And Then There’s JoCo

By JoCo December 8, 2008

Yeah, I don’t know what to say about this. Everyone knows what happened to my acting career in the 80’s – let’s just say that I should have been working at Sea World because I was very good at making sharks jump. Or I guess, making people, or rather television shows, jump over sharks. Or Fonzie. Whatever! You know what I mean. This series never got of the ground, and to be perfectly honest I don’t even remember shooting the pilot – as you know, in those days I would drink about 10 Cokes before I even got out of bed, that was what it took for me to feel normal. So it’s safe to say that I was still feeling pretty loopy by the time they turned the cameras on. This particular failure was one shark (jumped over) too many, and it pretty much marked the end of my TV career (punching Stephen J. Canell in the eye at Tony Danza’s progressive dinner party did not help, ha ha).

Anyway, they found some footage:


doug baker says

I don't know about your acting, but I love your music and will be at your Denver show next year. Do you need any help selling those t-shirts, CD's and other stuff? if so send me an e-mail.

Erik J says

Ah, that takes me back to the feel-good warm and fuzzy sitcoms of my childhood. I always thought those needed more monkeys

Joel says

How's that SF concert DVD coming along? I've got a big wad of cash in my pocket just waiting for that purchase.

That or you could come to Canada.... Play at a Quebecois Ferme des Arbres de Noël.

Yeah right.

Justin says

The four of you have aged very well.

mattdiox says

Im not very brite so was that real? or was it just for fun cause I always hate it when I think its really then saying 'Wow i cant believe they didnt carry on with that' and everyone looks at me like a crazy person

Len says

I so want to see the whole pilot episode. Make it happen.

Andy Simpson says

It's footage from the JoCo & Paul & Storm tour of the UK and Ireland, including views over the river Thames and the Shepherd's Bush Empire, among a lot of other things.

Angelastic says

@Len, I heard that the rest of the pilot was taped over with footage of the Yale Whiffenpoofs, but I so want to see that (assuming JoCo is in it.)

@Andy Simpson, ssshhh! (I saw them shooting something remarkably similar in Nottingham, so I'm crossing my fingers for a comeback of the show.)

AverageJon says

I expected more poo flinging.

Will says

I can't wait to see the one episode where a washed up 80's mainstay makes a guest appearance.

"Hey, look, it's Billy Zabka! What are you doing in town?"

TheFifthSister says

Was that footage shot in the UK? Hmm, I'd watch it JUST for the music...

Patrick M says

Did this really not air? I kind of remember arguing with my baby sitter because she wanted to watch this, and I wanted to watch The Krypton Factor.

Patrick M says

Oh also: Ha ha, Maud Reference!

Spektugalo says

Oh my god, that's awesome!
Is this video CC as well?
I'd love to have a high quality version of this! :D

ViolinistGuy says

That is just wonderful and perfect in every way. I have no clever comment.

Katie 80 says

Next time I'm sad I just need to remember to watch this video and everything will be alright again.

Len says

For more info on the show, check out the wiki:

Peter says

I can't be the only one who wants to own a copy that bear picture at 0:37.

Dr. Perry Cox says

Now that the truth has been brought to light, someone make it an IMDB page. GO!

Luke M says

Gaiman as the wacky neighbor? WIN

Brand Eks says

I am waiting for the inevitable big screen adaptation... with a CGI monkey of course.

Patrick says

And introducing Neil Gaiman... I can't stop laughing at that. My hat's off to you guys, this is wonderful!

Joran says

Hey, it's one of my favorite singers with one of my favorite authors. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Veronica says

Is it true that Gaiman is the reason all references to the show have been struck from history? I read that on the internets.

sevinPackage says

M A G N I F I C E N T .

That was exactly the sort of thing I was thinking about making (because I love the song so much), but I didn't have my hands on the super-choice footage. that totally needs to be on the concert DVD extras!

Zakagan says

What I am wondering is why on the wiki page does it say that:

"One assertion that was believed for a time was that the ASPCA was launching an investigation into the production of Monkey Shines and filed a complaint that was processed as the show was airing. Although the report filed was never found (the main reason why this story is considered spurious) it was said to contain details on cruel housing conditions for the monkey as well as describing how the monkey was used gratuitously, being made to perform in shots when the stuffed monkey double would have sufficed."

while in the video it seems that the monkey was only a comically bad stuffed animal? I didn't see any real monkeys... Was there a real monkey?

Kaethe says

For the record, I would watch that show.

Russ Rogers says

I believe the spurious ASPCA story goes something like this: The ASPCA launched the investigation into "Monkey Shines" because the production crew lacked a licensed Monkey Wrangler on set during filming. There was no Monkey Wrangler nor any Animal Trainer listed in the credits either. This was because, outside of a few shots of an actual Capuchin Monkey in the closing credits, the Monkey was, for the most part, played by a stuffed toy monkey thrown from just off camera. There was also a monkey puppet that was used, but it ended up looking less real than the toy monkey. The ASPCA just could not believe that a Network Sit Com called, "Monkey Shines" wouldn't actually have any live monkeys on the set!

Paul and Storm says

As one of the original co-creators/stars of the show, I would like to say I am totally chuffed at the resurgence of interest in this show, especially the rapid expansion of the wiki page.

However, I am forced to correct one inaccuracy: in the show, Jonathan's character's name was not "Harold Loveman." That's just silly.

The character's name was "Jonathan Crouton."

Otherwise, wonderful job, everyone!

Paul (and, by proxy, Storm)

Jonnie says

I agree with the gentleman above. Billy Zabka needs to be on this show, and perhaps kick someone's ass.

Bill says

That was fantastic. Ultra-fantastic for the Gaiman cameo.

Mr.Nobody says

Only one thing has to be said here:


Radien says

Forgive me if I'm being naive, but was that stock footage of Neil Gaiman, or did you actually get the chance to hang out with him at some point? I'm afraid I'm not up on JoCo's social circle.

Angelastic says

Radien, JoCo played a few songs at Neil Gaiman's book signing in Manchester, and then Neil Gaiman creepily read one of the verses of Creepy Doll and played the creepy tambourine at the concert the same evening. It's all here: (well, it's not all there, somebody should add a link to one of the YouTube videos.) So I assume they also found a couple of seconds to film him chugging wine.