San Francisco Part Two

By JoCo January 20, 2009

Sunday night was another great San Francisco show, no big surprise there. We missed selling out by one ticket – if you were planning on coming and then didn’t, that’s your fault. In a way the Saturday night crowd got a better spectacle because of the complete Presidents breakdown – I merely bobbled it on Sunday. But on the plus side, I did not get it completely right, which would have been boring.

Paul is good at many things, but sometimes I think what he is best at is stalking the famous people he wants to be friends with. He used twitter to invite Adam Savage (from Mythbusters) to our show, and it actually worked. Adam came back stage afterwards, claimed to enjoy the show, and then spent a while hanging out and chatting with us. He’s a swell guy, I’m a big fan, and it was fun to meet him. I guess you get to do these sorts of things when you’re famous.

I’m home for a couple of days and then out again to Seattle on Friday and Portland on Saturday – still still plenty of tickets left for both, so don’t be shy.

Thank you Denver and SF!


Zach says

This would belong better in the comments section for your previous post, but I used the video of your successful run-through of "The Presidents" from Saturday as the unofficial theme song to today's massive post in my blog's post about today's inauguration.

Lex says

Did Adam at least buy a shirt (with the $20 promised him by Paul)?

sevinPackage says

I can't wait for friday's show! What an eventful week!

Are changes planned to The Presidents and Washy Ad Jeffy, now that we've sworn in #44?

JoCo says

Washy Ad Jeffy is harder - I've added to it in my head over the years because my Dad's version only went up to Eisenhower. But you might decide to do it one way and then change your mind later as other presidents get added. So I don't think I'll be updating this one - consider it an artifact of the 2008 election.

Marcy says

Oh damn, that ticket was mine. You forgot to send me the plane ticket so I didn't make it. ;)

Greg says

You're actually going to be in Portland on Saturday right? :D

Muzzy says

Both shows were awesome/hilarious!

I worked the merch table! lol (thanks again JoCo and P&S)

I also brought a friend and now she's a Minion!

Stephen says

Just learned about you from wired magazine. The Feb edition(GPS on the cover, Page 47) You are awesome!

JoCo says

Argh, yes! Saturday, Saturday, not Sunday.

Parsons says

I am so tempted to bop up to Portland for the show this Saturday.

Luke M says

You effectively sold out one of San Francisco's premier music venues two nights in a row based on an entirely DIY career. That is fucking AWESOME. You're right, you don't need or want a label deal. Leave that for people who can't make a big success on merit, creativity and hard work alone.

The Bay Area loves you, man. Consider yourself at home; consider yourself part of the family.

Crickett says

I can't wait! I've had tickets to the Seattle show ever since they went on sale! But I have to work that day, so no muffins this time. Sorry.

Doug says

I'll be seeing you Saturday for the third time in a third different venue. Was at the Mission Street when you introduced that MIDI device. Very cool & looking forward to a great show again.

Zach says

Again, it doesn't directly relate to the post, but I performed a couple off-the-cuff covers of your stuff tonight. I did the updated "The Presidents" first in honour of the inauguration semi-a cappella (had a pianist for the Hail to the Chief bits) which was hilarious the way it turned out. Then I did a solo a cappella "The Future Soon" since I had time and suddenly felt like it.

Angelastic says

I've had Washy Ad Jeffy in my head all morning (kind of weird for a non-American, but I like the tune and it helps me remember the lyrics to The Presidents, at least. Hey, there's an idea to prevent further epic fails!) And I was thinking, even if you do update it, you really don't need to add Obama until you know how many terms he serves, and also what nickname(s) of the appropriate length he gets called by. It'll be easier that way, and besides, nobody's likely to forget who the current president is.

Jlewando says

Will you be coming through Philadelphia any time soon? We miss you!

DanT says

Adam Savage D: Hot Damn...*wishes he lived in San Fransisco*

Andy Bates says

Both shows were incredible Jonathan! In some ways the Saturday show was better because of the off-the-cuff goofs and banter between you and Paul and Storm, but I liked some of the song selections better at the Sunday show. In any case, thanks again for a terrific experience!

Chris Hartzog says

We are coming to Seattle to see you on Friday. See you at Serious Pie for dinner at 5:30???

JRM says

As a first-timer to Sunday's concert, I was thrilled with the event. My wife came along with me and she had a great time.

Fun points:

1. Meeting Spiff in the bathroom line. Nice conversation.

2. A woman with an absolutely terrific half-pony half-monkey monster. She had clearly used too many monkeys.

3. Paul and Storm were signficantly better in person than the YouTube clips show.

4. I *really* liked the Sunday song choices by JoCo.

5. The location is in an, er, interesting area, but the venue itself is quite nice.

--JRM (and googling [JRM Coulton] will get you.... well, somewhere.)

Crickett says

Serious Pie? Heck, I work 2 blocks from there!

JadeSnake says

Thanks for two wonderful shows. I think it's quite safe to say that no concert will ever top Sunday's for me.

Angelastic says

I'm guessing it was you, JadeSnake, with the absolutely terrific half-pony half-monkey monster.

Andy Bates says

So Jade, why will no concert ever top Sunday’s show?? Is there some particular reason???

JadeSnake says

@Angelastic: Nope, the ponkey wasn't mine. I decided to leave the my most recent one at home. Between Colleen and I we already had way too many props.

@Andy: You know why, and so do any other folks who need to. ;P

Luke M says

@ Jade: Congrats again. That is geektastically wonderful. And the cookies were *not* a lie.