Planes, Trains, Hodgman

By JoCo November 9, 2008

Planes, Trains, Hodgman, originally uploaded by jcoulton.

It’s day 563 of the west coast leg of the Hodgman book tour and this
photo will give you some idea of the kind of luxurious pampering we
are enjoying. That’s a train, suckers.

Thanks to all the Seattle residents who came out to see us at Town
Hall, and special thanks to our pals John Roderick and Sean Nelson who
were so fun that I stopped caring whether or not the audience was
having a good time (though I think they were). John and Eric from the
Long Winters were with us again last night in Portland at the very fun
recording of the Live Wire radio show. Fun fun, all fun!

Today I bid a sad farewell to the gentle, gray northwest and fly to
beautiful San Francisco. Also, I should not have eaten that sausage I
just ate.


Lex says

That looks like a more luxurious train than I've ever been on. You lucky cads!

Richard says

Great appearance at Wordstock - Hodgeman spoke for about 40 minutes, then turned it over to questions. A little girl (I think her name was Riley) very timidly went up to the microphone and asked "Are you going to do the zombie song?" so of course he did.

Way to go kid, all this time Hodgman thought the 1000 or so people were there to hear him talk about his book, and with one question you peeled back the curtain and let us see who the wizard REALLY was.

Sean says

That looks an awful lot like the Coastal Starlight's observation deck. If so, enjoy your trip - I took it with several dozen other PAXers to and from Seattle back in August. Hope you don't get stuck in Oregon like we did.

piglet says

We had a great time at Live Wire. Thanks.

Grant says

Sir, I had a great time at Town Hall. Thanks for coming!

Spencer says

Nick and I had a fantastic time at Live Wire!. Thanks for stopping by-- I've always thought Live Wire! would be a great venue for you.

You and Hodgman were incredibly entertaining, as always. Also, thanks for spending a little bit of time to talk with us, obnoxious fanboys we are. Can't wait to see you in January!


Bill says

Sorry, can't resist:

"Also, I should not have eaten that sausage I just ate."

That's what she said.

Chris Co says

I must say that running into you without warning at the Powell's coffee shop was probably the highlight of my weekend. Thank you for taking to the time out of your rest period to say hi and converse with a fan :)

Kilted Dad says

Me and the unkilted mom had a wonderful time at Town Hall, though a little surreal with Sasquatch on stage, and that guy Will stalking the Mac.

When can we expect an updated "The Presidents"?

Roman V. says

Yeesh you've been ruined by Europe... Riding trains? Were you wearing clogs, too?

M_pony says

You were in Seattle? That's dangerously close to Canada, you know. Canada used to be a British colony! No wonder you were riding trains.

Austin Grossman says

I rode that same train the opposite way (SF->Seattle) to kick off book tour. It is so worth the money to feel like a star for a day.

mark says

stop in Eugene and I'll by you lunch. maybe play my bassoon for you.

Elise says

You were on Northwest Airlines and ordered a snackbox, didn't you? I know that sausage well....always seems like a good idea at the time, and then you're burping it up for days. Sigh.

Mike says

I clicked on these comments specifically to see if anyone made the "That's what she said" joke.

Thank you, Bill, for rewarding my mouse-click.

Nicolas says

Sorry I missed you in Seattle I just moved up here from Chico, Ca (that place that you stomped in o the train at 4am or later). I am trying to find Still Alive for internet radio and didn't see it in your store. Am I missing something?


erik says

Having ridden much of Our Great Nation's rail system, I can say that The Coast Starlight is the shining star. Good choice.