Thank You Mancunians

ByJoCo November 1, 2008

Another fantastic show, this time with the Paul and Storm bonus. Not to mention a little cross cameo business with our famous friend Neil Gaiman, who was doing a reading from his new book about 150 meters away (that’s in metric). Neil was nice enough to let us do a couple of songs at the beginning of his reading, and then when he finished up he came over to our show and read the second verse of Creepy Doll. Almost too creepy really, but an incredible thrill as I am a huge fan. Thank you Neil, and thank you Manchester.

And yes, for some reason I have been unable or unwilling to post this for several days – blogging ends up last on the list of stuff I gotta do when I’m on the road, which is kind of dumb because that’s when all the awesome stuff happens. It is now Saturday, and I have some breathing room in the hotel in Birmingham and am trying to catch up. Stay tuned…


Al says

It was indeed fantastic: really enjoyed it, thanks for coming up north to play! Please inform Paul and Storm of their awesomeness too. :)

Lucy Lincoln says

Absolutely awesome night. Thank you so much. Paul and Storm were great too and I really enjoyed meeting you all at the end xx

Ste says

Brilliant evening, one of the best gigs i've been to. You better come back to the UK soon!

Keeley says

I found out my name is of Irish origin, if you're still interested :P

Thanks for an awesome show, which is the best birthday present I've ever got (my boyfriend got me tickets) and thanks very much for playing Ikea, I'd had that stuck in my head all day.

Bec says

Every time I think about this gig I smile and then laugh to myself. I am getting some very strange looks on the bus... Thnk you for a night I will remeber for all time... at least through the robot wars anyway!

Dan says

*AMAZING* show. You were fantastic (as were paul and Storm). It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all after the show. Please come back soon.

Kirsty says

Absolutely fantastic show, I loved every minute of it - please come back soon!

PS Thanks to Neil Gaiman's impromptu visit I am now the envy of all my friends.

blackic says

Loads of fun, thank you so much! Come back soon! xx

Steve says

Awesome show, had an amazing night. Have to apologise for my drunken/semi medicated state at the end. Pre operation meds and beer dont mix well.
Loved every minute, enjoyed gettign to chat at the end, think i over did the american accent though.
Hope to see you in these parts again and ill stay sober.

Phil says

God damn! You were in my home town 5 days ago and I completely failed to find out about it until now...

Come back soon, and let me know this time. I should probably fund you in some fashion for your music.

Kaz says

It was my birthday and wedding anniversary, and both of us had horrendous colds. Imagine our delight when we not only got Gaiman, but got JoCo thrown in!

Thank you - come back!!