The Audacity of Jokes

By JoCo September 3, 2008

Just decided to do this Obama fundraising event on September 15 at 8 PM at Comix in NYC. Also there being funny comedians: Fred Armisen, Kristen Schaal, Kyle Grooms and Amy Schumer. Regular tickets are $45 and special VIP tickets are $100 (not sure what VIP status is – maybe you get to touch my beard?).

Details and tickets:


Roman V. says

That beard thing gave me an idea. Chuck Norris facts, but about Coulton's beard.

Like "Coulton never shaves, because his beard is made a solid diamond."

Ok, not that good, but I'm sure others can do better...

franbelda says

Coulton is a monkey in negative: where monkeys are hairy he is not and vice versa. A poly-instrumentalist, sweet-voiced-singing, gorgeous-ditty-composing monkey. Smash them cymbals together! Oh yeah!

Dave says


I'm curious what you think about Obama's selection of Joe Biden, a man who is practically a mouthpiece for the RIAA. I'm not suggesting that this would change your mind about Obama, but I recall you exhorted us to vote for him because of his support of new technology and open standards. Biden is the anti-pick for such values. Any thoughts?

BradOFarrell says

I will be there. Jonathan Coulton is awesome .... but is he ready to lead?

MitchO says

Any idea of the length of your set? I'm assuming 3-4 songs, tops?

Mmmm ... Amy Shumer ...

JoCo says

Dave: Of course I'm not thrilled that Joe Biden thinks and acts the way he does on those issues, but that's certainly not going to make me vote for McCain. I'm guessing that Obama's policies aren't going to be heavily influenced by his vice president, likely the other way around.

Mitch: something like that, yes.

Jenna says

I'm more curious as to the content of your set for that. ;)

I wouldn't be surprised at hearing "The Presidents" and probably "A Talk With George," yes? Ooh... maybe even "W's Duty" for a touch of the wink-wink-nudge-nudge, true? These sound like good options for a presidential candidate fundraiser event.

But I think "The Town Crotch" or "First of May" would bring the house down, personally. :)

Something to think about anyway. :-D

MitchO says

Votes on the forums for songs to be included in this set are Washy Ad Jeffy, with a hopeful Oba (ma) at the end, and Millionaire Girlfriend because .. well, just because. :D

Lancer says

I thought you didn't like to make political statements.....

MarcyT says

I can't be there, but I appreciate your taking part.

SevinPackage says

I know you don't like to make political statements, but I'm glad to see that you're not on the other side. Here's hoping that Barack's good enough to get a second syllable in an updated version of Washy.

Zac says

Brad, I don't know if he can lead, but don't let him watch your cats...

Roman V. says

@Zac is absolutely right. There are two on-the-record accounts of Coulton losing cats. Once for Hodgman's cat, and once for someone's cat in Canada. If you were at the Cleveland show and someone threw a "Scrat" on stage, it was to "replace" the cat Coulton lost in Canada (which I am told was eventually found).

Fearful Ferret says

Were I to have a different idea of the role of government, I'd vote for Obama hands down - he's one of the best guys the democratic party has ever had.

The main reason I'm voting for McCain is because he'll mess things up less until we can get somebody good on the ticket. Ron Paul would've been nice, though certainly not perfect.

I'm going to die a sad, sad man. Also, I must admit to smiling at the possibility of a bunch of democrats shouting the inexorable chorus to Re: Your Brains.

M_pony says

If you wear a robe then I hope they get to touch your beard.. maybe that will cure a few physical ailments.

za4ra4 says

Hmm, I don't know how you will top Rachael Lampa's performance at the RNC so don't even try because she loves God.

Matt_L says

First the Decemberists, and now JoCo! Why must all of my favorite musicians play at fundraisers and rallies for this dangerous fraud of a candidate.

Still... to touch that beard...

Will says

Can't wait to be there. Obama support + JoCo + other great comedians = Yes.

