The Mistake

By JoCo October 6, 2008

I knew there would be at least one – forgot this (no Paul and Storm on this one):

Saturday November 22 at 8 PM
Nyack, NY
Riverspace Arts


CC says

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for playing NY! I'm there! You rock!!!

MitchO says

Wow, that may even be an easier trip for me than Manhattan. :D

Chris Hartzog says


Regarding your Twitter question on a good temporary cell phone while you are in the UK: My best friend is a travel agent and he recommends Verizon (assuming you are a customer). He checked out other temporary phone solutions which were very expensive and found that Verizon had a very low cost solution. He has Verizon and they will send you an international phone to use on your European trips for a nominal fee and low per minute rates. They say it will have the same phone number as you use in the states so your calls can ring through. You just return the phone when you get back.

Adam Mercado says

I live like 2 blocks away I am going

BR says

Any chance of you getting a bit further upstate sometime soon? Maybe Rochester or Syracuse?

Screeling says

Is this the NYC show that was hinted at in the last post or is that a seperate possibility?

Justin says

Timing couldn't be worse :( - Only 5 minutes from me but damn, friends wedding is that night.

DW says

This is a great venue and there will be free birthday cake for all that night! Nyack is a great little town, I'm very excited to go to this show.

Simcha says

DW, will the cake be delicious and moist?

I'll be there with my wife and son.

Christine says

AWESOME! I can't wait for this!