Whiffenpoofs Centennial Concert

By JoCo January 21, 2009

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I and Hodgman will be guest performers at the Whiffenpoofs Centennial Concert at Woolsey Hall on the Yale campus, Saturday January 31. Details from the Facebook page (you kids still use the Facebook?):

$20/General, $5/Yale students

Purchase tickets at http://www.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=167246 or reserve them by emailing whiffenpoofs@yale.edu Tickets can also be purchased at the door. Visit www.whiffenpoofs.com for more information.

I will not be wearing tails!


Marcy says

Awww! you're a Yalie! how cute! lol ;p

Mr.Nobody says

No tails? Aww... :(

Leo Laporte says

Were you a Whiff? How about a poof? That's so cool. Wish I could come see you guys.

The SF show was fantastic! Thanks so much for yet another JoCoLapooza!

Jonathan Bock says

Jonathan - that's awesome! I had a chance to see the Whiffs here in Nashville 2 weeks ago. Hope you're also planning on going to the huge celebration next fall for the 100th anniversary... I'll be there with my wife.

Shizel says

ARG !! Facebook !? What the hell ! This Website is the Hell ! I hate this one ! Brrr... ^^

Hmmm... But... I can't come... Maybe if you paid the ticket between Paris and America... Ok ? Why did you say not ?

So... Come in France Joco ^^ We Wait you ! :)

Colleenky says

Very few things make me wish that I lived on the east coast. This is one of them. Sounds awesome. :-)

Jmonkee says

If you want to hear JoCo singing as a Whiffenpoof, here's all you have to do:

1) Scroll to the top of this page and hit the "wiki" link.

2) Type "awryone" in the search bar and hit enter.

3) Click on "downloads page."

4) Ride the Midnight Train to Georgia.

5) Enjoy!

Scarface says

Nerd alert!

JoCo says

Shut up Scarface. Plus I think technically it's just a nerd watch at this point.

Zach says

I wish I could go to that, I hope someone takes vids of it, and it would be beyond amazing if you organized "When You Go" with them.

Mark Gordon says

Road trip!

pastafaria says

I love that they encourage flasks. Those magnificent Ivy League bastards.

Nick says

Awesome. I am so there.

Arjun says

I never realized how much of a geek heaven Yale would be.

First Randall Munroe, and now you and John Hodgman??

weensicka says

We trekked down from Boston to see you and Hodgman. What a great night! Our car didn't even get towed!! Seriously...you and Hodgman were awesome and I have to say, I think the Yale crowd could've worked a little harder to get their Zombie on.