More Helps

By JoCo October 22, 2008

As you know, this Ireland/UK trip is coming up fast. I’m looking for a few folks to help out at the merch table at all these shows – mostly this means coming to the venue sometime in the hour or so before doors open so that I can show you how everything works and get everything set up. Then you sell things before and after the show (you don’t have to sit there during the show, I’m not a monster). Then you give me all the money. In exchange, I’ll put you on the guest list (and hopefully a second person who is also at the merch table with you, because it’s always easier with two people).

READ THIS: If you’re interested, please email my horribly disfigured assistant Scarface at

Paul and Storm are also looking to leverage the power of the JoCo overseas forces. And I quote:

Paul would like to (humbly) ask if there’s anyone coming to the Manchester and/or London shows that might have access to a decent keyboard/digital piano. We could rent one, but the fees are excessive, so we thought we’d check with the Coulton Army. It does not need to be fancy–in fact, an 88-key weighted-key piano with just a good piano sound is far preferable to, say, a 61-key synthesizer with 963,842 different samples. That said, beggars can’t, and won’t, be choosers. We will be happy to reward any generous soul(s) with 2 comps to the particular show; or, if you’re already attending, a full Paul and Storm Merchandise Super-Duper Prize Pack. Or, barring that, the eternal gratitude of a struggling musician wandering a strange land.

If you might be interested in helping a poor Yank out, please contact Paul at “info at paulandstorm dot com” and we can discuss specifics. And thank you. A lot.

Thank you in advance, foreign people.


Colton David says

It'd be nice if I was in the U/K, I totally have a spare keyboard here >=(

Percephene says

Who wouldn't want to help JoCo by running the merch stall?!? If you ever play NZ you'd have to prise me off the merch table with a crowbar to stop me helping!

TheFifthSister says

I volunteered! I'm going to the London gig anyway and would totally love to help out! May even skip college that afternoon to make it there early enough :)

TheFifthSister says

In fact, if you really needed help I could make it over to Birmingham to lend a hand as well!

Zach says

Consider this pre-emptive volunteering for the next show you play in Michigan in the Metro-Detroit area.


Zach says

P.S. I know my grammar is probably horrid in that last comment, but it's almost 6 AM here and I haven't slept yet.

Scarface says

Dear Amazing Foreigners,

We are covered for almost all of the UK shows, except maybe the Game City gig in Nottingham, where we could use one more merch minion. Thanks to everybody who offered, we really appreciate it. And I would appreciate it even more if you stopped emailing me.

That's not true, I love getting emails; it makes me feel special.

Have fun at the shows, and cheers, as they say!

MitchO says

I don't get to volunteer in NYC, Scarface has it covered. Boo-hoo. :p

Frederick Heath-Renn says

It's true, Scarface: you're so very special. I wish I was special.

lynn says

Just to explain the Dublin gig, most people only learn one verse to Danny Boy. There's a law, or something.

lynn says

Someone should also have warned you that the largest gaming convention in Ireland starts tomorrow.

Joe Covenant says

Oops.... Sent an email without reading the comments saying the gigs were Merched up ! Sorry Scarface!!

Brett Glass says

"You're not Irish, you can't be Irish, you don't know "Danny Boy!" -- Robbie O'Connell

KBKarma says

It's true. I was mumbling along after the first verse.

But it was great. Thanks for the good times.

lynn says

Everyone drops off after the first high bit and then changes song. That's what happens.

Chris says

The Dublin Gig was brilliant, really enjoyed it. I dragged my wife along, who was yet to be "JoCo'ed". Needless to say, she's now a t-shirt owning skullcrusher fan.

Which leaves but one other question, when are you returning :-) Good luck with the rest of the tour.

Tim says

While I'm not Irish and came over to see the gig from elsewhere thanks to the joy of cheap flights, so Danny Boy just confused the hell out of me :)

Jack says

The gig was amazing! You're one of the best live performers I've ever seen, just behind Springsteen. I spent way too much though, on T shirts, the greatest hits CD, Pints ad what have you.