Skullcrusher Mountain on Rock Band

ByJoCo September 2, 2008

As announced at my show and then later and more officially at PAX, “Skullcrusher Mountain” is now available on Rock Band as part of the PAX Pack (both PS3 and 360). Three songs, three bucks: me, MC Frontalot’s “Livin’ at the Corner of Dude & Catastrophe” (co-written by Brad Sucks), and “Shh…” from Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. From now until Festivus 2008, Harmonix will donate all the proceeds from this song pack to the Child’s Play charity. I will most likely spend my proceeds on styrofoam cups, which I will arrange into a pile and set on fire.


Joe says

This is fantastic. More please!

Stacey says

Absolutely completely fantastic! Just downloaded it, now I've got to wait for the rest of the band to get home.... also I think my five-year-old is going to flip out. So long endless repeats of Sabotage, hello endless repeats of Skullcrusher Mountain!

Andy Bates says

Hooray, another song that my five-year-old daughter can sing! (Her only other Rock Band song is “Still Alive,” which she informed me is on her “Top 1 List of favorite songs of all time.”)

If you are taking requests for future Rock Band songs, might I also recommend The Future Soon, Code Monkey, and of course Chiron Beta Prime. Oh, and every other song. Please.

Alan says

I went home early because I was too tired and missed that annoucnement. Very cool. I have a great idea for a Skullcrusher Mountain video. Now if I can just find that forum I've heard is around here somewhere...

Trevin says

Just three days ago I was discussing with friends what songs we really really wished were on Rock Band. Skullcrusher Mountain was at the top of my list. It was fun to dream, knowing it would never happen.

Hah! I'm so glad I was so wrong about that never happening thing.

Kevin says

I loved your concert at PAX. It was great to hear that Skullcrusher Mountain is up for DLC. Still waiting on Code Monkey for RB. Thanks in advance!

Todd says

Man, the Harmonix guys must love your stuff because they always create the best guitar charts for your songs. Skullcrusher is super-fun to play! I'm really hoping that this is a sign more of your songs are coming down the pike.

Jeremy says

Awesome awesome awesome.
I wanted to go to bed an hour ago... but then I saw this post. Had to dl it and play it a few times or I never would have been able to sleep. Probably still won't be able to.

JS says

w00t! Skullcrusher Mountain is on my car-mix CD, and I always sing along. Can't wait to belt that one out in Rock Band.

can has Future Soon in teh future soon, plzkthx.

Jim says

Awesome!! My brother-in-law with the PS3 has been issued my demands, threats and pleas for purchase.
My suggestion - Mr FancyPants, complete with in-game Rickroll, that would be fabu!!
Hmmmm . . . Harmonix may have difficulty securing the necessary clearance rights from Mr. Astley and his cadre of high-priced lawyers.

Grant Fitch says

What? What am I doing here? I should be at home downloading to my XBOX!!!!!

When I first heard a JoCo song was going to be downloadable for Rock Band, I got very very excited. Like, embarrassingly so. It was somewhat diminished when I found out which one. I mean, nothing against "Still Alive" - when I finished "Portal," and finished laughing along with the song, I jumped out of my seat when I saw your name on it! I wasn't keeping up on current events . . . I totally understood why they went with the JoCo song that was part of an XBox game, but I wanted "Skullcrusher Mountain"! Well, and probably an entire album's worth of others ...

But excellent work! And hope there will be even more to come .... now, how do I wait 10 hours to go home and download?

Ginger Yellow says

Oh, awesome! Is it out in Europe too?

danielsdesk says

That's great that the proceeds are being sent to Child's Play

Samuel McConnell says

My Xbox RROD'd while playing your song, Coulton. I hold you completely responsible.

M_pony says

I listened to that song again today and felt totally awesome, again. Coulton, I hold you completely responsible.

randomizer9 says

Best 80 bits of Microsoft moon-money I think I've ever spent on Live. Great song!!

Bubblehead says

I knew all those times I spent singing along to Skullcrusher Mountain when driving to and from work would pay off someday! I got 87% on Expert vocals the first time we played it. Now we just need a "Best of JoCo" album download: Code Monkey, Mandelbrot Set, I Feel Fantastic, The Future Soon, Shop Vac... the list goes on and on.

Dave (aka Nev the Deranged) says

Holy Crap... I don't even own Rock Band, or a PS3 or XBox, but might have to buy this anyway, just cuz I love JC, Thickets, AND MC Frontalot... it's a trifecta of geekish awesomeitudinousness!

That one guy says

Is anyone else having trouble getting these songs to load on their PS3? I downloaded without problem, And they show up on my setlist, But when I select one and it goes to the loading screen it just stays on the loading screen. Is it just me? if not, how can I fix it?

Patrick says

@That one guy,

I had the same issue, I called Sony and EA support, both blamed each other. This is all over the Rock Band forums. I emailed Jonathan last night about it, and he just contacted me back saying he spoke with people at Harmonix, they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

That one guy says

Thanks Patrick :) I can sleep a little better tonight =) Hope it all works out in the end.

Seth says

Well it's nice to know that it took JoCo to talk to them for them to acknowledge it, seeing as they've told us nothing. I require Skullcrusher Mountain this minute.

Patrick says


As far as I can tell, I haven't seen an official word from EA, Sony or Harmonix to publicly acknowledge it.

It's only MC Frontalot’s “Livin’ at the Corner of Dude & Catastrophe” that is actually broken.

If you download "Shh..." or "Skullcrusher mountain" individually, they work just fine, but when you grab the entire track pack, all 3 songs are unplayable.

I would gladly pay again to grab just Skullcrusher mountain, but once you buy a track pack, the Playstation Store automatically removes the individual songs from the store :(

Let's just hope some sort of fix is available sooner than next Thursday!

Seth says


with no official word from Harmonix, the track pack works now if you just re-download it. I read that earlier today and checked it out and it's a go.

That One Guy says

Glad to finally have it up and running!!!
(Thanks for the heads up Seth)
I'm kind of a JoCo addict, I bought Portal specifically for "Still Alive" (Though I later fell in love with the game itself) And I then bought "Rock Band" for the same reason.
To finally have the addition of "Skullcrusher Mountain".......
My life is that much closer to completion :)
Thanks Mr Coulton =)

Eevee says

This is the greatest song of all time.

Ben says

Skullcrusher Mountain one of my fav songs... Don't even own Rock Band 2 but had to download it just to play it. The more the better :)

Darkendes says

Awesome. I missed this announcement, and didn't notice the download pack (so busy lately!), but this will be the first thing I do when I get home.

I think we need a JoCo pack on Rock Band: The Future Soon, Code Monkey, and either Re: Your Brains or I Feel Fantastic.

I'd never stop playing the same 5 songs over and over!

Trish says

I wish these were available for the Wii. Could you do something about that? My husband and I have been crushed since realizing it wouldn't be available to us.

JoCo says

Trish: you'd have to contact the rock band people about that, they just licensed the song from me so it's not really under my control.