JoCo Looks Back – CD

By JoCo December 12, 2008

For those of you who prefer to have your music on an audio disk (or “CD”) instead of a jump drive, JoCo Looks Back is now available for purchase at CD Baby, kind of just barely in time for Christmas, sort of. (N.B. the CD does not include the source tracks, just the songs.) But man, what a lovely gift this would make, especially for someone who has not yet drunk the delicious JoCo-flavored kool-aid.

Buy it here!

The jump drive with this album and the source tracks is still available too with a $50 donation to Creative Commons, and will be there through the end of the year.

(I should mention – it may periodically say that it’s sold out over the next couple of days, it’s just the way CDBaby does the initial stocking of a new title. Rest assured, I am pushing them out to them quickly so as to keep them from running out, and even now am heading out to the post office to send a bunch more.)


Sean says

I got my jump drive last week, but didn't get to play with it until my birthday. Let the butchering^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H creativity begin!

TheFifthSister says

Woohoo! I still buy CDs so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for releasing the CD!! I will have to wait until after Christmas to purchase it now because it will get to the UK quicker then! Man, I'm excited!!

JJ says

Any chance of getting a 180g vinyl pressing?

Andy says

Exciting. Now with stereo (-o -o -o).

Could I very timidly ask if the Song Fu songs will ever see FLAC now?

Roman V. says

Does this one also have source tracks? And also, are said source tracks also under the same CC? BTW, I noticed there was no share-alike on your music... This may be a problem - someone can take your content, make changes, and restrict users. That can then be your fault, somewhat... Why no share-alike?

JoCo says

Roman - The CD does not include the source tracks. And I used to use a share-alike license, but nobody paid attention to it and I got tired of reminding them, and then having to explain how to give something a creative commons license.

Roman V. says

Well I don't know exactly how Creative Commons works, but in the case of copyleft in software, someone who doesn't "share-alike" can be sued for copyright violation. This has happened in the past.

Jameson says

You know, Jon friggin' rocks.

Yes, that's all I have to say.

Angelastic says

Maybe it's not the right time zone there yet, but Sunday is Monkey Day... have a good one!

Mr.Nobody says

Nice. And kind of just barely, sort-of in time for Christmas too! YAY! :D