MC Lars and Me (and Frontalot)

By JoCo February 24, 2009

If you’re fans of any of us, you may be interested to know that MC Lars’s”s’ new record drops today – that is how we say it, even though it is not a record and even though it doesn’t physically fall anywhere. There’s a track on there called “O.G. Original Gamer” that features Lars and Frontalot both, plus a chorus by yours truly (and yes, I proudly channeled Michael McDonald). The album is called This Gigantic Robot Kills and is available online and in stores starting today.


Jason C. Brand says

I am going to have to get this!

Jason Scott says

Purchased. Thanks for the head up!

Scarybug says


You didn't mention all of the other people who also guest on the album! Wow!

James says

The Guitar Hero Hero video is awesome too -

Colleenky says

OK, I was thinking about just buying the single, but after watching Guitar Hero Hero, I might have to check this MC Lars guy out.

Clapton spilt his heart on "Layla"
I go (click click click) playa


Tom Merritt says

I can't believe I bought the whole album.

Prisoner06 says

I pre-ordered and got a nifty hand numbered and signed poster of the album art! Its a great album made better by JoCo's inclusion of course!

Lincoln says

A great album. Just so many fun songs and a bunch of great cameos. Lars and the MC Bat Commander made me nostalgic for the heyday of ska.