UK Press Blitz!

By JoCo September 25, 2008

Apparently they have newspapers, radio and podcasts over there as well – I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews with people who talk funny, as if they were British characters on a television show. It’s hilarious!

Today there will be a little chat with Matt Dillon (no, I’m pretty sure it’s a different Matt Dillon) from The Sci-Fi Guys on Geek Planet. You can catch the live broadcast stream at 8 PM GMT which is 3 PM here in New York – click on one of those streamy icons on the right to listen – and the interview should be available for download sometime later.


Tuna says

Ahh, whatev'. I bet this Matt Dillon is cooler anyways. =D

TheFifthSister says

There have been? I'll have to look for some of them! Cannot wait to see you play in London!

Matt says

Yes, yes, but what about Oxford?!?

patrick says

Um...JoCo... you seem like a well read guy. I wouldn't use the term "Blitz" in London. I think they are still sensitive about it. If any Londoners want to say I am wrong, please do! And then I have a follow-up question.

Lex says

*sets up winamp*
*hits the repeat button*
*hits "go" on the playlist until it starts*

Colleenky says

Listening live from LA. :-) (I lurv the intertubes.)

Jon Who says

patrick-as far as I'm aware the only people that would be particularly fussed would be the ones who lived through it, and wide as JoCo's reach is, I don't think it extends to much of the 65+ Londoners.

On topic of blog post, yeah we have far too many newspapers. Fortunately we can eat chips from them :D Counting down to the LoCo 2.0

Mr. Jacobson, Esquire says

It's interesting to me that of all the songs they could plug in the article they picked "Rock 'n Roll Boy"...

patrick says

Jon Who,
Thanks for the feedback. If you don't mind I have another connotation question. A few years ago an Irish woman said she "fancied" me. I took that to mean she wanted to date me. AS I had another girlfriend at the time and didn’t need a second one, I nodded politely and brushed it off. Later someone told me that "fancy" in that context (at a bar) meant that she thought I was sexy and was interested in a more carnal way. Which, I think I would have been OK with. I haven't had a chance to ask a disinterested Native Londoner their opinion. What is your take? Did I miss a one night stand or did she want a long term thing?

Martyn says

Huh. Haven't seen any press. Ah well, i've already got my tickets for the 30th at SBE. See you there =)

­ says

I'll just leave this here...

Dave says

I don't know if it's too late to ruin Patrick's day, but I think the simplest way of explaining the phrase "I fancy you" is substitute it with the nearest American-ism I can think of which would be "I think you're hot".

Now, whether you missed out on a one night stand or a potential future Mrs. Patrick would come down to the morals of the young lady in question.

If you want my tupp'ence worth (and some sexism AND generalising about an entire nation), the Irish girls I've known have been fantastic.... Sorry.

patrick says

thanks... both for your insight and sympathy :(

Ginger Yellow says

"Yes, yes, but what about Oxford?!?"

What he said. It's getting close and I can't make the London gig.