Len’s Been Busy

By JoCo September 2, 2008

Maybe I’m the only one who wants an action figure of me (just look at those accessories), but I’d sure buy this product:

And then there is this image for “Always the Moon,” my sad little unloved entry in the latest round of Song Fu:

Thanks Len, but shouldn’t you be drawing monsters?


Russ Rogers says

Here's a comment I wrote over on the RiffTrax Blog.


"Jonathan Coulton is my new idol! A great songwriter, carving a niche out for himself without being signed to a big, corporate deal. “Code Monkey,” “IKEA,” “Still Alive,” and “The Future Soon,” have all become favorite iTunes downloads. “Space Doggity” deserves it’s place as the winning song of the last Song Fu competition and Coulton is a confirmed Master of Fu.

That said, I voted for “Moon Shine,” by the RiffTones over Coulton’s “Always the Moon.” Both are fine songs, the two best from this weeks collection of Fu. But “Moonshine” conveys a unique and powerful lunar loathing that too rarely gets expressed in song. Well done! Plus, “Always the Moon” is really a song about unrequited love. “Moon Shine” is maniacal in it’s singular focus as a song about the moon.

“Song sung Fu, everybody knows one!”

I also recommend Run At the Dog’s “Noon Moon” in the Challengers category. There is a distinct, angular melody that reminds me of The Shags. Very original."

The voting among the Three Fu Masters was incredibly even! "Always the Moon," got 340 votes! That's not unloved. That's LOVED X 340 = "Always the Moon."

Now, "Moonshine" did get 341 votes! Argh! To have the pearl of wisdom that "every vote counts" come true here, now? It must be a bitter pill to swallow.

And I have to admit, I was THE deciding vote! What can I say in my defense, except that I'm a lunatic and "the Moon is a sadist who makes us do evil."

Jason C. Brand says

Penny Arcade posted a webstrip regarding JoCo: http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2008/20080902.jpg

Austin says


ps come back to ohio

Percephene says

Awwww we still loved Always the Moon! /comfort!

Cambiata says

Hmm, I don't know about those other jokers, but I voted for Always the Moon. It's one of the best pieces you've ever done.

Fearful Ferret says

I voted for Always the Moon, though I did decide that I liked Moon Shine moreso... after I had already voted. Honestly, I thought Always the Moon was definitely one of your better ones, but Moon Shine was new and original and witty and... well... different.

That's right. I love you too much.

SheeEttin says

What's this? King of the geeks?!
I didn't vote for you!

LuneOwl says

Man, now I feel like an idiot for telling you that I hoped "Always the Moon" would win SongFu on Sat. when you signed my PAX badge. I didn't have a computer with me and didn't realize the voting was over. Sorry to rub it in - I really do love the song.

franbelda says

I lurved "Only the Moon". I sing it to my niece as a lullaby. She loves it to death as well.

Nice action figure but what. about. the GUITAR?!?!?

Len says

The guitar is sold separately. So is the SkullCrusher Mountain playset.

three08 says

you know how they have a thousand different barbies, each with its own assortment of plastic doodads which vaguely resemble cellular telephones, or high heels, or, i don't know, fishnet stockings? this is the king of the geeks coulton. if you want a guitar you should look for the internet rockstar coulton, or the popular science troubador coulton.

p.s., shut up. always the moon is awesome. i will hear of no dissenting opinions.

SevinPackage says

I would totally buy that action figure. I particularly enjoy the sweaty 'That's what SHE twittered' t-shirt. Great job again, Len!

Christina Cary says

where's the 'king Tenori-on???? eh? eh? meh.


and no guitar or shop-vac. Hmph.

(I'd still buy one. I'd suppose the acessories kit would come in another box, with a cool backpack)

rozwarren says

make this into a poster so i can buy it. please?

Moondai says

I love "Always The Moon"! I listened to it for like 8 hours straight last week...and then more so the next day and the day after that! Very good stuff, we still love you JoCo

Heather says

JoCo, I think the contest was rigged. I was actually UNABLE to vote. There may have been problems with QuickStop's voting. I voted in Song Fu, Episode 1, so I think it thought I had already voted in Episode 2 even though I hadn't. Not that it matters too much.

I will say, I do love "Always the Moon" much more than the others. You actually took the more original route in choosing NOT to write a werewolf song like the other two. I don't usually like your sentimental songs, but this one is really beautiful. Thank you for writing it and Song Fu for inspiring it. I hope that you'll have it ready for live performance before your next concert in Chicago.