Bye SF

By JoCo November 12, 2008

On to LA today, already regretting that I will not be able to continue eating the same delicious corned beef sandwich every day for the rest of my life: The Sentinel is my friend Dennis’s new restaurant, and it is my favorite new thing about SF.

The sandwiches are very good. Also, all of them have mayonnaise, which is correct.


Sobachatina says

"Also, all of them have mayonnaise, which is correct."

There is something poetic about a JoCo blog post reminding me of a Weird Al song.

For someone who is reported to Hate California you sure are spending a lot of time there and not nearly enough in Texas. :)

Lex says

But do they put mayonnaise on the frites, as well as the sandwiches?

patrick says

you should have checked out the Bashful Bull (and the Bashful Bull Too). They have a chicken fried steak breakfast that will knock you socks off. Yes, I said a chicken fried steak. I was born and raised in Texas, so I know from chicken fried steak! In the Outer Sunset District.

Gordon says

Thanks for coming to SF! You and Hodgman were both brilliant at Book Passage last night. I wish I had a network so I could give you two a comedy show.

HellZiggy says

hee hee! When you go on tour with Hodgman you start sounding like him in your blog posts.


No one says

Hey, that's too much mayonnaise.

Emily says

I say Bah to your mayonnaise-loving ways.

Luke M says

Waitaminute - someone FROM NEW YORK is telling me that corned beef sandwiches are supposed to have mayo on them? What is this insanity? Corned beef goes on rye with a schmear of mustard and a pickle on the side. Oy vey!

dave says

mayo is evil. mayo on corned beef borders on criminal. I may have to stop listening to your music now. It doesn't bother me when an artist has radically different political or religous views than I, but condiments... that's serious.

Luke M says

Now dave, without mayo there would be no potato salad. Surely potato salad is benevolent.

Kyle I says

Mayonnaise on corned beef?? This has serious criminal implications. I hope you've planned your next overseas tour around a trip to the Hague.

Andrea says

If you want mayonnaise on your frites, you should come to Chicago and eat at Hopleaf. Clark and Foster. Very delicious.

M_pony says

Hey, didja know that The Hodg says you're getting too famous? He totally said that. This from the guy who's Everywhere On TV.

I think if you were -really- famous they'd name a sandwich after you. You should look into that.

Yukaduk says

Mayo on corned beef? I abhor your gustatory preference, sir (but I shall defend to the death your right to eat it).

Spicy mustard, I say to thee. Let's all give a hearty huzzah to spicy mustard.

I still miss Elsie's corned beef in Harvard Square. Sigh.

Lhyzz says

I heard you performed a special (and final?) version of Washy Ad Jeffy out there on the left coast. Is there some kind of video of this? For serious, Jon, we need to see it.

JoCo says

Yeah yeah, corned beef and mustard is delicious and proper, but it is not only option. This was more of a Reuben situation. Russian dressing? Are you with me? Anyway, regardless of how this may offend your sensibilities, I still contend that the sandwich I ate was delicious.

Dan T says

Wait, you hate california, and you came here and I missed it? I guess I should read other peoples blogs once in a while so that they may have a reason to read mine...

Steven says

a) I hate moving. I didn't have internet access for a few days, and missed that fact that JoCo and Hodgman were in town :-(. Grr.

b) Sentinel! Woot! I work a block from there, and just started going a couple weeks ago. My god, the trout and apple sandwhich is great, but the pork and fig is even better. There's a reason there's always a long line for that place. Yum.

Nora says

I'm with you on the delicious Russian/mayonnaise argument. Of course, I had to move from SF before that place opened. :(

Colin Jensen says

A Great Big Proppy McProps to those guys for syndicating their menu! That's the best idea I've heard all day (granted it's 6:20 am.) Still, I'm going to RSS feed their menu so I can go their on their whim.

Edna says

im not a corned beef fan, its ok, but i prefer ham-shaved- and as for whats on it... mustard AND mayo. together they are nice.
or Jam from Ikea. its nice.