ByJoCo December 5, 2008

Is it me you’re looking for?
JoCo in Clay

Thank you llyse.


ejk says

Needs glasses.

Freaky cool, though.

Roman V. says

Coulton you're such a stoner...

Roman V. says

Or I guess a stonee, sorry.

Dave Lifton says

Just like in the video, that looks nothing like Lionel Richie...

Angelastic says

I suppose it's logical that The Big Boom would eventually be followed by The Big Bust.

Gle3nn says

You have been soft rocked.

Angelastic says

Man, just when I was thinking I had found the worst possible pun.


tom says

it needs glasses indeed.

Orlando Esperanto says

Does she do commissions? I'm thinking a sculpture of JoCo as carbon frozen Han Solo would appreciate very nicely over the years.

Michael says

So would JoCo frozen in carbonite.

skeptical jesus says

It's kind of cool. Better than I could do, for sure. However, if I actually owned this... "thing", I guess I would be terrified that it would come to life at night and drink my blood. Just like the real JoCo.

SLiP says

I suppose it could be argued that this is how you know you've made it...
So now I know. When someone makes a bust of me, I've achieved success.

Mark says

@Angelastic: I hope you never find the worst possible pun, because if you do, you might lose the will to continue punning. ;-)

Ben says

Why that's quite an impressive bust you have there Mr Coulton.

Jacob says

....is it me you're looking for??

And that is insanely awesome. Busted!

Miss Me says

A: This is really cool, in a creepy kind of way...

B: I think it is amazingly awesome that you and Neil Gaiman are fans of each others' work. I just came from his site, on which he has posted the Monkey Shines opening credits! I laughed out loud. :D Cheers!

Mr.Nobody says

A JoCo bust? That's a new one...

SMurph says

Great, now I've got that song stuck in my head. Thanks.

Austin says

You need to get a bunch of these and sell em.

Judi says

I like it! This could be mass produced as a ChiaPet...do you have any objections to growing sprouts out of your beard?

M_pony says

So the bust will get older and you'll stay the same age, right?

lewis g says

thats not the only way you can make a joco in the new rayman raving rabids game you can make a perfect bunny joco

Angelastic says

JoCo could definitely be mass produced as Chia Pets (we are talking about Moxy Früvous, right?)

Rob says

I'm impressed; No jokes about "getting head".

Colleenky says

@skeptical jesus: The real JoCo wouldn't drink your blood. Just your beer. ;-)