Hodgman Coulton Debut Tonight

By JoCo October 21, 2008

Barnes and Noble at Union Square NYC tonight (Tuesday) at 7 PM, be there if you want to see the two of us stumble through our first joint appearance in support of John Hodgman’s new book, More Information Than You Require.


Sean L. says

I'll be at the joint appearance in Brighton, MA tomorrow night. Couldn't reserve myself a spot...but hopefully I'll get in!

Sean L. says

I meant Brookline, MA.

Gina says

Wish I could have, since you'll be in Touring in Freaking Europe when he comes to DC, but I'll still go show Hodgman some love.

Lindsay says

You were great with the stuff at the place.

After the show there was such a long line to talk to you. I knew you were cool, but I didn't realize you were so popular. Good job.

MitchO says

Great show. I really hope that barnesandnoble.com shows the entire event on the site eventually, or I may be lynched for not recording :D

When am I going to learn to not say anything during a Hodgman reading? That's 2 for 2 on him using me as a straight man~

Luke M says

I hope JoCo will be enlivening the audiobook version again.

Sean L. says

Couldn't make it into the reading in Brookline (nobody from the Stand-by line was able to get in), but it was great to meet you afterwards at the Booksmith!
I would have had the first "Looking Back" CD ever, if those silly kids didn't get in front of me. :-) Thanks so much!!!

Laura B says

actually, five people from the standby line made it in... I was one of the lucky four, and we all got there before 5:00 PM. That was INSANE, FREEZING cold, but worth every minute of frostbite.

Heard a rumor there was a recording of the show that would be posted, but haven't found any evidence. Ah well, at least you'll be back next month (and Kat will be there! ;)

Laura B says

Lucky five. stupid numbers.