting close to selling out.

I'm debating if I should bring the full-up camera kit, or just the point and shoot...

MarcyT says

I am so excited about Austin I can hardly contain myself!! You can guess which two songs are most played on my Rock Band...!! lol

Zach Totz says

FINALLY able to get the show online!!!

Sorry about no show link last night, my internet connection went down and I was unable to upload it.

No covers yet, but here's the Paul and Storm set:

And the main show:

The titles for the whole thing is "It's Better Than Pontiac: Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm - Live at the Ark (Ann Arbor, MI - 3/6/09)".
The individual sets have the titles "A Bottle of 'Aww': Paul and Storm - Live at the Ark (Ann Arbor, MI - 3/6/09)" and "Two Meme Audience: Jonathan Coulton - Live at the Ark (with Paul and Storm in Ann Arbor, MI - 3/6/09)".

Covers will be coming when I can get a couple things either scanned up or a good photo of the full thing's "longbox" style cover.

Let me know if "Someone is Crazy" got screwed up, I'm afraid it might've uploaded wrong or incomplete or something.

Zach Totz says

THAT's the link to the JoCo set.

Zach Totz says

Also just edited the links into the show's page on JoCopedia.

Zach Totz says

JoCo: Question about the upcoming CD/DVD set: will it be packaged in a DVD case or in sleeves like your other releases so far?

I only ask because the cover art you've got previewed up on the main page is in the square shape of a regular CD cover and I was just curious as to whether I'd need to print out a sleeve for one of my empty DVD cases to display and have it shelved with my other DVDs or if I'd already be all set with that.

JoCo says

They'll be in a fancy folding sleeve thingy, about the size of my regular cardboard CD sleeves.

Ian says

Man, Boston just about never makes it on that list.

Chris Weiss says

Any chance you'll stick around in Austin for the music portion and play a gig? Alas, my friends and I wont be out there until the 18th.

Kapuran says

Hurm. Is the Fri, Apr 24 show in TO sold out? TicketWeb doesn't seem to be offering tickets anymore...

JoCo says

Kapuran: your guess is as good as mine. That's probably the case, but as with all ticket questions your best bet is to call the venue.