Going, Making

By JoCo February 25, 2009

Ad hoc Jonathan Coulton internet cover band The Mandelbrot Set has done it again. They finished their version of “Skullcrusher Mountain” which you can listen to and download here. It sounds like a party is what it sounds like, a big internet party. If you’re interested in checking out their works in progress, look here. And if you’d like to be part of the next thing they do, there is this here forum thread. Go, make!

Speaking of which, Spiff has sent me a link to something that broke my brain a little. Apparently his video for “Betty and Me” inspired another person to make some WoW machinima, specifically this one using characters from Spiff’s work. Note, my music is not in there anymore, this is a thing that somebody made based on Spiff’s stuff, which was something that he made based on my stuff. Also, apparently Guitar Hero is involved in some way? I’m not at all sure what’s going on to be honest, but it sure is awesome!


Paul R. Potts says

Thanks for the shout out!

Zach says

@ Paul R. Potts
Thanks for the offer to borrow your recorder. I didn't think I'd need much to do the recording and I don't have nearly the right equipment to hook it into the mixer (unless the cable you mentioned is like a guitar cable or something).

I think I'll take you up on the offer to borrow the recorder for the length of the show, and you'll get it back at the end of the evening, you'll just have to show me how to use it.

Zach says

P.S. Sorry I took so long to respond, a tree branch took out my cable and internet at home and it just got repaired today.

Paul R. Potts says

Zach: I will bring it, and some cables and adapters I have on hand -- we'll see if we can get something set up. Best way to get in touch? I don't want to give out an e-mail or phone number here, but I'm @paulrpotts on Twitter, if you're on Twitter.

Joe 'Covenant' Lamb says

It took a while... But we got there !
(And Angela thinking my vocals were Dr Coulton's raw tracks was groovy ! ;' ) Now I just need someone to think my *spoken* vocal is Charles Gray ! ;' )

Zach says

Best way to get in touch is e-mail. I'll find you on Twitter later as I'm in the middle of a project right now, but again, thanks.

Andrew T. "The Clinger" Coleman says

Now all we need is Neil Gaiman for Creepy Doll.

Gina says

Wow! That was frickin' awesome! Good job guys!

Colleenky says

Thanks for the plug, Dr. Coulton. We're having a lot of fun playing with your songs. :-)

shine says

*crushes on that guy's voice...!*

Paul R. Potts says

shine: to see what Joe "Covenant" Lamb gets up to in his spare time, check out his video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=967L2HBi1j8

See if you can pick him out of the other nuts. Oh, I mean EXTREMELY NICE FOLKS who are also VERY HEAVILY ARMED! And who wear chainmail underwear. It chafes a little!

manstraw says

I'm putting a comment here about your twitter that wonders why not twits are angry about it.

I don't use twitter, and I'm personally not angry about it in any way. But I think I can see why some might be. When we are used to our jonathan coultons blogging a lot of their info, which we can access easily a couple different ways *without* having an account anywhere, and they switch to twitting most of their info, which really needs an account to follow best, some get peeved I think.

It's swell you include your twits on your webpage. It would be sweller if they were a little larger/prominent on your site. And it would be swellest if the twits were in the web's rss feed too.

Grumpy people don't like having to take extra steps, and sign up for more accounts, and lay prostrate to the robot council. It will probably end up that the non twitting people will be first in the soylent green grinder. Or maybe the twits will? hmm.


Footage from the Thursday Barrymore concert in Madison....

Paul R. Potts says

manstraw: you can view JoCo's tweets at http://twitter.com/jonathancoulton without having an account. (Or anyone else's non-private messages, for that matter). I _think_ from your note that you know that. By "follow best" I think you mean keep track of a number of people and be able to reply to them, like signing in to leave messages on someone's someone's blog. It makes sense to me that if you really want to use the service you would sign up -- otherwise it would just be one huge spam free-for-all from unregistered folks. Which, come to think of it, it kinda is already even from registered folks...

manstraw says

hey, thanks for responding Paul R. Potts.

My own reasons for not wanting a twitter account is because I see it as noise more than quality prose :). Although I'd like all joco musings merged together into one feed, extra stops do let me read it all. And I'm ok with that. I think some do get grumpy it about it though. It all adds up. myspace, facebook, twitter, current cool thing each week. I'd like it all merged somehow. And I think some people are just plain fed up all the hopping and jigging. Also, here I can participate without an account. Not so much on twitter.

JoCo says

Hey manstraw - I totally understand what you're saying. The reason I don't merge the twitter feed with the blog is that they're really different mediums and I use them for different things. I'm not sure that all blog readers would want the twitter feed in there, and vice versa. That said, I do use Friendfeed and that has a single feed that joins a whole mess of stuff (including twitter and the blog). Check this out: http://friendfeed.com/jonathancoulton

manstraw says

Good suggestion JoCo. I'll check that out, thanks.

And when touring a pre-K, you're really supposed to be looking at the staff. Are they talking with each other about when to have break times, or are they down on the floor, paying attention to the kids. :)