This Weekend

By JoCo August 27, 2008

Yes: PAX. I’ll be there. I’m slated to play at around midnight on Friday night, and I bet it will be great fun. I’ll also be hanging around my special merchandise booth to say hello and sign boobs (i.e., manboobs) and whatnot, most likely for a chunk on Friday afternoon, certainly after the show on Friday, and then again for a bit on Saturday morning. I’ve got two new shirt designs that I will first unveil and then sell.

Then Saturday afternoon I’ll make a quick trip over to the Bumbershoot, where I’ll be the musical guest (a song, or maybe half a song) on Jesse Thorn’s “The Sound of Young America.” The other “actual guests” are Tig Notaro and Janeane Garofalo, both of whom I’ve met before in my travels through show business. Funny ladies! And Jonathan Coulton!

It will be a busy weekend of music and gaming and manboobs. Rock!


Deuce says

Can't wait for the nerdcore concert! Are you ready to play in front of the biggest room of gamers the world has ever known?

doctora says

Do you ever feel like if you have to play CodeMonkey one more time your head will explode? I mean AWESOME song, but do you ever just want to start going improv with the lyrics? Bless you for your music, and bearing the burden of rabid fans. We love you.

MarcyT says

Don't you ever feel that you just HAVE to go to Texas? I mean go to all these cool places. Come to one un-cool one? We can go to Crawford and we can play spontaneously outside the Bush ranch.....something like "Re: Your Brains."

doctora says

I think that the zombies would starve at that feeding ground....

Samuel McConnell says

I'll see you there! I heard you for the first time last year, and haven't stopped since!

Pat says

I don't think the secret service would take a bunch of people shouting "your all going to die" outside of the president's house very well.

sevinPackage says

I hope this year's crowd will be as good as the last! Sadly, it looks like I'll miss you at PAX. When is the next time you'll be performing in the Seattle area? I'll reserve my tickets immediately after they go on sale (as always)!

Have a great time in Washington!

Jonas says

Since you're already travelling 3500 miles to London, can't you go the extra 700 miles to Oslo, too? -.- So maybe the 21 demands on eventful isn't that enticing, but we can have the concert in my livingroom, if nothing else :p

three08 says

if i had moobs i'd make you sign them just for this post. :P well, if i had moobs and was able to attend pax....

come back! new york city loves youuu!

Scarface says

Ya'll better get excited for those shirts, too, because they are AWESOME.

Susie the Southern Geek says

I am sure PAX is great and all that, but we will really be missing you at Dragon*Con. I guess we will just have to sing Dr. Horrible instead of RE:Your Brains.

(SOB) I will just have to cry on Nathan Fillion's very buff shoulders.

Maybe you will grace us with your presence next year!

Shannon says

If you take requests, please play 'Mandelbrot Set' on Friday! I've been to four of your shows over the years, and never have I heard you play my favorite song live =( Thank you for coming to PAX!!

Guilherme says

hey man, ur music is great
i was thinking if there is some chance to u come to brazil???

Austin says

You should have a Über mega nerd convention with Paul, Storm, Kristin Shirts, and Molly whatever her last name is at the Civic Center in Canton Ohio. That would be SO cool :)

Plutonium says

JoCo was indeed very awesome. He ended up playing two encores, the second being Sweet Caroline.

I'd say the best part of the concert was a tie between him playing a slowed-down version of Code Monkey and Felicia Day singing Still Alive with him.

pathy says

He rickrolled us. Twice.


Dan says

And I'm sure the internet will not forget that JoCo fricking *rick rolled* the audience on not one, but *two* separate occasions.

So, thanks for that. :)

Codman24 says

How dose if fell to be rick rolled?

Mcmax3000 says

While I wasn't a fan of the everybody stand in front of the stage setup of the concert, the actual show was excellent & JoCo's set was easily worth the 3 hours of standing & pushing that preceded it.

