Bernie Defeated

By JoCo November 2, 2008

An entire pot of tea and a few adjustments in the set list got my voice through the show last night, with much assistance from the lovely people of Birmingham. It was a short show squeezed in between other things and it was set up and announced at the last minute, but turnout was still impressive, especially considering I am from another country entirely. Thanks to everyone who came out on a cold rainy night and tolerated my raspy honking. I haven’t spoken aloud yet this morning, which is part of the plan.

I’m sitting here in the hotel room enjoying my last opportunity for a little tea and biscuits, a lovely tradition that I wish was in my life always. I still can’t believe I just did six shows here on this side of the Atlantic. I’ve been thinking a lot on this trip about, guess what, the internet. All these crowds here in all these new places. It’s yet another example of this increasingly important global internet culture that’s happening – it no longer matters much where you live, you can still find your way to LOLCats or Numa Numa or Skullcrusher Mountain, or any of a thousand million trillion other dumb, funny, important ideas. There’s a group of people who are literally spread out all over the planet, and they’re all talking and thinking about the same stuff, and that has never ever happened before. And that group of people is just going to keep growing until it’s all of us, and what happens then?

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the internet is going to be big. You may want to buy some stocks or something.

Thank you, accented strangers. I’ll be back soon…


Laura says

An entire pot of tea, eh? It's the English way, my friend :o) I'm sure if you ask nicely, we fans can send you tea and biscuits all the way to America. Any requests for specific types of biscuit? I like a Jammie Dodger, myself.

And DEFINITELY come back soon! Come to Cambridge, where the sun always shines (except last Friday, when I got hailed on).

Ian says

Really enjoyed the Birmingham show. Do visit again soon! (Although as a non-resident of Birmingham, feel free to visit elsewhere - Please!!)

Also, I'm so pleased you've discovered the joy of Biscuits *without* gravy!

Mike Clemons says

I honestly think you may be on to something with that "internet" you speak of. I must agree with you that it will be something big, especially if the LOLcats have their way...BUY STOCK!

Paul says

In case JoCo or indeed anyone else, hasn't come across this just yet - behold the Internet Memes website:

Rather good, and starts from 1970.

Anyway, my daughter and I enjoyed the london show - her dejected arrgh t-shirt DOES fit you can say to Paul (of P&S).
A little frustrated by the ban on filming at the Empire though.


Kevin Buchanan says

Thanks for stopping by, Old Bean. You'll always be welcome here in Blighty and I'll always buy tickets when I can. Enjoyed the show at the Empire and will continue plugging your stuff on my podcast projects.

Griffin says

Thanks for coming back to Blighty, even the rain turned out for you :.
I'm about to assault the listeners of DemonFM ( with you, Paul and Storm for the next four weeks. (hurrah).

We'll see how the Internet fairs during this depression thingumabob but were are sure fortunate to live in interesting times.

We'll try and have the zombie menace cleared up for you by the time you return.

and I hope you get your voice back.

chrisis says

and the next time you cross the atlantic I hope, you manage to come to the continent (UK are just 1 and a half "little" islands after all) too.
I know, the rest of the continent isn't speaking english. But does it matter?

barefootorbust says

Is there nothing that tea can't do? :P

Softmints says

Great show! Loved every minute of it, and thanks for signing my poor mans CD (my booking recipt). The trip from Wales was a breeze knowing we were finally gonna see you guys live.

Thanks for the epic night!


Nirgal says

This is what I get from not keeping up to date with Jonathan Coulton I miss out on seeing him live when he's not only here in the UK but right where I live. Still I did have to go to my sister's party last night so I would have missed out anyway.

Vestra says

The Birmingham gig was rather awesome, do stop by again soon!

Many apologies to Paul and Storm for bringing along the drunk woman. I'll leave her at home next time.

MaW says

Thank you for coming back to the UK. The London show was fantastic, and it's a shame I didn't get to meet you at the end (the venue staff were most unhelpful in that regard, and I'm not the kind of person who challenges people who have even the slightest appearance of authority unless I'm really angry, which I wasn't).

I went to the first London gig as well, but this one was even better. Better venue - although the seats are way too small - and with Paul and Storm you had both a fantastic opening act and some highly talented musicians to provide a bit of extra to fill out some of the songs. It was great... but I always feel the Tenori-on might be a little underused and lonely. Do you think it gets lonely?

TheFifthSister says

You'd better come back soon! My boyfriend is upset because he didn't get to go to see you and I did =P

And I want to see you again, will try to come to all the UK gigs next time cause one night was not enough

Angelastic says

Thanks for the awesome concerts, and for being the kind of person who attracts fans who are awesome to hang out with between concerts. I hope the cold clears up soon. I think I might have caught it from you, but it's okay because it's a famous cold, and famous colds are better than regular ones.

Mike Dimmick says

Great to see you - twice - even though your voice was going in Brum you were still great. Shame the set was so short, in fact, but a bit of variety was great - I'm Your Moon is one of my favourites.

On the crazy electricity subject - which blew up the Zendrum's power supply, for those who didn't go, resulting in JoCo playing Mr Fancy Pants using his iPhone as the controller - I think it's likely that the power supply is of the dumb transformer variety, not the switched-mode type, so just divides the voltage by (approximately) 10 to convert 120V to 12V AC before rectifying to DC and regulating. We in Europe have 240V AC supply so it would have got 24V with distinctly unhilarious consequences.

I hope only the power brick got broken. Should cost $70 for a new one, or you could consider the battery mergebox for $75, though you'll have to ask how long the battery lasts ( Next time you need an autotransformer to downconvert from 240V to 120V, or a UK/Europe-spec power supply.

Fausto says

Yah, gotta put some rock in the house!!!...

Haha! Er, sorry if I misheard the lyrics... Uh, anyway, I really like your songs and I wish someday you would come to my country.
I really hope someday (not too far) you get to have some real recognition on your incredible work. You really make music (and let us add deep semantic meaning to that term).

Mandelbrot Set FTW! And I don't even like math... xD

SheeEttin says

Election is wrapping up. Any plans to update Washy Ad Jeffy and/or The Presidents?

Helen says

Can't wait for you to come to Boston!

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Do you consider yourself wholly responsible for Obama's victory?

Lian says

Thank you so much for the Birmingham show! It was awesome!
The fact that we were all cramped into that tiny studio made it all the better.
That thar interwebs thingy, specifically the machima WoW videos introduced me to your music (Code Monkey, Skull Crusher, RE: Your Brains etc) but thank you for introducing me to 'I'm Your Moon' as well as Paul and Storm.
I'm hooked!
Come Back Soon.
We have pots of tea and Jaffa cakes!

Neil says

My dog's name is Bernie. I had to read this to see in which way he's been defeated. Fortunately, though, the blog post wasn't about him. (relief)