Holiday Magic

By JoCo December 10, 2008

Two kinds! First, here is this Christmas message I recorded for dear old Ken Plume at Quick Stop Entertainment. He always tries to get me to do something for his annual Holiday Havoc extravaganza, and I usually weasel out of it in some way. This year was no exception. And yes, those are the same potato sticks I was eating at the end of the Monkey Shines credit sequence. Back in the 80s, on television. Thank you Ken Plume for all the entertainment you make available to us at a single, quick stop.

And second, it’s a JoCo advent calendar filled with Ultrastar Deluxe karaoke files! What? Right. I am barely hanging on myself here, but I gather that one of the elves in the forums has used the open source karaoke game Ultrastar Deluxe and the CC licensing of my karaoke versions to create 25 playable JoCo “levels.” Do you kids still call them levels? A new song will be released every day between now and Festivus. Sing along and win (points I think?)! And no, I cannot help you with installing anything or learning how to sing. Thanks Spektugalo and SKillMaster and Silverbeam and Blindguard for making it happen. (By the way, those are the names of my reindeer.)


Lex says

"Now, Spektugalo! Now, SkillMaster! Now, Silverbeam and Blindguard
On, Comet! On Cupid! On, Donder and Blitze- uhm, Blitz-indguard!"

Okay, it didn't quite work.

CC says

You're Christmas "message" was amazing. Very heartwarming. I nearly shed a tear. Oh and thanks for the Monkey Shines video. Now that song is stuck in my head again and I can't sleep! There's Monkey shines wherever you go...

Paul R. Potts says

Complete details of the ill-fated Monkey Shines sitcom can be found on Wikipedia. Quite possibly for a limited time only. The article currently states that the show is fictional, but we know that isn't true, now don't we? Also, I do believe in fairies. Is that so wrong? Besides, I suspect that someone may be even now hard at work recreating the lost episodes.

Looks like JoCo can't be bothered with the snifter of fine brandy. I concur; put that stuff in your morning coffee instead.

MitchO says

Never fear, if (when) Monkey Shines disappears from Wiki, we've got the full article right here on JoCopedia. :D

JDub says

Way to swipe a pic of Clifton Mill, JoCo! Now when I go to bask in the holiday warmth of 3.5 million tiny little lights, I will think of you and your little monkey too. :)

Luke M says

You should at least spring for a salver for your manservant.

TheFifthSister says

I think as a special Christmas treat you should release the "Monkey Shine Theme" for us to listen to Christmas morning as we open our gifts... I plan on listening to Chiron Beta Prime ;)

Have a great Christmas everyone!

M_pony says

How Wude! :)

Also, remember how you used to fetch stuff for P&S? Now they fetch stuff for you.

Alex says

Since you are notoriously friendly towards CC projects have you had a chance to check out Jam Legend yet? ( its a free online flash based guitar hero clone where any artist can submit their music. I think some of your tracks would make a great addition to their library. Give it a look and tell me what you think.

Keep writing the good music JoCo!

kerrin says

Does it have to be the artist that submits the music to Jam legend? If not, I'm sure someone already has. And if not, you should.

MarcyT says

Are you trying to get a Pulitzer for writing this year? The pathos of the piece is very apparent in the proffered middle finger shown to the camera and is only enhanced by the "f**k you." I have never felt the Christmas spirit so deftly expressed before.

Roman V. says

This has long since been a complaint of mine, but can your songs get any higher out of my range? Can they? I was struggling very hard to get "Not About You." The only one I could really get well was Code Monkey.

Spektugalo says

@Roman V.:
If you are referring to singing the songs in UltraStar, you can always vary between the octaves and you still get the points. Just sing one octave lower and might be a lot easier ;)

Roman V. says

@Spektugalo fair enough. I think I'm getting better as the day goes by. Can't get Flickr though - too much falsetto for me.

And not to get technical, but it's free software, not open source.

sprocket says

Nifty Christmas Special.

To other fans reading this:

I'm trying to put together a Christmas Is Interesting music video project. Would anybody out there like to help me?

The verses are pretty much all movie footage from the various and sundry pop culture references in the lyrics, but for the chorus, I want to get footage of as many different people singing along as possible.

You, your friends, your family, in front of any background that's Christmas-y, and or funny.

Don't know if anybody here is interested, but if you are, feel free to email me at milkbonebeggar at yahoo dot com.