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By JoCo January 21, 2009

And on and on we go: Seattle and Portland this weekend. VA and MD in February, plus a little Midwest swing. How many shows will it take until I can play The Presidents correctly? 100?

Friday January 23 at 8 PM
Moore Theatre (Seattle, WA) with Paul and Storm

Saturday January 24 at 8 PM
The Aladdin Theater (Portland, OR) with Paul and Storm

Friday February 20 at 7:30 PM
The Birchmere (Alexandria, VA) with Paul and Storm

Saturday February 21 at 8 PM
Rams Head Tavern (Annapolis, MD) with Paul and Storm

Thursday February 26 at 7:30 PM
Barrymore Theater (Madison, WI) with Paul and Storm

Friday February 27 at 8 PM
History Theater (St. Paul, MN) with Paul and Storm

Saturday February 28 at 8 PM
Park West (Chicago, IL) with Paul and Storm

Friday March 6 at 8 PM
The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI) with Paul and Storm


pastafaria says

Dearest Mr. Co,


TVsTimmyG says

Hmmmm.... Seems like there might be an opening for a 2/27 Saint Paul/Minneapolis show .... JoCo???

Megan says

Let's go Minneapolis, let's go!

Erin says

Got an alert from Eventful re: your Ann Arbor performance the other day, so I quickly snatched up tickets. :) So happy you're coming back to Michigan!

Damon says

Might you swing through Columbus, OH March 7th or 8th?

Dr. Perry Cox says

Cleveland is also a very good choice. Get back here soon, please.

Rob says

I just got an email from SMA saying Jonathan Coulton w/ Paul and Storm at the History Theater in St. Paul on 2/27. Tix go on sale 1/21.

Nyk says

My guess would be 44...

Jeff Owens says

Hey, it took Bush 8 years to get it right, and he never did, so good luck JoCo...

pastafaria says

Dearest Rob,
I don't see anything on the History Theatre website...

Ed Marshall says

Yay Chicago. :)

Vince Houmes says

Hey Buddy! I would love to see you in Seattle, but I'm afraid I gotta boycott Ticketmaster. Check this out:

Ticket Price US $23.00 (Anything for JoCo. WOOOT!)
Convenience Charge US $9.05 (Ba-HUHUHUH???)
Building Facility Charge US $2.00 (GAaaaaaHHHHH?)

Paul R. Potts says

Just bought tickets for the Ark show. Also, signed up with Scarface to be your minion! If you or P&S need anything while in Ann Arbor, let me know. (A keyboard? Five pounds of Fritos?)

Mike says

No Philly or NYC shows!? :( Quick fans get on Eventful so I can see JoCo! Again.

katie says

Minneapolis! Come on, say yes.

AJS says

History Theater in St Paul absolutely on for 2/27...

ticket link

Marcy says

I think a few practice sessions in Fort Worth or Dallas would be a tremendous help!

Peter says

Thank the celestial oyster, you're coming back to Madison!

Dylan says

No Minneapolis show? Come on man!

TVsTimmyG says

I know a lot of folks from Minneapolis are unaware of this, but .... there's a city called "Saint Paul" just to the east of you! :-)

Kevin says

Yep, and the show is there at the History Theatre on the 27th! The show is listed on Mr. Coulton's show page:

Jen says

Cincinnati again? Or even Columbus?

Zach says

Two requests for Ann Arbor (one for me, and one for my Grandma who's taking me and is also a fan): "When You Go" is my Grandma's favourite (and she prefers the a cappella to the acoustic if that's possible to do a simplified a cappella with Paul & Storm) and "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance", though not my favourite (that goes to "The Future Soon") is the one I most want to hear you pull out live.

Mat Montgomery says

Too late to ask for a Phoenix stop, I would imagine? C'mon, it will be just a stone's throw away from your other stops. A quick 1300 mile jaunt from Portland, and you'll be only 2350 miles away from Alexandria. It's a cake walk.

Prisoner06 says

Yay Chicago! AND its my birthday. Well close enough to make no difference. I have missed your last 4 trips to Chicago. or was it 3? So yipeee!

