Earth Destruction Status

By JoCo September 11, 2008

Question of the day:

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the Earth yet? (via Paul Tough)


Paul W. says

Don't forget its sister site!

Ray Merkler says

Ooh, good, they have an RSS feed. That'll come in handy.

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Is this a relative of ?

Motown says

Ah, the lesser known "Physics-Roll"

Colleenky says

As a Los Angeles resident, I'm partial to But knowing whether or not the world has been swallowed by a black hole is good too. ;-)

Vanderdecken says

alan says

JonStrickland says

Don't forget to take a gander at the source code for the site. It's fantastic.

John says

This is a valuable service. Thanks for providing me with a link so I can stay "in the know" about the status of Earth's demise. :)

PonderousMan says

@Jon: Thanks for the hint about the source - the stuff about the vacuum is awesome!

So who's going to register If someone doesn't do it by the weekend, I just might do it...

Paul R. Potts says

Before you get too complacent, check out the webcam:

HOAX! It's a HOAX! (I hope...)

Kaethe says

I realize that a lot of people are up in arms about this whole "microscopic black holes could destroy the Earth" thing, but am I the only one who thought "if these black holes are that powerful, I'll be dead before it has too great an impact on my life"?

Susie the Southern Geek says

I wasn't too worried - I figured that if it happened, I wouldn't have to pay the bills or clean the house.

Now I do. Bummer.

Becky says

LHC Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment Live Webcams-

Len says

It looks like they ripped off the design from this site:


Len says

Erg. Sorry about that messed-up last post:

Al says

This being a musician's blog, I feel I should post this:

Roman V. says

Have we all forgot about ??

Roman V. says

Sorry, mine appears to no longer exist. It used to be a page where it just said A-OK. Anyway here's the Digg of it

Syphro says

Actually, I beg to differ.

The International Earth-Destruction Advisory Board has declared that Geocide did occur on September the 10th.

Letting go might be harder for most people but there will be a seminar held on Pluto in April to help with the grief.

The Hadron collector didn't destroy the earth. It was destroyed preemptively in order to ensure that the Hadron collector did not destroy the Earth.

Carlos says

More like Large HARDON Collider. Am I right?

Syphro says

Stolen from XKCD:

Supercollider? I 'ardly knew 'er!

paladino says

but its safe just look how is there watching it

Other Len says

Note, for those who haven't been following closely:
The LHC is up & running but it hasn't started creating tiny black holes yet.
So far it hasn't done anything that hasn't been done before at CERN.
Last I heard, the "interesting" experiments wouldn't start for a few weeks or months. They're being a bit coy about when exactly they plan to destroy the Earth.

Erik says

Yeah, I told my physics teacher I didn't do my homework because I figured the Earth wouldn't be here. It didn't work. Dammit.

M_pony says

I've been calling it the Hardon collider ever since I accidentally called it that.. about (unverifiable number) months ago.

Russ Rogers says

"Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the Earth yet?"

Yes, I think so.

Seth says

It sucks cause I took the day off of work to wait for imminent destruction.

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