Holy Smokes

ByJoCo September 2, 2008

Thanks to everyone at PAX for another awesome weekend. I really can’t overstate how well-run and damned-fun this event is – from Mike and Jerry and Rob on down to the tiniest, most adorable little enforcer, everyone associated with PAX is just so pleasant and helpful. You guys rule.

And what a crowd! I’m sorry about the Rickroll, but were you really that surprised? Felicia Day was kind enough to sing “Still Alive” with me, which is hard to dismiss as anything but the best. thing. ever. And I got to rock the mic with MC Frontalot (whose new record is fantastic) on the song I wrote the chorus for, “Diseases of Yore.” And also I Rickrolled you. Ha! Thanks to everyone who came to the show and bought stuff and said hi and in general made me feel like a rock star. My only regret is that I was too busy to really do or see anything other than my own merch booth. As always, if anyone has any bits of media they’d like to share, please feel free to add to the wiki page.

I have some catch-up posting to do – more news as it happens.


Deuce says

Friday night's concert was the highlight of my PAX weekend, hands down. However the Musical Guest Panel was also very entertaining, as well as hilarious!

I still think you should write a song about your Magical Motorcycle that saves you money on gas.

JonXP says

I would kill for a high quality live recording of you performing Mr. Fancypants, it was definitely a highlight of the night.

Heck, I would even pay a dollar for it.

laserdog says

2x crowd videos I shot:

Code Monkey:

Still Alive:

laserdog says

Also, thank you so much for that "Birdhouse in Your Soul" cover.

Although that following so closely after Felicia Day singing "Still Alive" brought me to such a pinnacle that everything after it resembles ash and slime to me.

Well done. =)

Kassiane says

Being rickrolled was awesome and hilarious. The concert (including getting my shirt signed after) made my whole weekend, and at least one of my friend's whole weekend too.

David says

Well, at least you didn't make us loose the game.

Jake says

"Yeah, I wanted to put my hand on her ass."

Thanks again for a great show, and a great photo moment. You've really grown as a performer compared to last year, and that's rad. I can't wait to catch you at another live show.

HellZiggy says

"My only regret is that I was too busy to really do or see anything other than my own merch booth."

There's a solution to this. *grin* Just put in your rider that in addition to Doritos, you also require a plane ticket from Mpls to import a merch minion. I'm still bummed that I couldn't make it to either PAX or Dragon*Con. :(


atomicgeek says

Your set was amazing. I was really bowled over not when you started singing "Sweet Caroline" (cool) but when the audience decided to sing the horn DUH DUH DUH parts as well. :D Awesome show. Come back next year!

Rich says

@laserdog: Thanks for the videos. Felicia Day is so hot and awesome!

Katie C. says

I have to agree with everyone about the amazing-ness of your show friday night! I'm glad we were able to make you feel like a Rock Star, because anyone who comes back out for two separate encores definitely deserves the Rock Star Status. You, sir, are made of awesome! :)

Lyta says

Next year, I will draw you yet another picture. And I shall make it bitterly impossable to carry, but far to awesome not to. ;)

Kenzie says

Friday night's concert was definitely the highlight of PAX for me, you were awesome...rickrolling the entire crowd and having Felicia Day sing Still Alive were both totally epic. :) So much love.

Hamumu says

That was indeed an awesome concert, worth staying up far past my old man bedtime. I can't believe I missed the musical guest panel. Thank you for signing my Yerfdog hat, and being so concerned as to why exactly I would HAVE a Yerfdog hat. I shall treasure it always.

Felicia Day just brought it all around in a great big circle of geekism. And Mr. Fancypants was definitely a sound to behold.

Lizzie says

Hey hey, cookie-girl here. ;) I just wanted to let you know that I managed to get a few good shots of you during your performance. They can be found here:


I'm going to send you the full size versions as well, just in case you want to use them for anything.

Thanks for being so awesome, eating and enjoying my cookies, signing the setlist, and being so awesome. :D

Joey says

Must say i was dang impressed - also birdhouse in my soul is my favorite TMBG song, and i freaked out like a little girl when you started playing it, furthermore - it was seriously a pleasure to see you live, and hear so many of your songs (most for the first time)