By JoCo September 9, 2008

You may know I am a fan and friend of Jesse Thorn, the radio talent behind “The Sound of Young America” podcast and radio show. Jesse has audaciously decided to throw a Con. I guess one can just DO that. It’s called MaxFunCon, it happens June 2009 in Lake Arrowhead, CA, and guests include me, Hodgman (doing the keynote), Maria Bamford, Julia Crookston, Mark Frauenfelder, Hard & Phirm, Xeni Jardin, Jordan, Jesse Go! (that being Jesse and Jordan of course), Merlin Mann, Never Not Funny, Jimmy Pardo and the cast (?) of the fabulous “You Look Nice Today” podcast. There will be hot tubbing, comedy, music and “sports” I bet.

Early registration is better, as evidenced by this discount code that gets you $20 off if you purchase tickets this week: mandelbrotset. Buy tickets! Sports!


Colleenky says

I am so there! Any chance of an LA concert before June? Say, maybe in connection with a certain book tour?

Ben Evans says

ouch... 600 bucks for a ticket... that better be maximum fun, seriously.

Colleenky says

Registration for MaxFunCon: $600. Gas for the trip: $45. Learning how to be more awesome: Priceless. ;-)

Jesse Thorn says

Ben -- FYI, that includes lodging, conference programs, and food. And yes, it will, seriously, be Maximum Fun.

Gina says

Hrmm, do I spend over $1200 plus airfare for my husband and I to take our vacation in Lake Arrowhead next year so I can sit in a hot tub with JoCo?
Tempting, but not likely. (cry).

Alex says

Just got my tickets! Is the con really going to be no larger than 100 attendees? It sounds like the best summer camp in existence!

Roman V. says

I do like these conventions, but sadly I will have to miss this one. Missing this goes right up there in sadness with missing Hodg*Con 08.

Jesse Thorn says

Alex -- it really is limited to 100 attendees (plus performers and presenters). It's a pretty small event.

Luke M says

Man, I would love to go to that -- JoCo, Hodg-Man *and* the Bammer? Too cool -- but there's no way I can afford it. Maybe some stray awesomeness will waft up to the Central Coast.

Can (at least audio) recordings of this please please please be made available? I could probably afford *that*.

Paul R. Potts says

Personally, that just sounds like too much fun for me. I'm not sure my fat-marbled heart could stand it. I'll be at Paul and Storm's Fun in Moderation con instead...

Also, I can drive to Cleveland, although I don't usually find I have much of a desire to...

SevinPackage says

I don't need all those other folks. What if I give you 300 bucks to come over to my house and hang out for a while? You could bring Hodgman and P&S if you want, too. My wife's a great cook.

Paul R. Potts says

I'd settle for a 3-day JoCo guitar workshop, with whiteboards and metronomes and chord diagrams and a dozen geeks trying to fingerpick "I Crush Everything" in sync, to try to whip my sausage fingers into shape.

The hot tub would be nice, but it has a tendency to warp the top of my acoustic.

Mmmm, sausage...

Bryan J Busch says

Just registered my wife and my self.

Jesse Thorn says

See you there, Bryan!