UK Tour Shirt?

ByJoCo September 11, 2008

As you may have noticed, Paul and Storm have been posting a series of excellent possible UK (and Ireland!) tour T-shirt graphics. The plan is to actually print and sell these suckers to help pay for the extraordinarily large travel expenses that come with a trip across the ocean to another country where dollars are pounds and pounds are two dollars. So that we may take your money as efficiently as possible, there is a poll. We’re all curious to know which one you would be most likely to buy – and yes, I understand that if you are not in the UK, you might not want to buy ANY of them, a preference you can indicate by not voting.

The poll is here.


Colleenky says

I understand that if you are not in the UK, you might not want to buy ANY of them, a preference you can indicate by not voting.

Or you can vote and have someone at one of the UK/Ireland shows buy a shirt for you. (Looking forward to my Mandelbrot-Floyd shirt!) :-D

aiusepsi says

Oh, I love the Mandelbrot Floyd one. As long as it has a reference to the tour on the back!

Looking forward like heck to the London show! The last one was The Best Gig Ever.

Javier says

Mandelbrot Floyd!!!

Greg says

I read the title here and at first thought it said "Up your skirt".

Geez - where's *my* mind?

Anyway Jonathan, as a former programmer from Connecticut myself, when are you coming to Southern Colorado?

Luke M says

I'm sad to see the Mandelbrot shirt winning, because I can always use another JoCo shirt, but the only one I would buy is the Madness one. I hope it pulls ahead but at the moment it looks like the one I like least is winning. Balls.

Bob says

Will the shirt only be available to be bought by people in the UK?

Cause I think I really want a Mandelbrot Floyd shirt.

But it needs to be in XXXL.

Nils says

Who cares? As long as you don't come to germany... :-( It's just 50min from London away. Only a little jump over the English Channel. C'mon! Pleeease.

David says

If you do a gig in Nottingham, I will buy ALL of them ;) (please)

Action Ben says

I was interrupted halfway through reading this post by the postman delivering my tickets for the Shepherd's Bush show!

Lex says

David - you're in luck!

TheFifthSister says

So, you better make some in black, cause I'll be getting one in London. Or two cause who knows when I'll be able to get more. Hmm, maybe three would be better. More incentive for you to return to the UK ;)

The tops are totally awesome and I look forward to buying my top(s) at Shepard's Bush! Code Monkey tops welcome too ;)

another Josh says

Must pick design cool enough to buy, but not so cool that UK people buy they all so that some are left over for us deprived US fans.

Roman V. says


Just heard the news about your forthcoming addition to the family. A hearty congratulations to you and the whole Coulton family.


M_pony says

Yeah I am totally buying one of those MandelFloyd shirts. They would appeal even to non JoCo-heads

randal says

A certain Song-Fu site that will remain unnamed informed me that perhaps we should be selecting presents for a certain Trig or perhaps Bristol Coulton, yes? Congratulations!

Angelastic says

Here's hoping your new family member is a baby or a millionaire girlfriend, and not a zombie-great-aunt.

Emanuel Nordrum says

Had a blast at your previous gig in London - the news that you might be coming back is very welcome! I bought a "generic" shirt the last time - a UK Mandlebrot/Floyd tour shirt will be snapped up in seconds.