Wintertime is Coultontime

ByJoCo December 25, 2008

It’s Christmas and I’m here with the in-laws (yes, Brookline) surrounded by cakes and cookies and newly opened presents. After a few days here I will head for the deep woods, where I will hunt, kill, and dress a moose. Or maybe I will skip that and eat fatty foods and drink beer while sitting on the couch, we’ll see how I feel. In either case, I’m outie till the new year. I hope you’re all having fun winter holiday times, because I sure am.

It’s been another great year here at Coulton industries, thanks in no small part to all of you who read, listen, record, send monkeys in the mail, etc. I’ve got a few songs in the pipeline and a few new toys itching for the studio, a trip to the west coast in January with more touring to follow, and this FREAKING concert DVD which is still very nearly finished and targetted for February release (I hope). And probably other exciting things that I haven’t even thought of yet will happen.

Thank you all, and here’s hoping the years continue to get better and better until everything is awesome everywhere all the time.

2009 here we come…


Spektugalo says

Can't wait for February :D
...or the day when a new song will be released!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Kevbo says

Ditto on the awesome. Eager for that DVD. Bring it. I think the three wisemen originally brought gold, frankincense and a Coulton DVD if I remember correctly.

Altruist says

You put the awesome in possum then you kick that possum's ass until it agrees! I hope the new year goes kick-ass for you. I think that here, look at kirby (>^-^)>

KBKarma says

Concert DVD? Interesting. Which concert? Or multiples? I'd be interested to see if Dublin got a look-in.

Hope you have(had?) a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to good times and the New Year.

ML says

Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime!

Kaethe says

Merry Christmas, JoCo!

MarcyT says

You deserve a break, so enjoy it! Merry Christmas and happy 2009 to you and your little family. Take care of yourself, see you soon! :)

JaredO says

Merry Christmas, JoCo!

Was at the filming and will be in SF in January. Can't wait! Thanks for coming back.

Roman V. says

If you dress (like?) a moose, I hereby invoke "pics or it didn't happen." Happy Grav-mass and Festivus everybody.

Andy Bates says

Ah, ML took my message! Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime! I am also looking forward to the January concert, and the concert DVD!

Jack F says

Thank you for a fun year. It's great to be able to enjoy music from an artist that actually treats his fans with respect. You actually seem to like us! And better yet, I never feel like a lawsuit is coming if I sample a song before I pay for it. Plus I can treat friends to concert tickets without having to take out a second mortgage.

Eagerly looking forward to more great songs and shows in 2009!

sporksmith says

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your well-deserved r&r :)

Brand Eks says

I can't wait to buy two copies of the DVD. I was at that concert, and it was of teh awesome. Also looking forward to seeing you again in January!

Tim says

Happy holidays, JoCo! Now, BACK TO WORK! :-)

AndreaC says

Hope you are having a fantastic Boxing Day.

Brie says

Happy Holidays, JoCo! Can't wait for your show at the Aladdin in Portland next month!

LSK says


But new songs please?

Vincenzo says

I wish you're having a beautiful holidays.

Happy 2009 early, Jonathan :)

Pam says

Have fun! Looking forward to the new material.

Luke M says

See you in January at GAMH!

I admit I'm curious to see if I can spot wife and self on the DVD. We can't all be Andy Bates, but throwing up double goats for your minty fresh rockstar opening should be worth at least an insert shot ;)

Mrs......T.....Booth says

I think your doing a great job: But try to do a great job with me Heh ya heh ya with me >!HEHYAH

Mike says

Dress it like a viking, a moose viking!

Zach says

Merry (Belated) Christmas, and Happy (Early) New Year!

Bubblehead says

Now that Spiffworld has his video for "Shop Vac" up on YouTube, maybe you can answer the question that's been plaguing your fans for years: Is "Shop Vac" supposed to be listened to as a modern fable of suburban ennui, or is the listener just supposed to understand that the wife is crying because the protagonist is having sex with the ShopVac in his basement?

Happy New Year, JoCo?

Bryce says

Could you please add your new toys to the FAQ when you get a chance. Some of us are intersted in that kind of thing. Thanks!

Ken says

Yay !
Happy New Year JoCo !

Jack F says

Happy New Year!

Brand Eks says

Happy new year, JoCo!

Roman V. says

Happy new new year Coulton + family (+ fans, etc). There was a giant squid spotted and photoed recently:

Zach says

Mr. Coulton, what is your opinion on a blog about a person attempting to celebrate at least one Holiday (or other special day) for every single day of the year?

I have just started such a blog, but I would like your permission before I link to it on your site.

Any response, positive or negative, would be highly appreciated.


Mr.Nobody says

Happy New Year, JoCo!

@Altruist - Yay! Kirby!!

JoCo says

@Zach - fine with me! I certainly don't own the idea of doing something every week (or day). Yearly rituals are mine though.

Brand Eks says

Guess I should have moved sooner on tickets to the S.F. shows... they are both sold out! Gah! Well, at least the concert DVD is still coming.

Zach says

Thanks! I really appreciate it. My blog's url is I haven't done today's post yet, it'll probably be up by 8:30-9:00. It'll be on National Bird Day, George Washington Carver Recognition Day, and Mungday.

Braden says

This rollercoaster of emotions must end! In the first update about a new tour, there was a Vancouver show shoe-horned in, and my heart soared. Now, the last two updates have no such show. Just guess what that did to my heart! That's right. It hurt my heart. What gives?

P.S. I know Seattle is only a couple of hours away, but I'm afraid of snow, and I'm afraid of Americans (although a lot less so with the election of a new President).

JoCo says

Yes sorry Braden, Vancouver did not happen this time, but I'm hopeful that it will soon.

JT says

And lucky me unwrapped tickets to an upcoming Coulton show in Virginia in Feb. It was a happy Christmas indeed.


1 ticket left for Denver !!!!!!!!


Zach says

Any plans for a Detroit area show this year?

dougbaker says

hey, when you come to Denver, any time to head up north (60 miles) to Fort Collins, not for a show but for a beer. We brew more beer here than anywhere, we have micro, mini, and maxi brewers here. Let me know, I could give you a tour of the local and best brewers including New Belgium home of Fat Tire, and Odells.

Roman V. says

Hey folks, big FYI here - Lawrenece Lessig, the founder of Creative Commons will be on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" on the 8th of January, which is tomorrow. Check local listings for time, and channel and stuff. His new book, by the way, is called "Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy".

Arjan says

Of course I won't be the first to ask..but, will you come to Europe!! pretty pretty please etc?
The lowlands festival would be a very good start, mainly because it's within my travel range.

Haven't checked every song yet, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming year.

Colleenky says

@Arjan: While JoCo hasn't been to continental Europe yet, he's been to the UK - twice!

Arjan says

hmm I'll keep my eye on the UK too then..

Elvira (spain) says

Hi! I've just seen your 'Tom Cruise Crazy' video in youtube and i liked it very much! It looks like you are famous in your web..
well, I just wanted to say Hi! from Spain. Lots of kisses! Besos!

whall says

Can't wait. I love most things Jonathan Coulton.

Teen says

Ah, ML took my message! Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime! I am also looking forward to the January concert, and the concert DVD!

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