By JoCo January 24, 2009

Wow Seattle, huge turnout. Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you didn’t mind the unusually mellow and breakup-y set list. Nice to have Molly up there with us too (if you’re in Portland and feeling undecisive, she’ll be with us tonight as well). I always enjoy your fair city, and this time was no exception. We’ll be back soon for sure.

Portland tonight, still plenty of tickets. Buy some why don’t you?


Psycho says

You'd better be back.

Now to get a protective film for that iPhone...

Some idiots in the audience says


neville says

We enjoyed the show, especially the twitter interaction. Always a great show!

Don says

And we enjoy having you here.

Come back often enough, you may just decide to stay!

Phil says

Be sure to say what kind of beer you like so we can buy you one to replace the broken one in the lobby!

Cher says

Ahh, wish we could come to show, but the three kids who need supervision say otherwise. Next time, next time...

Todd says

Great show, but it was *cold* in there! The massive draft going through the balcony area was the only flaw in an otherwise excellent set.

Come back when it's warmer, plz!

Grant says

I bought Portland tickets. I hope the set isn't usually mellow here. I'm bringing my Orange Box for you to sign.

Bergamot says

Got my ticket for tonight. :)

Grant says

Great show last night. Also, Mr. Fancy Pants has been in my head all day.

Tim says


beowuff says

I'll bring a spare hammer and water melon in case Paul and Storm forget theirs next time.

leukothea says

Did the Moore sell out? It looked awfully close to me.

Cromely says

It was a fantastic show. You, Paul, Storm and Molly all did a great job, with a crowd that almost took over at points.

I'm looking forward to the next one. Arrrrrrgh!

Nathan Wind as Cochese says

It's sad that I'm probably going to have to move to one of the coasts to see you and Paul & Storm in concert again. Or, at the very least, out of Dallas. :\ Too many sports fans here, not enough geek representation here, which is odd, considering that DFW is often called the Silicon Prairie due to companies like Texas Instruments, EDS, Gearbox, and id Software.

Grant says

That was officially the best day of my life. Sorry about annoying you about the picture and signing my orange box, (I was the one in the portal shirt. If you were wondering. Or if you even remember... probably not.) but it was so worth it. You must come back sometime.

Also, you rickrolled me. How dare you. ;-;

Grant says

Also, yes, we did practice Arrr-ing in the same direction.

That's how portland rolls.

Wolf says

I had such a great time! Looking forward to the next show I see you at, whether that's local or at PAX '09.

Virginia says

Loved the show. Loved the audience and knew maybe 10 or 15 people in the crowd and just felt like I probably would have liked everybody else. Re: the Rocky Horror vibe...maybe you should just go with it and cover Time Warp.

Carmen says

Tons of fun as always! I was stoked to hear "Better" although I was kinda hoping you'd also do Mandelbrot for the turbo geeks I'd brought with me. That's what I get for not tweeting your twitter.

Sorry about all the ARRRRR's - I swear after the first one or two it wasn't me. Really. The guy NEXT to me though - he was a total arrrrr-er.

See you next time! Maybe we'll try to hit PAX if you're coming back, that way you don't have to be sad that I wasn't at your show again.

Roland says

Loved the show, I brought 5 friends with me and we all had a great time. We hadn't heard Paul and Storm before and they set new standards for a "warm-up" band.

Amazing show in general! Can't wait to see you again at PAX!


David says

Damnation, that was a great show -- thanks to you all!

Sora says

Seriously an awesome show. The Moore wasn't QUITE filled up yet (the last third of the upper balcony had some empty seats), but that's good -- it means you can play there again next time you come. Right???

@Phil -- Well, the beer that got broken was from the Pike Brewing company. I dunno how long they've been selling in sixpacks, but I don't drink beer.

Ayanna Walker says

Hey! Awesome show as usual! I love you and Paul and Storm soo much that i purchased the show twice. For some reason ticketmaster had lost my tickets. i was a very sad panda! I didnt stick around for the meet and greet like i did last year, as we had to get up for work in a few hours, but, come back to Seattle soon! we love you!
And the arrrr-ing? definatly NOT me. ;) well, not the first time.

Art says

Awesome show. I haven't been to a show in the Moore that was above 50 degrees, and this was no exception!

Thanks for coming up and entertaining the Nerds of the Northwest!

- Arrrrrrr ......t!