London, The Return

By JoCo November 1, 2008

JoCo in Londo

What can I possibly say about London? There were over 500 people in the audience, and though the beautiful Shepherds Bush Empire holds many more, it felt nice and full and fun. The sound and the lighting were both exceptional and seemingly effortless, and the incredibly warm crowd was just what I needed to re-energize me in the middle of this long trip. We did “Always the Moon” for the second time (the first was in Manchester, and a little rough for it) and it actually sounded pretty good I think. Got a few compliments about it afterwards, which means I’ll probably keep putting it into the show when I can.

The one drawback was the very beginning of a little frogginess in my throat, which I think went mostly unnoticed by everyone but me, but returned the next morning with a vengeance. The Nottingham attendees will agree with me…


Ben Forbes says

And what can we say? You were amazing, sir. Do come back soon! :)

Frederick Heath-Renn says

It was great. Next time, you will have to make sure you can all do Cabaret together.

Dominic Temple says

You, Paul & Storm were brilliant, especially the RickRoll during Mr Fancy Pants.

Keith Williams says

Thanks to you, Paul and Storm for making the journey across the pond, it was the most entertaining, relaxed and funny shindig I've been to in recent memory.

Kevin Buchanan says

Thank you for a terrific evening which my friend and I truly enjoyed. Feel free to come back soon because the event was worth the 12 hour round-trip.

Louise Phillips says

We saw you in London and it was the best night EVER!! You rocked!!

I just wondered if you knew your biggest fan was in the third row from the front... ME!!! Hehehe :)

Seriously though, thank you Jonathan for your amazing music! It makes me smile all day long! My husband bought me ALL of your music for Christmas and I have listened to it everyday since!

And wow, Paul & Storm were awesome!

Best wishes, come back soon!

Louise x

Serenissima says

You were awesome. Both you and Paul & Storm. London demands you return!

Serenissima says

(Also, aaarrrrrgh!)

Mr. Jacobson, Esquire says

I'm curious as to what program you're using on the iPhone to do this.
Because I want to acquire it for my iTouch...

Steve says

I was at the London Show, it was a really surreal experience seeing your name above the door after enjoying you music for across the pond these last couple of years.

My girlfriend and I both really enjoyed the show and both said that your voice sounded really good in that venue, especially during Always the Moon. Thanks for coming all this way to put on a great show, hope you can come back some day.

Laura says

I didn't notice a frog. And, when I asked my fiance, who had only ever heard "Code Monkey" a couple of times, what was the best moment for him, he said, "That slightly odd but wonderful moon song." He was in stitches all night, despite having a really shitty week. I haven't seen him that happy in months.

JoCo, it was the best gig of my life. Seriously. That night made my century. Thank you so much for coming all the way to England.


Surferbill says

What a kick-ass show it was. I've still got "My Monkey" going round and round in my head. :)

Woodrow says

My friend and I missed the last train coming back from the show and got stuck out in the cold until the station reopened at 5am...still worth it! Excellent show!
Hope you do another soon!

James Swallow says

Splendid show, as ever. I've never seen someone play an iPhone before. Truly sir, you are at the vanguard of gig-tech.

Martyn says

I was there and it was absolutely brillian, but what was the name of the instrument you used during My Monkey?

Absolutely, brilliant and I hope you can come back soon. Paul and Storm were also absolutely excellent.

Shame I had to go so soon, or I would have told you in person.

Please release your new version of Fancy Pants, as I loved it.


TheFifthSister says

I am not your Mom!

I was the one who shouted "yay" when you announced you were gonna play Always The Moon... I was really hoping you'd play it because it one of my fave songs and got a little too excited when you did.

That was the best gig I had ever been to! Seriously, and I've seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Sum 41 and Iron Maiden and none of those gigs hold a candle to yours.

The set was absolutely amazing, you played all my fave songs and even my Mom was singing along. She was my ride, I know that sounds kinda bad, but we always go to gigs together and she walked out a fan of you and Paul and Storm. She has been officially JoCo'd.

Come back soon! I will bring more people with me. Converting all my friends into JoCo fans.

owl_waxer says

Been a fan of you for years, and finally I got to see you in London! Thank you so much for that show, it was fantastic! Paul and Storm were great as well! By the way, that piece of paper in the bottom right of that picture mentions "Jonathon Coulton". Silly Shepherd's Bush. Anyway, thank you for the awesome show. I will wear my T-Shirt with pride.

Tom says


Thank you for an amazing show.

I hope you had a fantastic time here.

Boring manager Rob says

The show was amazing, I'll definitely be going again if you ever decide to tour the UK in the future. I dont suppose anyone can remember the set list for this show, I would love to make a playlist of the songs he did at this show.

jake bradley says

yay, hope you liked the t-shirt from me and my 2 mates, was another great show in england, all of us want you to come back and give us another awsome night out!!!

Helen says

Thanks for coming back to London, was at both shows (was made to get photos of your thumb at the first one - sorry again for that..) and really enjoyed them both. I was worried that this one was becoming overhyped in my head - bought tickets the moment they went on sale, got a group of 12 together to come, was talking about it for months.. But you totally delivered and now I can't wait for the next show!

Also, Paul and Storm totally rocked, thanks for introducing me to them - I've been playing their albums at work and giggling far too much for my manager's liking. Speaking of which, should probably go look busy...

Thanks for coming Jonathan, hope you're throat is OK and keep coming back, we love it when you do!

Ben Turner says

A triumphant return to the city of London !

Was great to see the songs again, and really liked the three part harmony stuff with Paul and Storm this time - songs like Creepy Doll just work so much better with all the parts, and Code Monkey just gets better with harmonies too.

The misses was a little disappointed to not hear baby got back (esp. when you could have got P&S on the backing vocals) but personally I still love shopvac, so (as always) at least I got what I wanted ! And Mr Fancy Pants was really good; the chorus really filled the venue. Plus nice to see the re-use of the "what-ever-the-heck-it's-called-a-tron" on My Monkey. Want one !

Oh yeah, and dragged four random newbies along, and they all really enjoyed the show, despite being puzzled by cheezeburger and being randomly rickrolled, and have requested tickets for the next show. So - see you in 2009 ?!

Eleanor says

It was so great to see you in the flesh, my husband and I have been enjoying your music for a long time.

We were dumb asses and left our tickets at home, two hours away, the Empire were brilliant and sorted it for us. I sat crying in Covent Garden when I realized what we'd done but I'm so glad we were able to see you.

You were outstanding. more than outstanding, there's not a word to describe how great you were/are.

Can't wait to see you again, don't wait too long