Giggleloop says

My Twitter feed is buzzing about how awesome the show was. Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton especially. Can't wait for videos to start popping up!!! :)

HellZiggy says

Jealous of everyone who's at PAX! Also, why did you not have Felicia Day sing Still Alive at the Coverville 500 show? Then I would have known she was there, instead of finding out the next day!!!!
And while rick-rolling PAX might have been kind of awesome, I'm sure it was slightly less awesome than the First of May rick-roll on May 1st!

~Sharon, Mpls merch minion

Shannon says


Thayer says

The show on Friday night was completely and utterly awesome! :) Definitely my highlight of PAX thus far. And Jonathan was very cool when I went for an autograph today, even though I didn't ask him to sign my non-man boobs ;)

edgar says

Here's JC and Felicia Day backstage at the PAX 2008 concert afterwards:

I wouldn't mind a music video of Still Alive with Felicia in it...

Aaron says

Amazing show! Re: Your Brains was amazingly fun. I was actually kinda hoping you WOULDN'T play it so we could call you in for an encore simply chanting "Brains, brains, brains"! Only at a nerdcore concert...

Not only did you rick-roll the ENTIRE crowd - twice - but the first time we actually *asked* for it... even though we didn't exactly know what we were asking for ;)

Still Alive was easily the highlight of the performance. I got a low-quality cell phone 20-second video of the chorus if anyone's THAT desperate... Not sure how well it'll look on the computer yet, but since I was recording the projection screen it doesn't look half bad on the cell phone screen. We shall see.

Great show JoCo. Your performance made the insufferable 1Ups and Freezepop worth it (sorry to the fans of those two bands, but they're just not that good).

Shea says

I was in the front row for the concert and Jonathan gave me a fist pound. I'm trying to find a picture of it. You sir are a scholar and a gentleman. I hope you'll come back next year.

Seth says

Skullcrusher Mountain on Rock Band this week, very cool homie.

John says

PAX08 was one of the awesomest experiences of my life and the concert was a large contributor to that being the case. Thanks, JoCo.

Bob says

Felicia Day and JoCo performing Still Alive?!?! O.o


Dave says

Felicia Day and JoCo singing Still Alive


Lyta says

So, did my drawing get all super crumpled up? =D

I am not stalking you-- nono! I was exploring purchasing venues for Jonathon music (cause your CD line was out) when I discovered this 'little blog...' while in your bushes looking though your window. Not talking, exploring! ;)

Scarybug says

Your show was amazing, one of the highlights of an incredible weekend. I'm sorry I missed you when you stopped by the Chronotron PAX 10 booth =(

pxt says

Hi. I've heard of your music many times before, but seeing youtube videos of your rickrolling of the audience at PAX finally brought me to your website. Holy crap, your music is awesome and one of these months when I am not busy being pwned by student debt I promise to buy your music.

Cheers from Chicago, IL.

Parks says

Hey. You were amazing at PAX... I came to PAX with 3 other friends and we all bought your 4 disc set after the concert. I am really interested if we can get the long version of Mr. Fancy Pants somewhere. After seeing you play it live with the Midi Controller the short version just doesn't give enough justice.

First time replying here so if there is that song floating around I'd take a link to it as well.


Josh West says

We missed you at Dragon*Con, you gotta come next year!

Jmonkee says

Hey Parks, go to youtube and you'll find many versions of Mr. Fancy Pants with the zendrum. Here is a link to the first time he performed it in concert with the zendrum:

Andrew says

Please, please give us a studio cut of "Still Alive" without the crowd noise! T'was beautiful!

JonXP says

Thanks for the great performance, JoCo. I hope my button makes it into the "weird gifts I've received from random people" pile you surely have.

Sorry for demanding you out so many times, and delaying your bedtime, but it was an amazing experience.

Mike Dimmick says

@Andrew: Unfortunately all the rights to 'Still Alive' are with Valve, JoCo can't offer it on this website. It may be in the Orange Box pack or in Audiosurf on Steam.

Sam says

Awesome concert on sunday! Me and my freinds cracked up when will wheaton came on stage to present you with the D20.