By JoCo December 15, 2008

Ad hoc, virtual Jonathan Coulton cover band The Mandelbrot Set (born in the forums, like all other crazy schemes) has completed their first cover, a soothing version of Re: Your Brains. It’s quite nice, and were it not for the subject matter I’d say it would be right at home on some Wes Anderson soundtrack. But for the moment, it is only available on the internet.

Thanks crazy forum people!

And speaking of crazy forum people, I recently was made aware of a couple of foreign language (to me) Jonathan Coulton areas. Here is this forum for speakers of French: and this fan page for the burgeoning fanbase in Hungary:

There is also this Camp Bachelor cover:

There is also this piano medley:

Don’t you people have work to do?


Angelastic says

I'm proud to have been a part of the zombie chorus in such an excellent cover. Moaning out-of-tune is about the only musical skill I have. :D

Angelastic says

Ooh, you added another paragraph! I'll have to visit that French forum, maybe there are JoCo fans somewhere near Geneva, whom I could practice my French on while making evil schemes to convert hordes of fans and get those Eventful numbers up for somewhere closer than London.

Lunacy says

Thanks for the plug!

At the current rate of production, we can look forward to the album being available some time around 2020 ;-)

Angelastic says

Stop editing your post! In theory I have work to do, in practice, not so much.

SpaceParanoids says

Woah, thanks for the link, JC! Hope you enjoyed the medley as much as I enjoyed playing it.

Roman V. says

Google Translate is good for translations.

Sobachatina says

Wow! Well done forum goers! I like the style.

three08 says

don't be ridiculous, mr coulton. of course we don't have work to do.

Colleenky says

Folks in the Mandelbrot Set do have work to do, which is why the first song took a year and a half to put together. ;-)

Thanks for the post!

AverageJon says

Is it just me or does this have a "We are the world" quality to it?

Dr. Perry Cox says

Ironically, the song started playing on iTunes when I got to the website.

Still, good job everyone.

M_pony says

I have so much work to do that I am not yet even part of the now-world-famous Mandelbrot Set... not yet.

Mr.Nobody says

Loved the medley :D

Zac says

I'm getting an error on the myspace page sadly. Curse you myspace!

Jack F says

The medley is fantastic!

meg says

I found this a capella version of Re: Your Brains-
thought it was pretty awesome =)

also, Hungary?
wow. I'm impressed.

Shizel says

Hi Joco fans,

I'm The French Creator of the French Forum, Join us, also if you are American or English.

We aren't a lot on this forum but we speak english (I think as well as a Pig ;p).

So, come on the Joco French Forum and have fun :)

Angelastic says

I will join as soon as I have internet at home again! :)

Shizel says

Okay, that will be great to have some American / English / Australian people in this forum, and, you can going to joco concert and tell us after, that woul be funny :)

P.S: Sorry for my bad english :(

Angelastic says

I've already been to five JoCo concerts (in the UK) but I live in Geneva so I want to encourage French-speaking fans to get him to come closer!

P.S. I apologise in advance for my bad French. :(

Shizel says

:O You are Schweiz ^^

No problem for your french, you can speak english into the forum :)

There probably was great to go in UK to see JoCo, no ? ^^

Angelastic says

Actually I am from New Zealand, I just live in Switzerland. :)

I will write in French on the French forum, because I need to practise my French. If I want to speak English about JoCo, I can do it on the forums here. :)

And yes, seeing JoCo in the UK was awesome. :D

(I should just post in the forums instead of posting here, but it is easier to use my Mac when typing in French, so I will wait until my Mac can connect to the internet again. Also, I am supposed to be working, although I have no work to do, and writing in French wastes more time than writing here in English.)

Shizel says

^^ I suppose.. :)

You have a mac ? I have one too :)

Yeah, i wait you to write in the forum :)

Wait you... Shizel.

Simalot says

According to the French forum, the URL is in the midst of a change to and the old URL will only be good until the middle of January (for folks looking here in the future -- soon).

Jake says

This feels like a little big planet song. Too bad I don't have a PS3 - that would be worth killing a weekend for.

tom says

awesomely lol-ish.

which is good :D

zsombor says

hello from Hungary!

meg: why are you impressed? :)


sevinPackage says

Of course we have work to do...
We're working on projects to embolden and intensify your popularity and our True Fandom!

Happy Holidays!

Shizel says

Yeah, It's the beginning Jonathan ^^

With all these "Fandoms" that are created, you will became more famous and popular ;)

Thank you for your songs ^^

(You're the best one ;))

zsombor says


the hungarian fan is here again... I've just registered the domain name for the hungarian JoCo fan site.

it seemed funny first... :)

Ostralia says

Wicked. May be I should start a Joco fan site here in Australia

zsombor says

I think you definitely should! :)