Brad Sucks’ss’s New Record

By JoCo September 9, 2008

It’s called “Out of It” and it’s out now. Brad is a musician from whom I have stolen many ideas on how to run a single person music guy empire, from Creative Commons to remix contests to WordPress. He’s also a talented writer of hooky electropop goodness, so I’m pleased to see he’s got something new out there (also I contributed vocals to the title track, so that’s fun too). Listen to the whole thing on his site, choose your own price, get the mp3s free if you want and pay him later. Also he is from Canada.


Scarybug says


(Wow, it's hard to complement that musician without it also sounding like an insult =p)

Joe Covenant says

Well.. if this is what happens when you *can't* work....

;' )

Nice One!

Roman V. says

Canada Oh, don't you mean North Mexico?

@Scarybug it doesn't sound like an insult, but more of an assertion of their drug use as some kind of octopus and/or vacuum cleaner.

Roman V. says

Canada? Oh*...

CC says

Hey! How 'bout a new JoCo song? That would be nice and somewhat tasty don'tchathink? A song that has nothing to do with Fu although Space Doggity is perhaps one of the bestest songs ever. Sorry if I'm too demanding. I'll never do it again.... Oh, and hurry up with the DVD already! :)

Sorry I'm off the subject. Brad Sucks is cool.

Chris Hartzog says

Hmmm, the plot I thought I was stealing solo internet music guy empire building ideas from you, but in reality it is Mr. Sucks who is the man behind the curtain. I already listened to his tunes this weekend and he is one cool Canadian dude. :-)

Jason C. Brand says

I first heard of Brad Sucks when listening to MC Frontalot's Livin' At The Corner Of Dude & Catastrophe. It's nice to hear some more from the guy.

And I second the "hurry up with the DVD already" thing above. :D

M_pony says

Insulin was also originally from Canada. Now they make it everywhere.

CC says

Are we still trying to keep the Canadians down ever since it's been revealed that Brad Sucks is an actual Canadian? Or is that strictly for curling competitions?

Scarybug says

Roman V -> "that sucks rocks" is a saying I have used and heard used from time to time. Not sure how common it is though.

Speaking of MC Frontalot and Canada, there's a great track on his new album about Canadia, featuring some fine Canadian rappers.

Of course, you all should buy it for the JoCo guest vocals on "Diseases of Yore" anyway ;)

I like it when everyone from the internet who is awesome are friends.

sevinPackage says

I'm kicking myself for not pushing myself to get my backup vocal recordings submitted in time. Out Of It is such a great song, it hooked me instantly. I had two parts to provide...

Good job on your vocals, JoCo! I'm sure you made Brad very happy.

Dan says

As a huge fan of both JoCo *and* Brad Sucks, I heartily encourage all JoCo fans to give Brad Sucks' music a thorough listen. No monkeys, but plenty of tasty lyrics and electronicy sounds. And the new album *rocks*.

Brad Sucks is another solo artiste, so if you like to support independent internet musicians, go buy his music.

GaragesSpin says

Ditto on what Dan said above, Brad's great...

SmudgeBot says

I checked out Brad Sucks, and enjoyed what I heard. I'm very impressed with you guys making music by yourselves, and I'm amazed at the production quality you crank out song after song. I got to record a song of mine years ago, overdubbing with different instruments and backing vocals - it was a lot of work and took a lot of time, but it was some of the most fun I can recall. But that was about 5 B.C. (Before Computers). Is there a tutorial on how it's done today? Is there freebie software available for us cheap bastards?

This is my first time chiming in on this site, and though this may not be the best place to post this, I just wanted to tell you and yours how much pure grinning enjoyment I have received from your music for the last month or so. I heard "Re Your Brains" on Mur Laferty's "The TakeOver" podcast, and that got me to look you up. I love music all across the spectrum, and your stuff runs thru every category so smoothly. I've got about 64 of your songs, and I've listened to them dozens of times, and I still find myself laughing out loud at the clever lyrics and ideas you explore. I love the way you think, and the melodies you come up with astound me. I love writing lyrics, but most of the time, melodies don't come easy at all. I'm a 46 yr old draftsman and code monkey, and I sit in my cubicle with a smile on my face, head bobbing to your music. I'm spreading the JoCo goodness, and have hooked my 56 yr old co-worker after one day of listening. I look forward to hearing what you come up with next. Thank you for the time you've spent, and thank you for giving it away. You've inspired me to dust off my banjo, guitar and harmonica and start pickin again.