Song Fu Round 3

By JoCo September 28, 2008

The song writing contest continues despite my absence. I am frankly relieved not to be competing because I think everybody’s doing some high quality stuff. I choose not to run!


Glenn Peters says

So this means you're suspending your campaign?

Roman V. says

@Glenn Ha, good one. I was just thinking that, as a matter or fact.

I'll be cheering on Paul and Storm, obviously.

Colton David says


Demetrius says

Sure... We all love Paul and Storm. And, the rest of the artists try hard. But, without JoCo involved I find it a little hard to get enthused... Anyone else feel that way?

Roman V. says

@Demetrius Honestly last competition I ended up liking P+S's work moar than JoCo'ss. Sorry JoCo and fans, please don't flame me... :P

M_pony says

Dudelets, how can you not love the P&S? They are witty and sharp and are also the only people to ever write a proper pastiche piece in the style of JoCo and get it perfectly right.

Len says

Despite JoCo's absence, the visual interpretations continue as well:

Jill D. says

Hey JoCo, did you see today's Shortpacked?

Kerrin says

It is a shame Jonathan isn't writiing more songs. It is the reason I got excited when I heard there was a second round. I understand why Jonathan needs to take a break right now though. And P & S songs are good too.