Jonathan Coulton: Chord changes we can believe in

Colleenky says

A few free tickets are available on the forums. :-)

Godfrey Drake says

Ha, kinda cool. Although these comments remind me that we haven't quite gotten to the point where we pick a candidate based on their merits so much as "The other guy sucks". That's been my problem with both sides of, oh, every election ever. Still, far better than an dictatorship I suppose (ignoring conspiracy theories).

Demetrius says

$100 to touch your beard?!? Alright. Fine... But, I hope Obama can get this inflation under control. I remember when you could get a whole mustache ride for a nickel!

Demetrius says

@ MitchO

I'd like to dedicate "Millionaire Girlfriend" to John and Carol and Cindy McCain... In that order.

Andrea says

MAN, do I ever wish I could come to that!

Have you got an Obama song prepared? :)

Lewy says

If you do not play Presidents, there will be trouble. We're rooting for you and Obama (and the light side of the force) out here in the UK.

whistler says

I find it sad when musicians use their fame to push politics. This whole cult of Obama has gone too far. Let's just play music and unite instead of divide.

Merus says

I've never got this whole 'cult of Obama' thing. I always liked the dude's policies. This is like back in mid 2007, mind.

In any case, it's sad that American politics has devolved into how awful the other guy is and how my guy is all misunderstood.

Roman V. says

@Will: But all songs and keys will be in the key of 'e' - (see "Cleveland show")

Demetrius says

"whistler Says:"

So... JoCo should just "Shut up and sing"?

Aaron B says

Jonathan, I'm so glad to hear you are supporting Barrack Obama. I look forward to eight years of bottom-up economics and politics... the cult of Ray-gun has run us into the ground... it's time for a change. =)

MitchO says

Not to ruin a thread with a debate, but the man is allowed to have an opinion, famous or not and the man is allowed to support his opinions (candidate), famous or not.

Jonathan spent exactly one post, months ago, offering up his two cents. Considering his available platform, that's hardly "pushing politics".

Jenna says

He certainly is allowed to have an opinion. His website wouldn't exist if he didn't. And everyone else is allowed to kvetch about his opinions too... or none of these posts would exist either. BTW, you got a little brown stuff on your nose there. *wink*

At any rate... I still think it'd be awesome to hear "First of May" or "The Town Crotch" at a presidential fundraiser. :-D Then I'd believe that Obama-yo-mama's-llama was pretty laid back and worthy of leading. But then... that's *my* opinion. :)

AwesomeRobot says

You should work in the "Obama rickrolls the RNC" video somehow, given your new status as professional rickroller ;)


The V Man says

Jonathan Coulton's beard is, in fact, 7 highly trained deadly pygmy marmosets that can attack on command.

rozwarren says

Does anybody know how long this show might last or where on the bill JoCo will be? We want to go but the last train back to Philadelphia leaves at 11:15.

AnotherWill says

Wow, that place is literally around the corner from where I work. Unfortunately, I can't afford a ticket until payday. Which is the 15th. Con Sarnit!

BertOleander says

I can't believe you're supporting Obama. Do you have any idea how often he's flip-flopped on the pony-monkey monster issue? And I won't even mention the robot scandal. Wait...

Anyway, I expected better from you JC.

Demetrius says

"BertOleander Says:"

You are SO wrong! Obama's position on pony-monkey monsters has been consistent. He voted "present" to send a signal that he thought too many monkeys were being used. He has always said that this was a diversion of monkey resources away from the writing of much needed code.

Lara says

My hubby, sister in law and I will be there as VIP's. When can we touch your beard?

Isn't Palin just like a Creepy doll?

Kat says

Argh! You're making me seriously question why I don't live in NYC :(

JFBat says

If JoCo's friend the PC guy going to be there? I missed him at the last concert and want to give him a hug.

Also is there any chance of renaming "Skullcrusher Mountain" to "Dick Cheney's Undisclosed Location"?