Oxford Cancelled, Birmingham Saves The Day

By JoCo October 2, 2008

As I twittered a bit ago, the show we were hoping to set up in Oxford did not work out. My fairy godmother (whose name is David) has found us a fine replacement though, and while tickets are not on sale yet, it looks like this is going to happen on Saturday November 1:

Glee Club – The Arcadian
15 pounds
7 PM (or “19 of the clock, innit?” as you would say in the UK)

I will of course post a link to tickets as soon as they go on sale. Hopefully this is close enough to Oxford that many of you will still be able to catch a little bit of the old Coulton.


Frederick Heath-Renn says

I don't think Birmingham is what you'd call 'close to Oxford'. But it should be passable.

Giggleloop says

If you're still looking for a phone to use over there (as you tweeted earlier this week), someone I know on LiveJournal says she got an "inexpensive GSM unlocked pay-as-you-go Vodaphone" off the internet to use over there. I don't know what that is, exactly, but it's a thought! :)

Scott Frazer says

I caught a bit of the old Coulton once. A shot of penicillin cleaned me right up.


Good luck with the UK tour :-)

christophano says

“19 of the clock, innit?” as you would say in the UK

erm, no. We don't say that... :P

Well, the innit perhaps, from Londoners, innit?

Frederick Heath-Renn says

@Christophano: I'd heard rumours that there was part of the country outside London, but I wasn't sure if they were true or not. Now I know!

Lex says

@Frederick: The more you know!

Also, huzzah for David and his magical gig-booking skills!

Roman V. says

@Frederick You misspelled rumors ;)

It's not "close" per se, but check out what Google Maps says: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&saddr=Oxford,+Oxfordshire,+UK&daddr=Birmingham,+UK&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&sll=52.13064,-1.54534&sspn=0.821093,2.471924&ie=UTF8&ll=52.131802,-1.546326&spn=0.821062,2.471924&z=9

Kat says

@Giggleloop: I agree, pay as you go sounds like the best bet for a short trip. I saw some cheap phone models on the internet for like $20. You can "top up" the phone really easily by getting vouchers for more minutes in the stores. Used to buy them along with my groceries ^.^

Kerrin says

I would have thought Cambridge was a better replacement for Oxford. :)

Griffin says

Close to Oxford, lol :D
but on the other hand its close to where I live, w00t
*starts emailing people to drag down*

JoCo says

@Pedants: I did not say it was close to Oxford, I said it was "close enough" that some of you could get to it if you wanted. It is not, for instance, in York.

Christophano says

but York would have been so much better for meeee!

Mike Dimmick says

The address on the Shows page is only wrong by around 100 miles - you've copied down the Cardiff location, not Birmingham.

The Arcadian
B5 4TD

This is actually going to be better for me - I was looking at how I could get to the proposed Oxford venue and decided that rail was impossible, and there was no parking close by. Rail will be difficult for the return from Birmingham - last train back to Reading from New Street is at 9:03pm unless you want to go via London, and even then it's poor - so it looks like either driving or staying overnight, but at least the venue is in the city centre so parking is actually possible.

I admit I'm already going to the London gig! There, at least, public transport still operates late-ish into the night - last Tube to make the connection at Paddington is at midnight; I don't think even JoCoPauSto can manage five hours!

Mike Dimmick says

@Giggleloop: any GSM phone that does 900MHz and 1900MHz bands will work, if you have international roaming. They're normally referred to as 'triple band' or 'quad band' if they also do the US frequencies of 850MHz and 1800MHz. The iPhone is quad-band - just bring it with you.

When I visited the US (Seattle) in 2004, I upgraded my (dual-band) Nokia 3310 to a (tri-band) Nokia 3100.

You might find that a pay-as-you-go local SIM works out cheaper than international roaming for a longer visit, of course. Expect to pay about £5 for this.

Andrew says

Hopefully I should still be able to make it. As I live in between Oxford and Birmingham (nearer Oxford though). The only thing that could be a problem is the Birmingham traffic.

Leigh says

dammit, Boston, but not Northampton?!? The Iron Horse is missing its JoCo.

Hoggy says

*shudders as the uk has become famous for "innit"*

You know we have we do have interesting and intelligent sayings over here yeah? For example...
...Shut up...

Hoping to catch you somewhere Mr Coulton, funds permitting and all

William says

Hoggy: I think you're forgetting our favorite one

"Oi, Dick 'ead. Give us ya phone or I'll stab ya."

Geoff says


I just checked the site to order three tickets in Brimingham (we would have preferred Oxford but hey) and realised that it had an over 18 rating. Is this really right or have I read something wrong. It is my two children aged 16 and 14 who want to see the show and I agreed I would take them.
Are the other venues under 18? Am willing to travel as they are both huge fans.


Nichola says

@Geoff, not all venues are 18+, as my tickets for the Manchester Academy are not. Some places have an over 18 rating because they have a bar, or something similar. Hope you find a venue :)

Bill says

@Roman V.
I see you are typing in English. Therefore it's rumour :P