Matt M says

Oh no. No no no. JoCo is finally coming to the Twin Cities and it's on a night my band is already booked to play somewhere? This cannot be. I... I...

What time does Jonathan actually start? How long is Paul and Storm's set? My gig starts at 10:00 in Stillwater. If I left at 9:00 I could see a little bit. Those of you who have seen him in concert - will I at least get to hear a few of JoCo's songs if I'm there for an hour?

HellZiggy says

@Matt M:

It's probably doors at 8, which means P&S would hit the stage at about 9 and JoCo at 10 or 10:30ish. You'd probaby have more luck, depending on how long your gig is, to hightail it out of your gig as soon as possible to catch the end of JoCo's.

pastafaria says

Hey Matt, leave someone your cell number and we'll text you on JoCo's progress. I think last time he went until Midnight or so.

Tony says

YES! Another Michigan show. I'll bet more people from Ann Arbor show up then people from Pontiac did last time you were in Michigan.

Martin says

Aww, this sucks. Every time JoCo goes to Chicago, I'm out of town!

Judah says

The Annapolis show appears to be nearly sold out (no pairs of tix available)! Bummed, but proud of your well-deserved success.

Austin says

You haven't been in Ohio since July!

Susan says

Arizona is gorgeous this time of year - 70s and blue skies! Come to Phoenix or Tucson. The Phoenix Mars mission was run out of the U of A, geeks abound in Tucson!

Matt M says

Thanks everybody. My gig is 10:00 - 1:30, 25 miles away, so I think I am screwed. I guess I'll send my camcorder to the gig with my friends. :'-(

Matt M says

(JoCo's gig, not mine)

Melanie says

That's fine. I'll just sit over here with the rest of Vancouver all JoColess. No no, really, that's totally fine. We don't need any musical delight. We have weed. and trees. And did I mention the rain? Who needs the joy of song when you've got rain? Really. We'll be fine. Don't worry about us.

Matazuma says

Come to Canada!!!
Montreal Quebec to be more specific

Julie says

YAY! My hubby and I have tickets for Ann Arbor, and we're mucho happy you're coming back to Michigan!

Kayla says

What? Michigan?! I must attend! Plus, I've got World War Z for you to sign this time, haha.

I hope the place is bigger than The Crofoot was? (And that I don't spend the entire show being dripped on by the so-called "air conditioning"? Hah.)

Jon says

My wife and I are going to make the St. Paul show our 2nd wedding anniversary gift to each other. I can't wait to finally catch a show!

Ashe says

Yeah Midwest! I've got some friends in A2 that need to hear you.

Heath says

I see that you're heading in a generally easterly direction. Does that mean you'll be back in New York after Ann Arbor? And doing a show somewhere in town between the 13th and 24th March? My wife and I are going to be visiting from Australia, and I'd love to see a show.

Lelah says

I just wish you were going to Madison closer to the weekend. I moved to Louisville, and I can never seem to catch you in a city where I have a free couch to bum on.

I'll just have to move back there before your next tour. ^_^

Ian says

:( no Philly... and to think i finally found a love for the music.... oh well, i can wait.

Andy L says

Thanks for coming to Madison! I bought my tickets. By the way, I recommend dinner at Tex Tubb's Taco Palace on the near West side if you like tacos (and who doesn't?). I don't own the place or anything (I'm a law student); I just want to make sure you get fed well and in style.

Kat says

Uh oh, are there tickets left for the Birchmere? Ticketmaster found nothing, does that mean they're all gone or could they still be purchased from the venue..? (((kicks self for not buying sooner))) :(

Luke says

I wish you would come closer to Kentucky more often -.-

T.O. says

Great to see ( or rather, actually notice) a Michigan concert. I'll definitely take the 2 hour drive to Ann Arbor to go see it, and then go see my cousin, and then go check out U of M! If you don't mind spending some big cash, The Melting Pot across the road from the Ark has good food... but its expensive (Cost $130-something for me, my mom, and brother to eat there last night).

I bet, if you can fit it in your schedule, the kids in the Mott's Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor would be happy to see/ hear you sing some. I know my cousin Dasia, who's in recovering from a leukemia-induced marrow transfusion would like it. She'd probably be the only kid in the hospital who's heard any of your music though.