Child’s Play Charity CD

By JoCo December 16, 2008

Nerdcore compilation that includes (among many other excellent things) me singing Still Alive with Felicia Day at PAX 2008 – available now for just ten bucks. All proceeds go to Child’s Play, a worthy charity started by the Penny Arcade folks that gives toys and games to kids in hospitals (hard to argue with that, no?).

Buy it here!


Brand Eks says

How awesome! JoCo and Felicia Day, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, The Grammar Club... all on the same CD? For great justice? Works for me!

Brian Arnold says

Bought without question. Too awesome to *not* buy.

Also, soon as the holidays pass and I know I have the cash, I'm doing the $50 CC donation to pick up that JoCo Looks Back USB drive. :D

Luke Blackford says

Is it a studio recording of you with Felicia Day or is it audio?

Shizel says


Does French who live in France can buy this one ?

Angelastic says

Is it/will it be available as a download, by any chance? (And by download, I don't mean Amazon mp3, which is only available in the US. Yes, I am surreptitiously sulking in MC Frontalot's general direction, but I'll get over it, because his album is available on his site too.)

JoCo says

My cut with Felicia was recorded by the house at PAX, I'm sure they did a little mastering when they made the CD. any questions about ordering or downloadability are best answered by the folks selling the sucker. I'm out of the loop on this one.

Shizel says

Okay, I'd mail them at the moment :)

Thank you a lot JoCo :)

Luke M says

I'm looking forward to hearing this -- lots of groups I've never heard of, and others I know only by name. Cool project.

Chris Neugebauer says

Payment made. Frontalot AND Beefy AND The Grammar Club AND The Tetris Theme AND JoCo? I can't pass that one up!