UK (And Ireland!) Promo Mashuppy Things

By JoCo August 14, 2008

As if the entire continent of Europe wasn’t already buzzing with excitement about my (and Paul and Storm’s) trip to the UK in October, Storm is hard at work Photoshopping a bunch of celebratory/promotional images to whip you all into an even frothier frenzy. Below is the first, with many more to follow over the coming weeks.

UK Madness


Patrick says

Just remember... There is no spoon... there is no spoon...

ACK! I still see it!

Noah Ramon says

This might be one of the most awesomest things ever.

Now one in a pool hall, now one with all of you in those cute running outfits...

Aaron M says

Now I have to go listen to Madness.

SevinPackage says

So, when are we gonna see that shiny trophy you got for winning the first Song Fu challenge? Since Dana Snyder made it, I have a feeling it looks like a disposable cup, complete with lid, straw and yellow gloves.

JoAnn in VA says

What is that fourth "person" behind Storm? I can't quite make it out. A robot and a pirate make doesn't look like a monkey or a squid though.

Percephene says

I think its a gorilla covering his face.

Mike Dimmick says

Now that, I think, should be a T-shirt!

Angelastic says

I would buy that T-shirt if you sold some after the shows.

Patrick says

JoAnn: Monkey with facepalm.

patty says

you and paul and storm are quickly becoming the proverbial three people, alive or dead, i'd most want to have lunch with. though i'd prefer you all alive. will you comment if i have a bunch of mayonaise on my frites? no, don't tell me. i want the experience to be totally fresh when it happens.

Alex Holden says

Totally brilliant. You guys should cover a Madness song. And I agree, please do a T-shirt of this artwork!

ThomasT says

Great pic, but isn't this really the second, and this one is the first?

Paul Cosgrove says

I still need to sort out flights and a hotel for the JoCoPaStoLoSho... come on payday!

Frederick Heath-Renn says

Is that Marvin second from the left?

Lex says

Let's play "guess the next Storm photoshop"!

My guess is... Abbey Road.

Alex says

I'm getting my tickets as soon as I get paid this month. :D

cengime says


Jorge says

JoCoPaSto sounds like a really strange appetizer.

Tindómiel says

Ninjas never get any love.

LilMarauder says

I would buy JoCoPaSto at any Italian Restaurant!

Peter says

I'm just waiting for the Abbey Road one, so I can say "Paul is dead, man. Miss him! Miss him!"

Gary says

One Step Beyond!

Noah Ramon says


You owe me a new monitor, on account of I blew Mountain Dew out my nose onto the old one.

cengime says

We'll see who's laughing when Rihanna and Usher get added to this tour.

Albull says

Omgawshes I am so there.

JoCoPaStorius... yes I think I'd buy out the entire venue for that gig.

gOk says

Not much people knows but, Madness are a fuc*ng good English 2Tone Ska Band :)

And I thought I was the only one that listen to Madness, lol! (at least I might be the only one in Brazil that listen to Jonathan Coulton and Madness. :P~)