A Plug for My Friends

By JoCo September 25, 2008

If you are in the Washington DC area, I hope you are planning on heading out to see Paul and Storm this Friday at Jammin Java. I will not be with them, alas, but if you have seen them play with me you’ll know that they put on a funtastic show of their own. Also, the chili is good there.


Gina says

I'll be there, I'm a minion.

Kayla says

This Not-From-Pontiac Michigander will be hoping to see them when they head back to Michigan. :D

Roman V. says

I'm a minion too, but not an official one, as I have no digital camera..... Dejected arr.

But yeah, Paul and Storm seem like they'd put on an awesome show from what I've seen of their "5 or 6 or 7 songs." If you're in the area, and I'm not, go see them. Srsly.

Colton David says

....Good chili, eh?

Paul and Storm says

>Good chili, eh?

Yep. In particular (description is from the JJ website)...

SPICY PORK 'N TOMATILLO Smoky prime-cut pork, tomatillos, fresh roasted chiles, blackbeans and lime juice. Watch out!

...and I've been told that it's flown in fresh from a chef in San Francisco every week.

MitchO says

I know P&S expressed concern about translating "Me Make Fire" to the live show ... but if it does happen, someone better YouTube that bad boy.

Mike says

They put on a good show, but I cannot make it. Throw some panties at them for me!

Ann says

Hmm, since I'm skipping lunch so I can get out of work early (and to JJ at a decent time), I shall take you three as men of your word and give the chili a try. Crap, now I'm hungry. Why am I skipping lunch again?

Colton David says

...Wait, flown in fresh =/

Gina says

Paul and Storm were grateful that the audience wasn't 12 people (there were many more) and thanked a litany of folks at the end of the show, including Jonathan as, I believe, their Patron Saint.

JT says

Geez, I get so busy I can't check this blog for a while, and by the time I get back I find I missed a concert opportunity in the area. Must remember to check in more often.

Zowlyfon says

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